Microsoft: Component Shortages Not Going Away Any Time Soon

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: In reporting its Q4 FY21 earnings, Microsoft disclosed that both its Surface and Windows revenues were affected negatively by supply-chain constraints. While remote work has continued to fuel PC demand,.....»»

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Chinese Scientists Synthesized Starch From Carbon Dioxide

AltMachine shares a report from Phys.Org: Chinese scientists recently reported a de novo route for artificial starch synthesis from carbon dioxide (CO2) for the first time. Relevant results were published in Science on Sept. 24. The new route makes i.....»»

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5 people we want to walk with on Apple’s Time to Walk

Apple's Time to Walk plays compelling stories from influencers and celebrities as you run, jog, or walk. Here are five storytellers we want to hear from next......»»

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The best foldable phone deals and sales for September 2021

We've smoked out all the best foldable phone deals up for grabs from top brands like Samsung and Microsoft......»»

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Windows 11 compatibility waiver warns of ‘damages’ that Microsoft could prevent

Microsoft is allowing people with unsupported hardware to install Windows 11, but you'll need to sign a waiver warning of damages beforehand......»»

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The Surface Duo’s two-year-old Android OS will be updated sometime this year

Microsoft's rocky introduction to Android continues with worst-in-class update speed. The Microsoft Surface Duo. It's very big. [credit: Ron Amade.....»»

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What’s new on HBO and HBO Max, and what’s leaving in October 2021

There's never been a better time to get down with premium TV. Here's what's new on HBO and streaming service HBO Max in October and what's leaving......»»

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White dwarfs become magnetic as they get older

At least one out of four white dwarfs (WDs) will end its life as a magnetic star, and therefore magnetic fields are an essential component of WD physics. New insights into the magnetism of degenerate stars from a recent analysis of a volume-limited s.....»»

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Applying game-based learning to animal disease preparedness

Fifty years ago, the strategy-based game Oregon Trail hit classrooms around the country. Anyone who has played the game knows that crossing a river in the wrong place at the wrong time or other poor decisions along the trail can end the game......»»

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When a chromosome is lost: How do human cells react to monosomy?

Human cells are usually diploid—they contain two sets of chromosome. Cells in which one chromosome is missing from the duplicated chromosome set are generally not viable. For a long time, the mechanisms responsible for the loss of viability were un.....»»

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Which reigns as king?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is arguably the best folding phone on the market. How does it fare against Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2?.....»»

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Samoa Scraps Daylight Saving Time

Samoa is joining Japan, India, and China in scrapping daylight saving time, which was first proposed in 1895 so entomologist and astronomer George Hudson could study insects at night. "Hudson is dead, so daylight saving is no longer necessary," write.....»»

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"Facebook Is What"s Wrong With America"

The Salesforce CEO and owner of Time Magazine, Marc Benioff, sees a common thread for what ails America today: deception that is allowed to spread like wildfire on Facebook. "This digital revolution really kind of has the world in its grip. And in th.....»»

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NASA satellites show how clouds respond to Arctic sea ice change

Clouds are one of the biggest wildcards in predictions of how much and how fast the Arctic will continue to warm in the future. Depending on the time of the year and the changing environment in which they form and exist, clouds can both act to warm a.....»»

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Team proposes microprinting a fiber-tip polymer clamped-beam probe for high-sensitivity nanoforce measurements

The control and measurement of asserted forces on small objects are frequently seen in micromanipulation, material science, and biological and medical applications. Researchers in China have proposed for the first time the microprinting of a novel fi.....»»

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Amazon is Having a FLASH SALE on Microsoft Office 365 Today

A full subscription to Microsoft Office tends to be quite pricey, so we needed to tell you about one of the best Microsoft Office deals we've seen in a while......»»

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The best movies leaving Netflix at the end of September

Time is running out, so don't let the beginning of fall keep you from catching this terrific lineup of movies before they leave Netflix at the end of September!.....»»

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Don’t buy AirPods right now (if you can help it)

If your original AirPods are looking worse for wear and struggling to stay charged, hang in there. It's not quite time to buy......»»

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Tech Firms" Nightmare: Vanishing Green Cards

Thousands of green cards are about to go to waste, leaving Google, Microsoft and other tech companies fuming -- and pushing the Biden administration to ensure it doesn't happen again. Axios: Tech workers have waited years for green cards that will gr.....»»

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A Stalkerware Firm Is Leaking Real-Time Screenshots of People"s Phones Online

A stalkerware company that's designed to let customers spy on their spouses's, children's, or employees' devices is exposing victims' data, allowing anyone on the internet to see screenshots of phones simply by visiting a specific URL. From a report:.....»»

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Elizabeth Holmes “was in charge” at Theranos, Mattis tells court

"I thought all along that we were doing it on Theranos' gear," Mattis said. Elizabeth Holmes speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in 2015, around the time Theranos was under increasing pressure to deliver results from its ill-fated Edison testin.....»»

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