Microsoft accidentally released 38TB of private data in a major leak

Microsoft’s own AI researchers accidentally leaked 38TB of highly sensitive data on their own GitHub page, potentially creating a field day for hackers......»»

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macOS Sonoma with interactive widgets, Kanban Reminders and more is now available

Following months in beta testing, Apple has now officially released macOS Sonoma, which brings dozens of small yet significant updates to the Mac.Apple's macOS Sonoma is hereThe most visible change comes when you install macOS Sonoma and then restart.....»»

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Old Macs can still get macOS Sonoma with a tool available in October

The OpenCore Legacy Patcher won't be offering day-one support for macOS Sonoma on older Macs, with support now expected to arrive on October 2.OpenCore Legacy PatcherApple released macOS Sonoma on Tuesday, introducing a plethora of new features to Ap.....»»

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Windows 11 23H2’s new features and version number are arriving separately

23H2 resets the support clock, but all the new features are coming to 22H2. Enlarge / A PC running Windows 11. (credit: Microsoft) Today, Microsoft is beginning to roll out a major batch of new Windows updates, including.....»»

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GPUs from all major suppliers are vulnerable to new pixel-stealing attack

A previously unknown compression side channel in GPUs can expose images thought to be private. Enlarge GPUs from all six of the major suppliers are vulnerable to a newly discovered attack that allows malicious websites.....»»

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Unity dev group dissolves after 13 years over “completely eroded” company trust

Meanwhile, major game devs say fee structure changes haven't won them back. Enlarge / A partnership of 13 years has ended over a complete lack of trust in the company behind the Unity engine. (credit: Boston Unity Group).....»»

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iPhone 15 overheat complaints are inconsistent, and it"s unclear what"s going on

Some iPhone 15 users are complaining their smartphones are getting too hot, but not everyone feels the burn, and in nearly every case, the temperatures are still within spec.Just like any other major piece of hardware that is regularly updated, the r.....»»

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A newly refined map of Zealandia drawn using study of dredged rock samples

A small international team of geologists and seismologists has created a newly refined map of Zealandia using data obtained from dredged rock samples recovered from the ocean floor. They report details in the journal Tectonics......»»

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Windows 11 is turning into Windows 12 right in front of us

Microsoft is adding new AI features to Windows 11, and that could form the foundation of Windows 12 when we finally see it......»»

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Gaia is now finding planets—could it find another Earth?

The ESA launched Gaia in 2013 with one overarching goal: to map more than one billion stars in the Milky Way. Its vast collection of data is frequently used in published research. Gaia is an ambitious mission, though it seldom makes headlines on its.....»»

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Data show container deposit schemes reduce rubbish on our beaches

Our beaches are in trouble. Limited recycling programs and a society that throws away so much have resulted in more than 3 million metric tons of plastic polluting the oceans. An estimated 1.5–1.9% of this rubbish ends up on beaches......»»

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Siren 13.4 provides accelerated data retrieval for analysts

Siren announced details of a new patent and the release of Siren 13.4. Dr. Renaud Delbru, Chief Scientific Officer at Siren, said: “Our most recent patent stands out as a one-of-a-kind offering in the market, reaffirming our commitment to innov.....»»

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Has Sony been hacked again?, a relatively new ransomware / cyber extortion group, claims to have hacked Sony and made off with valuable data. Sony allegedly hacked and its data held for ransom “We have successfully compromissed all of sony systems. We wont ran.....»»

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Antarctic sea ice hits lowest winter maximum on record: US data

The sea ice around Antarctica likely had a record low surface area when it was at its maximum size this winter, a preliminary US analysis of satellite data showed Monday......»»

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Study examines benefits and obstacles of library data storytelling

The effective use of data storytelling could positively impact public library managers' approaches to data collection and their advocacy for libraries, according to Kate McDowell, associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the Unive.....»»

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5 free vulnerability scanners you should check out

Vulnerability scanners delve into systems to uncover security gaps. The primary mission? To fortify organizations against breaches and shield sensitive data from exposure. Beyond merely pinpointing weaknesses, vulnerability scanning is a proactive me.....»»

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Apple considered using GPS to control Adaptive Audio levels in AirPods Pro

As iOS 17 is now available, Apple has also released a firmware update for the second-generation AirPods Pro that brings some new features, including Adaptive Audio. The feature combines both Transparency and Noise Cancellation modes together and bala.....»»

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New Pixel 8 Leaks Reveal Specs Sheet and Prices

A new leak gives us a definite idea of how much the upcoming Pixel 8 handsets could cost in the US and UK, along with some key hardware specs. The post New Pixel 8 Leaks Reveal Specs Sheet and Prices appeared first on Phandroid. There̵.....»»

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Pixel 8 Marketing Images Unveiled in Massive Online Leak

The leaked images include several promotional banners showcasing the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, which are scheduled to be unveiled on October 4. The post Pixel 8 Marketing Images Unveiled in Massive Online Leak appeared first on Phandroid. Google.....»»

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SEC obtains Wall Street firms’ private chats in probe of WhatsApp, Signal use

Execs' "messages discussing business have been handed to the SEC," report says. Enlarge / A woman walks past a WhatsApp logo during a Meta event in Mumbai, India in September 2023. (credit: Getty Images | NurPhoto ) The.....»»

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US-China rivalry spurs investment in space tech

The race to get back to the moon is fuelling US investment in private sector space firms......»»

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