iPad mini 7 Release Date: Tips & Tricks

iPad mini 7 Release Date: Tips & Tricks is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s reportedly working on a new iPad mini and there are some steps interested buyers should take ahead of the iPad mini 7 release date. If you’re in.....»»

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Touchscreen Macs: The idea that will not die

Apple has rejected the idea of making touchscreen Macs for well over a decade now, but a recent remark by a senior company exec did appear to at least open the door to the possibility of a change of heart. Mac and iPad marketing VP Tom Boger recen.....»»

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iPad tip: Fit way more content on screen at once with this setting

Unlike the Mac, there’s no 24-inch iPad screen size, or even a 15-inch model. Apple’s tablet tops out at 13 inches (for now), making every inch of screen real estate especially valuable. But did you know that, with one simple setting tweak, yo.....»»

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Apple’s 16-inch M3 Pro MacBook Pro $300 off, 13-inch M2 iPad Air $65 off, iPhone 14 Pro, and more

Friday’s best deals on Apple gear and accessories are now ready and waiting below. We are now tracking $300 in savings on what might very well be the best 16-inch M3 Pro MacBook Pro configuration alongside the best prices yet on the brand new 13-in.....»»

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M4 iPad Pro teardown video: take a look inside Apple’s thinnest product ever

Today YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru published a teardown video showing the ins and outs of the brand new M4 iPad Pro. Their findings highlight some of the key changes Apple introduced with its latest generation iPad Pro, as well as just how mu.....»»

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iPhone Plus going the way of the iPhone mini after final update this fall

Earlier this month we saw a report from Jeff Pu predicting that the iPhone 16 lineup will be the last to feature a Plus model. Now a new report from The Information detailing what the high-end iPhone 17 will look like corroborates that the iPhone 16.....»»

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Apple makes it impossible for developers to test third-party web engines outside the EU

Apple has made significant changes to the App Store guidelines in the European Union in order to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) antitrust legislation. One of these changes allows developers to release iPhone web browsers with their own eng.....»»

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Just buy a new iPad Pro? Here are 10 accessories to upgrade the experience

It’s a great time to be an iPad Pro user. The newest iPad Pro model comes equipped with Apple’s most advanced chip ever, the M4, plus its best display in the Ultra Retina XDR, not to mention a thinner, lighter industrial design, and more. The.....»»

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iFixit teardown reveals big change for the M4 iPad Pro’s repairability

Thanks to teardowns and durability (bend) testing, we’re learning a lot about the new ultra-thin iPad Pro’s design. Now, the folks at iFixit have performed their in-depth teardown, revealing a big internal change that could save “hours on repa.....»»

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iPhone should be rebranded, says the man behind the i prefix

The man responsible for the i prefix in Apple products says that the convention is now meaningless, and that the iPhone should be rebranded. That would see a change of name for the iPhone, iPad, and iMac – a transition which Apple accidentally b.....»»

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MacBook Air M3 16GB 13-inch down at $1,350, M2 Mac mini, early Memorial Day Apple deals, more

Your Monday collection of the best Apple gear deals is now ready to go. Alongside a host of big-time early Memorial Day offers in our roundup and ongoing discounts on the new M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air, today’s deals are headlined by Apple’s max.....»»

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Gaming emulator apps are best played with one of these iOS-supported game controllers

Game emulator apps are having a moment on the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to a recent App Store rule change, Apple is now permitting retro gaming emulators on its devices, and developers have wasted no time meeting the pent-up market demand. Retro gam.....»»

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Microsoft debuts AI-focused PCs it claims outpace M3 MacBook Air, new Surface Pro to rival M4 iPad Pro

Today Microsoft unveiled a new lineup of PCs centered around AI, complete with advanced AI-driven features like Recall, a tool that keeps track of everything you’ve ever done on your screen so you can easily revisit it later. Microsoft was espec.....»»

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DTK Mac mini scrapped by Apple is successfully repaired by collector

Back in 2020, Apple offered selected developers a custom DTK Mac mini with the A12Z Bionic chip inside, so that they could develop apps for the Apple Silicon platform. After the official launch of the M1 Macs, developers had to return their DTK Mac m.....»»

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Adobe Lightroom gets ‘fast and easy’ AI editing on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Adobe is bringing its Firefly AI features to Lightroom users today across iPhone, iPad, Mac (web, Android, and PC too). New capabilities for the app include Generative Remove, Lens Blur, and more alongside a fresh “mobile editing experience.” Her.....»»

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Apple 2TB 13-inch M4 iPad Pro $125 off, iPad 10th Gen $329, official iPhone 15 cases up to 49% off, more

Your Tuesday edition of the best Apple deals is now ready and waiting below. Today’s collection is headlined by the very first deal on the maxed-out (if you don’t count the nano-texture) 2TB 13-inch iPad Pro with M4 at $125 off alongside ongoing.....»»

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RetroArch emulator adds support for DOS games, and more

Now you can play all your favorite DOS games right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to an update to popular emulator RetroArch.Enjoy your favorite legacy games on the go with RetroArchRetroArch was rolled out for Apple Devices in mid-May, and at laun.....»»

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Sonos Roam 2 portable AirPlay speaker gets surprise release

Sonos didn't just release its first set of headphone on Tuesday, as it also doubled down with a refresh of its portable Roam speaker alongside a new app update.The updated Sonos Roam 2 travel speakerThe Sonos Roam 2 improves on its predecessor with b.....»»

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Hey! Listen! New Minecraft AI guide offers tips while watching you play

Microsoft demo is like chatting with GameFAQs when you don't have a friend to hang with......»»

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I spent over $2,000 on the new iPad Pro. Here’s why I already love it

I recently spent over $2,000 for the new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil Pro. After a few days with the setup, I'm already in love......»»

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The new Surface Pro finally offers the iPad Pro a worthy challenger

New versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro have been announced or released, offering OLED displays and excellent efficiency. Which is better?.....»»

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