Lear reports steep Q1 growth in seating, e-systems

Lear said its first-quarter net income more than doubled to $204 million even amid supply chain volatility......»»

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Gaming laptops and gaming desktops get massive price cut at Dell today

Dell is offering its G5 15 Gaming Laptop and G5 Gaming Desktop at a steep discount today, so it's an excellent opportunity to upgrade your gaming rig!.....»»

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Guardians of the Galaxy will make players craft motivational speeches

The developers behind Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy break down some of the game's wackiest systems......»»

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Ransomware Attack Targeted Teamsters Union in 2019. But They Just Refused to Pay

NBC reports that America's "Teamsters" labor union was hit by a ransomware attack demanding $2.5 million back in 2019. "But unlike many of the companies hit by high-profile ransomware attacks in recent months, the union declined to pay, despite the.....»»

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Google, Facebook, Amazon and Others Urge SEC To Mandate Regular Climate Reports

A group of seven tech companies urged the Securities and Exchange Commission to require businesses to regularly disclose climate-related matters to their shareholders. From a report: In a letter to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on Friday, Google parent A.....»»

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From milk protein, a plastic foam that gets better in a tough environment

A new high-performance plastic foam developed from whey proteins can withstand extreme heat better than many common thermoplastics made from petroleum. A research team in Sweden reports that the material, which may be used for example in catalysts fo.....»»

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Are Transcontinental, Submarine Supergrids the Future of Energy?

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on "renewed interest in cables that can power consumers in one country with electricity generated hundreds, even thousands, of miles away in another" and possibly even transcontinental, submarine electricity superhighwa.....»»

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Pakistan Province May Block SIM Cards of Citizens Who Didn"t Get Covid-19 Vaccines

The government in Pakistan's largest province, Punjab, has decided to block SIM cards of unvaccinated citizens, reports the Hindustan Times (one of the largest newspapers in India), citing reports from news agency ANI. Dr. Rashid, the provincial he.....»»

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Apple Repair Tech Posted Woman"s Explicit iPhone Photos to Facebook

"Apple paid a multimillion dollar settlement to a woman after iPhone repair techs posted risque pictures from her phone to Facebook," reports the Washington Post, citing legal documents obtained by the Telegraph. An unnamed Oregon college student ".....»»

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China"s "Zhurong" Rover Takes a Selfie on Mars

The BBC reports: China's Zhurong rover has sent back a batch of new images from Mars — including a "selfie". The robot, which landed in May, positioned a wireless camera on the ground and then rolled back a short distance to take the snap. To Z.....»»

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4+ Years in Prison for Home Security Worker Who Accessed Security Cameras to Spy on Women

A security camera installation worker for ADT was sentenced Wednesday to a little more than four years in federal prison for illegally accessing the security cameras of more than 200 North Texas customers, reports the Dallas Morning News: Telesforo.....»»

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Dartmouth Abandons Controversial Online Cheating Investigation at Medical School

Dartmouth's Geisel medical school is dropping its investigation into alleged online cheating, the New York Times reports: In March, Dartmouth charged 17 students with cheating based on a review of certain online-activity data on Canvas — a pop.....»»

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Linus Torvalds Tells Anti-Vaxxer To Shut Up On Linux Mailing List

Linus Torvalds was "clearly unamused" by a "humanoid conspiracy theory, and also on its discussion in a Linux kernel topic thread," reports Neowin. They add that Torvalds "weighed in quite heavily with some very strong language, mixed with some biolo.....»»

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Twitter needs India and Nigeria to grow. It"s running into trouble in both

The news social media rules in India and the ban in Nigeria are challenging for Twitter, considering how sizable its growth opportunities are in both markets......»»

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Potential Sites For UK"s First Prototype Fusion Power Plant Identified

A total of 15 potential sites are in the running to host the UK's first prototype fusion power plant. The BBC reports: Fusion is seen as a potential source of almost limitless clean energy but is currently only used in experiments. An open call for s.....»»

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Phishing Sites Reached All-Time High In January 2021

The number of active phishing sites hit a record number earlier this year in January, according to an industry report published this week by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). The Record reports: A total of 245,771 phishing sites were detected i.....»»

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Apple Admits It Ranked Its Files App Ahead of Competitor Dropbox

During the Epic v. Apple trial, an email chain surfaced that reveals Apple seemingly admitted "it manually boosted the ranking of its own Files app ahead of the competition for 11 entire months," reports The Verge. This comes after two monstrous repo.....»»

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Amazon Fire TV Stick price drops to its cheapest since last Prime Day

Amazon is offering a steep discount on the Fire TV Stick 4K, which includes an Alexa voice remote. It's the lowest we've seen the price so far!.....»»

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Climate change is a threat to Africa"s transport systems: What must be done

Transportation infrastructure, such as roads and railway systems, is one of the sectors most threatened by climate change. Extreme weather events—such as flooding, sea level rises and storm surges—repeatedly wreak havoc on transport networks......»»

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Plant functional traits may better explain liana species distributions

Plant functional traits are morphological, physiological or phenological properties that affect plant growth, survival, and reproduction. They hold the promise to explain plant species distribution patterns. However, few studies have linked multiple.....»»

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Manage tourism and nature to boost both, report says

Tourism and the natural environment can be managed in ways that benefit both, new research reports suggest......»»

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