Long noncoding RNA TARL can help fish resist Vibrio infection by regulating the stability of TAK1

In a study published in the journal Science China Life Sciences, Miichthys miiuy in teleost was taken as the research object to explore whether lncRNA can play a regulatory role in the process of teleost resisting susceptible pathogenic Vibrio infect.....»»

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MS Paint app’s Windows 11 renaissance continues with dark mode, other updates

Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page. Enlarge / Paint's long-promised dark mode is now available to Windows Insiders. (credit: Microsoft) In the summer of 2021, Microsoft’s efforts to.....»»

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Discovery challenges 30-year-old dogma in associative polymers research

A University of Virginia-led study about a class of materials called associative polymers appears to challenge a long-held understanding of how the materials, which have unique self-healing and flow properties, function at the molecular level......»»

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Protecting dogs against outbreaks of respiratory disease

Dog owners are likely familiar with the respiratory disease commonly known as kennel cough; while most cases have been historically mild, a more severe form of the infection is on the rise......»»

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MS Paint gets its long-promised dark mode, along with other improvements

Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page. Enlarge / Paint's long-promised dark mode is now available to Windows Insiders. (credit: Microsoft) In the summer of 2021, Microsoft’s efforts to.....»»

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Researchers unveil long-sought noncanonical cleavage mechanism in miRNA biogenesis

To discover and thoroughly demonstrate the newly identified noncanonical cleavage mechanism, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) research team, led by Prof. Tuan Anh Nguyen, Assistant Professor of the Division of Life Science,.....»»

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Missing link explains mRNA delivery in brain cells

Brain cells manufacture proteins in every corner, including their long branches. Neurons missing this ability cause severe neurological disorders like disability and epilepsy. The groups of Marino Zerial, Max Planck Institute (MPI) of Molecular Cell.....»»

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NASA’s Year-Long Mars Simulation Is a Test of Mental Mettle

Four people will cohabitate in a small prototype Martian dwelling, mimicking the isolation and stresses of life on the Red Planet......»»

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I don’t want Apple to announce its VR headset

The rumors say Apple will announce its long-awaited Reality Pro VR headset at WWDC 2023, but my wallet is begging the company not to do so......»»

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"Swimming in plastic": Greek fishermen fight pollution

The fish market of Keratsini, west of Athens, is abuzz in the early morning, with trawlers disgorging crates of sardines and anchovies as trucks await nearby to be loaded......»»

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Mystery of the desert: The lost cities of the Nigerien Sahara

A long trek across the desert of northeastern Niger brings the visitor to one of the most astonishing and rewarding sights in the Sahel: fortified villages of salt and clay perched on rocks with the Saharan sands laying siege below......»»

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Qakbot: The trojan that just won’t go away

Qakbot (aka Qbot) – banking malware-turned-malware/ransomware distribution network – has been first observed in 2007 and is active to this day. The neverending adaptability of this threat is key to its long-term survival and success. R.....»»

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Why we need to fall out of love with flaky white fish

The UK's growing mismatch between the fish we catch and the fish we want to eat has clear implications for our future food security, according to new research......»»

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Space tractor beams may not be the stuff of sci-fi for long

On Feb. 10, 2009, disaster struck hundreds of miles above the Siberian Peninsula. That evening, a defunct Russian satellite orbiting Earth crashed into a communications satellite called Iridium 33 moving at a speed of thousands of miles per hour. Bot.....»»

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Couples" social networks took long-lasting hit during COVID

Following the lockdowns and restrictions on public gatherings in the early days of COVID-19, the social networks of white, Black and Latino couples all shrank, UCLA psychologists report. But these networks shrank most significantly among lower-income.....»»

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Honey bee colony aggression linked to gene regulatory networks

Collective behaviors are present across many different animal groups: schools of fish swimming in a swirling pattern together, large flocks of birds migrating through the night, groups of bees coordinating their behavior to defend their hive......»»

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Long delays with cash withdrawals is causing some Apple savings account users to flee

Apple’s new high-yield savings account service recently launched with a positive reception, especially over how easy it is to set up. A new report from the Wall Street Journal, however, says some customers claim getting money is out a different st.....»»

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Apple Savings customers hit with long delays when withdrawing money

Some Apple customers are facing multi-week delays when trying to withdraw money from their Apple Savings accounts, largely due to automated anti-money-laundering protections.Apple Savings has a 4.15% APYIn April, Apple launched its new Apple Savings,.....»»

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Apple reportedly prepping a pair of high-end Mac desktops ahead of WWDC

A new Mac Studio is more likely than the long-awaited Apple Silicon Mac Pro. Enlarge / Apple's Mac Studio desktop. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) As Apple rumors go, the long-rumored 15-inch MacBook Air sounds almost certai.....»»

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The Atlantic hurricane season has begun: What we know and what we don’t

A little bit of preparation now will go a long way when a storm threatens. Enlarge / Hurricane Irma as seen by satellite in 2019. (credit: NOAA) Congratulations, everyone—we've made it to the startline of the 2023 Atla.....»»

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Toyota to build electric 3-row SUV in Kentucky, batteries in N. Carolina

After ignoring EVs for too long, Toyota now spending billions to build them here. Enlarge / We don't know what this new SUV will look like or be called. The last big electric SUV concept the company showed was this bZ Large SUV i.....»»

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