Long lead time becomes a norm for IT supply chains

Taiwanese industrial IT product makers, including Foxlink, Delta Electronics, AcBel Polytech, FSP, and Winmate, have all warned that component shortages have become an issue that all supply chain companies need to deal with, as extensions in componen.....»»

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Higher resolution in ocean models: Is it worth it?

Realistic ocean models require significant computing power, especially as resolution increases from scales of tens of kilometers to a single kilometer. These models are used for short-term and seasonal weather predictions, as well as in long-term cli.....»»

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Flood waters churn up toxins from riverbeds

Sediments are regarded as a river's long-term memory. They mainly comprise particles that are eroded from the ground, ending up at some point in river deltas or the sea. However, sediments can also remain stable for a relatively long time—and bind.....»»

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Predicting COVID-19 using "fuzzy logic"

There is increasing pressure on society to test people in a timely manner for infection by the COVID-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2, but physical testing takes time and effort and requires people to either have a test kit at home or to attend a test center. Th.....»»

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Latest Steam survey shows AMD rebounding, an excellent month for Ampere, and a Windows 7 resurgence

Having chipped away at Intel’s CPU lead since December and finally passing the 30% mark in May, AMD experienced a surprise decline in June, dropping to 28.41%. As predicted, it appears this was only a temporary blip: Team red rebounded with a share.....»»

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Google is ending sign-in support for Android Gingerbread and older devices next month

They've probably become paperweights or long-shelved and forgotten about in a drawer for many users, but those still holding onto their Android Gingerbread phones and tablets need to know that Google won't let them sign-in to its apps and services fr.....»»

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Can the U.S. and China Cooperate in Space?

China’s meteoric rise in space science and exploration—along with its new partnership with Russia—is spurring U.S. experts to reconsider a long-standing prohibition on bilateral... -- Read more on»»

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Finite State lands $30M Series B to help uncover security flaws in device firmware

Columbus, Ohio-based Finite State, a startup that provides supply chain security for connected devices and critical infrastructure, has raised $30M in Series B funding.  The funding lands amid increased focus on the less-secure elements in an organi.....»»

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Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections. They usually require treatment with antibiotics, and almost a quarter of treated cases lead to recurrent infection. The vast majority of UTIs are caused by a subspecies o.....»»

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Walmart is practically giving away this 70-inch 4K TV today

Save $100 on this fantastically priced 70-inch 4K TV from TCL at Walmart for a limited time only......»»

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Beat the back-to-school rush with this incredible Dell XPS 13 deal

Snap up the exceptional Dell XPS 13 for $150 off at Dell for a limited time only......»»

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DDI backend quotes trending upward

Display driver IC (DDI) backend quotes will be rising again in the third quarter of 2021 to reflect supply-side constraints, according to industry sources......»»

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Delta Electronics expects 3Q21 revenues to grow

Power supply maker and energy management solution provider Delta Electronics, based on order visibility, expects consolidated revenues for third-quarter 2021 to significantly increase on quarter, according to company chairman Yancey Hai......»»

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New Startup "Sentral" Pushes High-End Rental/Homesharing Apartments

A new $500 million startup is now offering high-end apartments for short- and long-term rentals in America's "most vibrant, walkable neighborhoods". (And long-term renters can also avail themselves of its "turn-key homesharing program" to offset some.....»»

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Views from Taiwan (5): Who is the top dog to hit a big time for 5G handsets?

Following the 5G commercial launch, 5G handsets have experienced a surge in shipments since 2020, and China is the foremost market in terms of volume, keeping other countries at bay......»»

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Amazon Now Employs Almost 1 Million People in the US - or 1 in Every 169 Workers

"Amazon now employs almost 1 million people in the U.S. — or 1 in every 169 workers," reports NBC News: Amazon has revealed for the first time the number of people it employs in the U.S., putting the figure at 950,000, according to the e-comme.....»»

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YouTube Bans Sky News Australia for One Week Over Misinformation

"YouTube has barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for a week, saying it had breached rules on spreading Covid-19 misinformation," writes the BBC. Long-time Slashdot reader Hope Thelps shares their report: YouTube issued a "strike" u.....»»

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Best cheap Google Pixel 4 deals for August 2021

In the wake of the Pixel 5 launch, now's perfect time to find Google Pixel 4 deals. We've got 'em right here......»»

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Best cheap iPhone 11 deals for August 2021

Now's the time to shop for iPhone 11 deals and iPhone 11 Pro deals -- and we've got them all right here......»»

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Best cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab deals for August 2021

To save you time and cash, we've combed the web to bring you the best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals right now,.....»»

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Best cheap Instant Pot deals for August 2021

The Instant Pot is like a countertop time machine that takes hours off the cooking time for many dishes......»»

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