Mapping the path to carbon neutrality

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, the University of Surrey has published a paper in Sustainability detailing how it will reduce its carbon emissions and reach Net-Zero by 2030. In the paper, Surrey's researchers share ideas and provide guidance on how oth.....»»

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Aces Helicopter and Plane Flight Tests

The biofuel, made from used cooking oil, could help the aviation industry cut climate-threatening carbon emissions -- Read more on»»

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Development of a single-process platform for the manufacture of graphene quantum dots

Graphene consists of a planar structure, with carbon atoms connected in a hexagonal shape that resembles a beehive. When graphene is reduced to several nanometers (nm) in size, it becomes a graphene quantum dot that exhibits fluorescent and semicondu.....»»

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Supply chain braces for impacts from China"s dual carbon goal

Countries around the world have all set their goals for a more sustainable future with fewer carbon emissions. Denmark, Sweden, France, the UK, Hungary, and New Zealand have set their carbon neutrality goals in law and are aiming to reduce carbon dio.....»»

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Research aircraft reveal a surprisingly strong Southern Ocean carbon sink

The Southern Ocean is a significant carbon sink, absorbing a large amount of the excess carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by human activities, according to a new study led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)......»»

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Growing carbon footprint for plastics

Plastics are useful, cheap and extremely popular. Global demand has quadrupled in the last forty years and is expected to continue to rise, with correspondingly negative consequences for the environment and human health. The public is generally aware.....»»

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Climate mapping algorithm shows temperatures rising, especially daily lows

Oregon State University's new maps of 30-year U.S. climate "normals" show the area east of the Rockies is getting wetter, the Southwest is getting drier, and temperatures are inching upward—with daily lows rising faster than daily highs......»»

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Climate action can lessen poverty and inequality worldwide

If all countries adopted the same tax on carbon emissions and returned the revenues to their citizens, it is possible to keep the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius while also benefiting well-being, reducing inequality, and al.....»»

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Decomposition of rhizospheric soil organic carbon is more sensitive to climate warming than non-rhizosphere carbon

The rhizosphere is the narrow region where plant roots and the soil interact vigorously and intensive microbial metabolism occurs. The properties of rhizosphere soil are usually different from that of non-rhizosphere soil. This is called rhizosphere.....»»

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Less ploughing enables carbon storage in agricultural soils

The value of long-term studies can be found when you're ready to dig deep. WUR scientists and European partners asked: what happens when organic farmers stop plowing? In a joint effort, we sampled nine field trials across Europe and assessed the impa.....»»

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Laser spectrometer precisely monitors atmospheric N2O and CO

Nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon monoxide (CO) are important drivers in global warming. However, there are many difficulties in reliable monitoring, especially for N2O, as the concentration of N2O in atmospheric is only a few hundred parts per billion......»»

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New computational approach predicts chemical reactions at high temperatures

Extracting metals from oxides at high temperatures is essential not only for producing metals such as steel but also for recycling. Because current extraction processes are very carbon-intensive, emitting large quantities of greenhouse gases, researc.....»»

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Valve says Steam Deck exclusive titles don"t make much sense

When asked if Valve would be interested in creating games exclusively for the Steam Deck, the company said that path doesn’t make much sense to them. “It’s a PC and it should just play games like a PC,” Valve said matter-of-factly......»»

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Mapping enzyme catalysis with metabolic sensing

Enzymes maintain a range of protein sequences and diverse structural forms with activities that far exceed the best chemical catalysts. However, research on engineering them with new and improved features are limited due to technical inadequacies. In.....»»

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Novel carbon-coated bimetallic catalyst for in-situ aqueous phase hydrodeoxygenation

The excessive consumption of fossil fuels causes serious energy and environment issues. As an ideal alternative to fossil fuels, renewable biomass can be converted to fuels and chemicals. Thereinto, lipids, mainly containing 16 and 18 carbons in fatt.....»»

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We found a rare insect at an unspoiled stream in Nigeria, sign of a need to explore and protect

Wetlands are essential to the health of the planet. The plants that grow in and around the water store carbon, and wetland ecosystems support biodiversity and provide clean water and food......»»

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Microsoft Builds New Green Data Centers in Wyoming, Invests in Wifi, Education, Roads

This week a Microsoft blog post announced they're opening two new data centers in Cheyenne, "built with sustainable design and operations in mind, contributing to Microsoft's commitment to being carbon negative." Our current and new datacenters will.....»»

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Will glow-in-the-dark materials someday light our cities?

Photoluminescent substances could be applied to sidewalks, streets, and buildings. Enlarge / Daan Roosegaarde is the artist behind the glow-in-the-dark Van Gogh fietspad (bike path). (credit: Daan Roosegaarde, CC BY-SA 3.0) Ar.....»»

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China"s carbon emissions fall for first time since COVID lockdowns: report

China's CO2 emissions fell in the third quarter for the first time since the country reopened from COVID-19 lockdowns, research published Thursday showed, in what experts said could mark a carbon "turning point" for the country......»»

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New ultrahard diamond glass synthesized

Carnegie's Yingwei Fei and Lin Wang were part of an international research team that synthesized a new ultrahard form of carbon glass with a wealth of potential practical applications for devices and electronics. It is the hardest known glass with th.....»»

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Battery-electric trains can deliver environmental justice, cost savings and resilience to the U.S.

Trains have been on the sidelines of electrification efforts for a long time in the U.S. because they account for only 2% of transportation sector emissions, but diesel freight trains emit 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually and produce.....»»

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