Long noncoding RNA TARL can help fish resist Vibrio infection by regulating the stability of TAK1

In a study published in the journal Science China Life Sciences, Miichthys miiuy in teleost was taken as the research object to explore whether lncRNA can play a regulatory role in the process of teleost resisting susceptible pathogenic Vibrio infect.....»»

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What happened to OpenAI’s long-term AI risk team?

Former team members have either resigned or been absorbed into other research groups. Enlarge (credit: Benj Edwards) In July last year, OpenAI announced the formation of a new research team that would prepare for the adv.....»»

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Pyramids built along long-lost river, scientists discover

Scientists have discovered a long-buried branch of the Nile river that once flowed alongside more than 30 pyramids in Egypt, potentially solving the mystery of how ancient Egyptians transported the massive stone blocks to build the famous monuments......»»

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How hunting may have turned humans into long-distance runners

Researchers have discovered hundreds of historical accounts of humans hunting prey by chasing them down over long distances, which some believe is why we evolved our unique talent for endurance running......»»

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Honda"s fuel cell truck technology is ready for work

The Japanese automaker will demonstrate its Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck concept to showcase the viability of its clean technology in long-haul applications......»»

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Ford seeks improved communication with new supplier program

The automaker has abolished its long-standing Aligned Business Framework, which prioritized some preferred suppliers, to focus on better communication with a more diverse group of parts makers......»»

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The 22 best YouTube videos for kids (May 2024)

Learning about personal hygiene, long division, and getting excited for the playground are among the best YouTube videos for kids in May 2024......»»

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Scientists demonstrate the survival of quantum coherence in a chemical reaction involving ultracold molecules

If you zoom in on a chemical reaction to the quantum level, you'll notice that particles behave like waves that can ripple and collide. Scientists have long sought to understand quantum coherence, the ability of particles to maintain phase relationsh.....»»

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Fast track to food safety: New test spots seafood pathogen in 30 minutes

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a Gram-negative, halophilic bacterium prevalent in marine environments and is the primary cause of acute hepatopancreatic necrosis, also known as early death syndrome, in aquaculture......»»

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Wegovy Can Keep Weight Off for at Least 4 Years, Research Shows

Users receiving weekly injections saw their weight fall, plateau, and stabilize over the course of a four-year trial—but it’s still unclear how long these effects last after stopping taking the drug......»»

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A spider silk sound system: Webs match acoustic particle velocity for long-distance sound detection

The best microphone in the world might have an unexpected source: spider silk. Spiders weave webs to trap their insect snacks, but the sticky strands also help spiders hear......»»

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Discovery may explain why Egyptian pyramids were built along long-lost Ahramat branch of the Nile

Some 31 pyramids in Egypt, including the Giza pyramid complex, may originally have been built along a 64-km-long branch of the river Nile which has long since been buried beneath farmland and desert. The findings, reported in a paper in Communication.....»»

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How saber-toothed tigers acquired their long upper canine teeth

An international team led by scientists from the University of Liège has investigated the evolutionary patterns behind the development of saber teeth, with some unexpected results along the way. Their study has been published in the journal Current.....»»

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Ebury botnet compromises 400,000+ Linux servers

ESET researchers released its deep-dive investigation into one of the most advanced server-side malware campaigns. It is still growing and has seen hundreds of thousands of compromised servers in its at least 15-year-long operation. The Ebury group a.....»»

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Google unveils Veo, a high-definition AI video generator that may rival Sora

Google's video synthesis model creates minute-long 1080p videos from written prompts. Enlarge / Still images taken from videos generated by Google Veo. (credit: Google / Benj Edwards) On Tuesday at Google I/O 2024, Googl.....»»

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Wicked trailer: Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande experience the wonders of Oz

Are people born wicked? That is the question posed in the latest trailer for Wicked, the long-awaited adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical......»»

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Apple users are keeping their iPads for a very long time

Over the last few years, Apple customers have extended their upgrade cycles for iPads, possibly making the new models an appealing choice for those ready to purchase.11-inch iPad ProApple announced on May 7 the long-anticipated new iPad models. The n.....»»

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Steam just got banned in Vietnam – but a VPN is a quick fix

In recent days, Vietnam has seen gaming service Steam become inaccessible after a long-existent piece of legislation was finally put into force......»»

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Vision Pro international rollout beckons as China approves release

We’re expecting the Vision Pro international rollout to happen not long after WWDC, and we’ve now seen another element of the plan fall into place. An “Apple wearable computer” has been granted the Chinese quality and safety accreditation.....»»

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Deleted images haunt iPhone users in Photos for iOS 17.5

Apple's update to iOS 17.5 may be causing problems for some users, with reports of photos deleted long ago resurfacing on devices.A Portrait Photo on an iPhone 15When users delete images from a device, they expect them to be inaccessible after a peri.....»»

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A penguin with an unconventional call inspires researchers to change how they study penguins

An emperor penguin's sex determines the nature of their courtship call—male vocalizations are composed of long, slow bursts with lower frequency tones than the female version. But calls of SeaWorld San Diego male penguin E-79 caught the attention o.....»»

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