iPhone 14 Plus lead times start growing, Pro models still high in demand

The iPhone 14 Pro models are still seeing high demand versus the iPhone 13 Pro, a product availability tracker claims, while the iPhone 14's demand is apparently weaker than that of the iPhone 13, but there's seemingly good news for the iPhone 14 Plu.....»»

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IDMs see clear auto IGBT order visibility through 2023

The supply of automotive IGBT continues to fall short of demand, and international IDMs have seen clear order visibility throughout 2023, while Chinese semiconductor companies are also stepping up the development and production of IGBT and other powe.....»»

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Save $200 on Apple"s M2 MacBook Air with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

Readers this week can save $200 on Apple's high-end MacBook Air, with units in stock plus free expedited delivery.Save $200 on this MacBook Air.The $200 exclusive discount on Apple's 2022 MacBook Air is courtesy of B&H Photo. The high-end M2 configur.....»»

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Find My misfire leads to SWAT raid on grandmother

A Denver detective is being sued after he led a SWAT raid on an elderly woman's home after Find My falsely pinged her home as a location of a stolen iPhone.On January 3, 2022, a truck was stolen from a Denver Hyatt hotel. According to the owner, it c.....»»

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IC test interface solution providers positive about 5G smartphone demand

The adoption of 5G smartphones will continue to grow and buoy probe card demand for related application processors in 2023, according to sources at IC test interface solution providers......»»

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Server DRAM contract prices to hit bottom by 1Q23

Contract prices for server DRAM memory are expected to hit bottom between the fourth quarter of 2022 and first-quarter 2023 and then start recovering, according to industry sources......»»

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Demand for miniLED-backlit automotive displays to take off in 2023

While demand for TV- and IT-use miniLED-backlit TFT-LCD panels has significantly shrunk in 2022, demand for miniLED-backlit LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) TFT-LCD panels used in automotive displays has begun to increase and such panels are expect.....»»

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Compound semiconductor demand for CE devices unlikely to pick up until mid-2023

Compound semiconductor demand for consumer electronics is unlikely to pick up until the middle of next year, while demand for automotive, industrial, military and other niche-market applications continues to grow steadily, according to market sources.....»»

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The Southern Hemisphere is stormier than the Northern, and we finally know why

For centuries, sailors who had been all over the world knew where the most fearsome storms of all lay in wait: the Southern Hemisphere. "The waves ran mountain-high and threatened to overwhelm [the ship] at every roll," wrote one passenger on an 1849.....»»

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Wine forecast: Britain could be Chardonnay champions by 2050

The impact of climate change by 2050 may mean that UK-grown Chardonnay grapes will be ripe enough to produce high quality still wines, in most years......»»

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Team develops photon-efficient volumetric imaging method with light-sheet scanning fluorescence microscopy

In biological imaging, researchers aim to achieve 3D, high-speed, and high-resolution, with low photobleaching and phototoxicity. The light-sheet fluorescence microscope (LSFM) helps meet that aim. Based on a unique excitation and detection scheme, t.....»»

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From a distant corner, a harbinger of good times for the auto industry

Toolmakers are seeing a wave of new business headed their way — a sign automakers are about to get busier......»»

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Do you want to be a good member of society? Voting, climate change efforts are a start, survey says

You go to work. You pay your taxes. You vote, and you may even go to a place of worship regularly. But which of these actions, if any, make you a good citizen?.....»»

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OneOdio A10 ANC Headphones review: Great audio for those on a budget

OneOdio's A10 ANC Headphones offer a lot of value for the price, with high audio quality, great ANC functions, and ludicrous battery life.OneOdio A10 ANC HeadphonesActive noise cancellation (ANC) has always been a feature associated with premium hea.....»»

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Indigenous spiritual teaching in schools can foster reconciliation and inclusion

Indigenous education has become an area of growing concern for public schools across Canada. We are living in an era of reconciliation where Indigenous populations are growing and interest in confronting our shared histories continues to develop. Par.....»»

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Study sheds light on phylogenomics and tree of life of flowering plants

Flowering plants (angiosperms) are the largest, most diversified, and most successful major lineage of green plants, with ~330,000 known species. In the past decade, the accelerated development of high-throughput sequencing technology has provided a.....»»

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Cosmic ray counts hidden in spacecraft data highlight influence of solar cycle at Mars and Venus

Measurements by ESA's long-serving twin missions, Mars Express and Venus Express, have captured the dance between the intensity of high-energy cosmic rays and the influence of the sun's activity across our inner solar system......»»

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Organic aerosols in remote regions are forming clouds and may have an underestimated effect on climate change

A research group from Nagoya University in Japan has developed a model to clarify the importance of analyzing the formation of clouds from human and natural particles. Since many climate models simplify the formation of atmospheric particles from org.....»»

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Political orientation—not party—predicts political tolerance: Study

In an age of high political polarization in the United States, the popular narrative often focuses on an "us versus them" battle between the two major political parties, each accusing the other of intolerance......»»

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The future of replacement organs is (quite possibly) here: Robust human intestinal organoids created in a lab

Growing miniature organ-like tissues in the lab is already within our reach. Now, researchers from Japan have developed a new approach that enables intestinal mini-organs to be grown more easily and efficiently in the lab. This holds immense promise.....»»

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Survey reveals how Australians were affected by the start of COVID-19

A new report reveals how the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Australians, as many of us received government income support, worked from home under lockdown, watched more TV and worried over an uncertain future......»»

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