Morocco"s farming revolution: Defying drought with science

In the heart of sun-soaked Morocco, scientists are cultivating a future where tough crops defy a relentless drought, now in its sixth year......»»

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Public health beliefs predict support for climate action, study shows

A paper published in the current issue of the Journal of Health Communication by Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) researchers finds evidence that holding science-consistent beliefs about the public health effects of climate change is an importan.....»»

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Tea science: Gene discovery to boost mechanical harvesting

Researchers have made significant strides in understanding the genetic factors influencing tea plant leaf droopiness, a key determinant of mechanical harvest success. By identifying the CsEXL3 gene and its regulation by CsBES1.2, the study paves the.....»»

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If Apple"s research pans out, an iPhone could be a portable science lab

Apple is researching how to make an iPhone accessory that can be used to perform spectroscopy in the field, and inexpensively.Detail from the patent showing a possible sample testing systemThink of how "Star Trek" tricorders also came in a medical ve.....»»

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Summer in the city: Climate science reveals the impacts of heat

The summer sun beats down. People without air conditioning must find refuge in schools and community centers. Outdoor workers struggle to keep cool. Hot nights interrupt people's sleep, not allowing them to get the rest needed to recover from the war.....»»

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Nanoconfined materials developed for efficient fluoride removal from water

A research team led by Prof. Kong Lingtao from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed an innovative material for the efficient removal of fluoride ions from water. This newly-developed material, a La.....»»

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New paradigm in photothermal therapy: Researchers develop ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy technology

Professor Jin-ho Chang's research team from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at DGIST has developed "Ultrasound-assisted photothermal therapy (ULTRA-PTT)" technology that significantly enhances the performance of conventi.....»»

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Using sound waves, scientists develop findings that challenge standard theories of solar convection

A team of solar physicists at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Astrophysics and Space Science (CASS), led by Research Scientist Chris S. Hanson, Ph.D., has revealed the interior structure of the sun's supergranules, a flow structure that transports heat fr.....»»

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Is having a pet good for you? The fuzzy science of pet ownership

It turns out the pet care industry has funded a lot of studies. Enlarge (credit: Azaliya via Getty) For more than a decade, in blog posts and scientific papers and public talks, the psychologist Hal Herzog has questioned.....»»

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First chemist in history may have been a female perfumer—how the science of scents has changed since

Perfume making dates back at least 3,000 years—to the time of Tapputi-belat-ekalle, who is considered the first chemist in history. What we know about her comes from inscriptions on fragments of clay tablets dating back to the Middle Assyrian perio.....»»

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California lawmakers reject proposal to curb well-drilling where nearby wells could run dry

Over the past several years, California's water managers have seen a pattern emerge in farming areas of the Central Valley: Even as declining groundwater levels have left thousands of residents with dry wells and caused the ground to sink, counties h.....»»

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Human activity: A double-edged sword in the face of drought

Earth and environmental scientists have reported that, as human socio-economic activities increase, greenhouse gas emissions will rise, leading to more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. However, a research team from Pohang.....»»

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Science Is Full of Errors. Bounty Hunters Are Here to Find Them

A new project is paying researchers to find errors in other scientists’ work. The only problem? Even error hunters make mistakes......»»

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Welcome to the drought: Off-lease vehicle pool is about to dry up

Lease turn-ins are a valuable tool for dealers and automakers to control inventory levels. But the 2021 leasing collapse is about to shrink the pool sharply......»»

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Interactive map shows future climate of your city based on emissions scenarios

The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world, but how will it impact how your hometown feels? An interactive web application from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science allows users to search 40,581 places and.....»»

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What actually makes avocados bad for the environment?

The soaring demand for avocados in Europe and North America has led to a trebling of global production in just over 20 years. However, this popular fruit is increasingly controversial because of the environmental impacts of farming and distributing t.....»»

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The earliest merging quasars ever seen

Studying the history of science shows how often serendipity plays a role in some of the most important discoveries. Sometimes, the stories are apocryphal, like Newton getting hit on the head with an apple. But sometimes, there's an element of truth t.....»»

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Lynn Conway was a trans woman in tech—and underappreciated for decades after she helped launch the computing revolution

Lynn Conway may hold the record for longest delay between being unfairly fired and receiving an apology for it. In 1968, IBM—a company that now covers its logo in a rainbow flag each June for Pride Month—fired Conway when she expressed her intent.....»»

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Researchers create power-generating, gel electret-based device for wearable sensors

A team of researchers from NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science), Hokkaido University and Meiji Pharmaceutical University has developed a gel electret capable of stably retaining a large electrostatic charge. The team then combined this gel.....»»

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Chemists develop technique for extending nitrene reactions to three days

A team of chemists at the University of Bremen, in Germany has developed a new type of nitrene capable of slow reactions that can last for up to three days. Their paper is published in the journal Science......»»

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I compared ChatGPT against Google Gemini to see which is the better free AI chatbot

Two of the leading available today come from Google, with its system, and OpenAI, the company that kicked off the AI revolution with . But you might be wondering which is the better free chatbot. I’ve spent a significant time with both to see h.....»»

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