How to install the Google Play Store on any Huawei smartphone with Googlefier

Huawei’s in a tough spot right now where its phones currently do not ship with Google Play Services installed. If you love Huawei’s hardware but feel that without Google’s apps and services it just isn’t complete, then here’s how you can ac.....»»

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Something strange might happen to the Google Pixel Fold 2

Google Pixel Fold 2? Maybe not. A new rumor suggests Google is considering a different name for this year's foldable phone, and it's an odd one......»»

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Ill. appeals court blocks floorplan collection amid fraud allegations

A floorplan lender remains blocked from attempting to collect about $2.8 million from an Illinois dealership and its owners in a dispute involving allegations the bank participated in a fraud scheme by store employees behind the dealers' backs......»»

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Internet can achieve quantum speed with light saved as sound

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen's Niels Bohr Institute have developed a new way to create quantum memory: A small drum can store data sent with light in its sonic vibrations, and then forward the data with new light sources when needed ag.....»»

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Machine learning could help reveal undiscovered particles within data from the Large Hadron Collider

Scientists used a neural network, a type of brain-inspired machine learning algorithm, to sift through large volumes of particle collision data. Particle physicists are tasked with mining this massive and growing store of collision data for evidence.....»»

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Smite 2 Founder’s Editions available now, closed alpha coming in May

Although the Founder's Editions can be purchased right away, you won't be able to play Smite 2 until the closed alpha weekend goes live sometime this May......»»

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iPhone market share dropped 9.6% this year; Samsung retakes lead

Global iPhone market share dropped 9.6% year-on-year in the first quarter of the year, enabling Samsung to retake the smartphone lead despite failing to increase its own shipments. Apple saw the biggest slump of any brand, at a time when the globa.....»»

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Smart coffee maker, Qi2 chargers, Aqara P2 motion sensor, & more on HomeKit Insider

On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, we dive into the new Google My Devices network, Aqara's motion sensor, Fellow's new smart coffee machine — Aiden, and look at more Qi2 devices.HomeKit Insider PodcastSince the last episode, Google off.....»»

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The 6 biggest announcements we expect from Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 is just a month away. From Android 15 to the Pixel 8a and more, here are the biggest announcements we're expecting......»»

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Apple versus Epic court battle continues, as iPhone maker denies violation

While the Supreme Court denied appeal requests from both Apple and Epic Games in the App Store case, that didn’t put an end to legal wrangling between the two companies. In January, Epic Games headed back to court to accuse Apple of failing to c.....»»

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Google Pixel 8a spotted on US Cellular’s website

It seems that someone at US Cellular got excited and posted a tutorial on the upcoming Google Pixel 8a smartphone. The post Google Pixel 8a spotted on US Cellular’s website appeared first on Phandroid. We’ve been seeing leaks and h.....»»

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Apple’s number one spot in the smartphone market didn’t last long

The latest numbers from the IDC have revealed that Samsung has reclaimed their number one position from Apple. The post Apple’s number one spot in the smartphone market didn’t last long appeared first on Phandroid. For the longest time.....»»

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Removal of App Store"s first emulator leaves more questions than answers

The controversial GBA4iOS that hit the top of the App Store is gone, and the rules Apple cited for its removal leave us with more questions than answers about the future of emulators on the platform.Emulator app iGBA is accused of copying another dev.....»»

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Store your data for life with 1TB of cloud storage on sale for $128

Save an extra 20% on a lifetime subscription to Koofr Cloud Storage with coupon code ENJOY20 until April 16. TL;DR: Through April 16, a lifetime subscription to 1TB of cloud storage with Koofr is on sale for $127.99 (reg. $810) with code ENJOY2.....»»

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How to share your Google calendar

If you're wondering how to share your Google Calendar, here's a quick how-to. If you want to get in sync with your partner or belong to a highly organized friend group, and wondering how to share your Google Calendar, you've come to the right p.....»»

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Gaming emulators are now on the App Store after Apple relaxed the rules

After Apple changed its policy allowing gaming emulators from third party developers on the App Store, the first ones have started to show up. Game emulators are now available on the iOS App Store, just a week after Apple changed its guidelines.....»»

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Google, We Want a Depth Effect for Android Wallpapers

Customization possibilities on Android nearly endless, but sometimes, a new thing gets showcased that isn’t available for everyone. When that happens, the process of me lobbying Google to make it native to Android begins, with the latest entry.....»»

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The First Android 15 Beta is Here!

Right on schedule, Google has released Android 15 Beta 1 for your Pixel to download and dance with. We’ve already been through two Android 15 Developer Preview builds from February and March, so now we get into the beta program kickoff period......»»

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Google One VPN Shutting Down Because No One Uses It

In late October of 2020, Google added a VPN service to its 2TB storage plans. In early 2023, the company expanded the same VPN to all of its plans, but apparently that still hasn’t helped boost user numbers. With Google not being one to support.....»»

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Here’s the Pixel 8a in Every Color

It was only a few days ago when we saw an actual photo of the upcoming Pixel 8a. As we continue to push towards Google I/O next month, it’s a safe bet we’ll continue seeing more of this device, and with that said, here’s the Pixel 8.....»»

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Game Boy emulator now available on the iPhone following App Store rules change [update: gone]

Update: The app has now been removed from the App Store. Original story below. Apple changed the App Store rules last week to seemingly permit game emulators on the iPhone for the first time. Following that policy change, the first emulator app.....»»

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