How the trap-jaw ant got its ultrafast bite

Powerful and deadly, the bite of a trap-jaw ant is renowned throughout the animal kingdom. Unlike normal gripping jaws, which rely on muscles to open and close, the trap-jaw latches itself open, storing energy like a stretched spring. When released,.....»»

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Ant Group cut down to size in latest blow for Jack Ma"s business empire

Jack Ma's business empire just suffered a one-two punch as China continues to tighten the screws on its tech champions......»»

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China forces Jack Ma"s Ant Group to restructure

The overhaul will force the Alibaba-backed group to become a financial holding firm......»»

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Jack Ma’s Ant called to end anti-competition in payments

The details for Ant’s restructuring plan after its IPO was called off have arrived. Ant Group, the fintech affiliate of Alibaba controlled by Jack Ma, will be restructuring as a financial holding company, China’s central bank said on Monday. Ant,.....»»

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Ant Responses To Social Isolation Resemble Those of Humans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: Ants react to social isolation in a similar way as do humans and other social mammals. A study by an Israeli-German research team has revealed alterations to the social and hygienic behavior of ants.....»»

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Ant responses to social isolation resemble those of humans

Ants react to social isolation in a similar way as do humans and other social mammals. A study by an Israeli-German research team has revealed alterations to the social and hygienic behavior of ants that had been isolated from their group. The resear.....»»

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Honeywell releases details of its ion trap quantum computer

After its announcement roughly a year ago, we have a paper describing the details. Enlarge / The line down the middle is where the trapped ions reside. (credit: Honeywell) About a year ago, Honeywell announced that it had entered the quantum c.....»»

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Synthetic mucus can mimic the real thing

More than just a sign of illness, mucus is a critical part of our body's defenses against disease. Every day, our bodies produce more than a liter of the slippery substance, covering a surface area of more than 400 square meters to trap and disarm mi.....»»

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Lanternfly"s attraction to vertical silhouettes could help monitor, trap it

Like moths to a flame, spotted lanternflies are visually drawn toward and seemingly captivated by vertical objects such as utility poles, a behavior that could be valuable in predicting where the pests might be heading, according to entomologists in.....»»

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A mouse"s bite holds venomous potential, finds new study

We are not venomous, and neither are mice—but within our genomes lurks that potential, suggest scientists from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and the Australian National University. Reporting this week in.....»»

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How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Instead of eliminating monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, why not trap them? In this guide, we detail everything you'll need to know about trapping monsters......»»

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Ant invasion: How pets become pests

When I was a teenager, I volunteered in the rainforest exhibit at an aquarium. A few times a week, we'd get a phone call from someone looking to donate a pet that they could no longer care for. Mostly turtles and frogs. The occasional parrot. Once, a.....»»

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New technology enables ultrafast identification of COVID-19 biomarkers

Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Francis Crick Institute have developed a mass spectrometry-based technique capable of measuring samples containing thousands of proteins within just a few minutes. It is faster and cheaper than a conventional blood.....»»

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Enhanced ceramics could play pivotal role in advancing 5G technology

5G, or the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, is touted as having finally arrived for ultrafast download speeds, an end to dropped calls and buffering, and greater connectivity to advance autonomous vehicle developm.....»»

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Dogs infected with Leishmania parasites smell more attractive to female sand flies

Dogs infected with the Leishmania parasite smell more attractive to female sand flies than males, say researchers. Leishmania parasites are transmitted from infected dogs to people by sand flies when they bite. As only female sand flies transmit the.....»»

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High-efficiency pulse compression established on solitons in nonlinear Kerr resonators

Generating intense ultrashort pulses with high spatial quality has opened up possibilities for ultrafast and strong-field science. It is so important that the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 was given to Dr. Strickland and Dr. Mourou for inventing a tech.....»»

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Study: Black bears are eating pumas" lunch

A camera-trap study in the Mendocino National Forest in Northern California reveals that black bears are adept at finding and stealing the remains of adult deer killed by pumas. This "kleptoparasitism" by bears, as scientists call it, reduces the cal.....»»

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Google Area 120’s ThreadIt is bite-size video for team collaborations

The team at Google’s Area 120 in-house incubator says the idea for ThreadIt came well before COVID-19 made remote work a necessity for large swaths of the globe. Of course, the pandemic certainly accelerated interest in the product among the team b.....»»

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Ultrafast intra-atom motion tracked using synchrotron radiation

Scientists in Japan have observed and interfered with the ultrafast motion of electron movement inside of a Xenon atom using the coherent pairs of short light waves in synchrotron radiation. Xenon, consisting of a nucleus surrounded by five nested sh.....»»

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Adobe Photoshop"s New Super Resolution Feature is "Jaw-Dropping"

Adobe just dropped its latest software updates via the Creative Cloud and among those updates is a new feature in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) called "Super Resolution." You can mark this day down as a major shift in the photo industry, writes PetaPixel. F.....»»

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Simon Hu resigns as Ant Group CEO following regulatory crackdown

Simon Hu has resigned as chief executive officer of Ant Group, months after the digital payments company was forced to pull its IPO amid a crackdown by Chinese regulators......»»

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