How a citizen science initiative recruited a diverse group to identify lead pipes in homes

Recruiting participants for a citizen science project produced a more diverse group when people were signed up through partner organizations, such as schools and faith-based organizations, than when they joined on their own. We used this approach to.....»»

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New realistic computer model will help robots collect moon dust

A new computer model mimics moon dust so well that it could lead to smoother and safer lunar robot teleoperations. The tool, developed by researchers at the University of Bristol and based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, could be used to train as.....»»

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Using citizen scientists to mitigate the environmental crisis in the marine ecosystem

Citizen science can help to improve conservation and management strategies for Mediterranean marine ecosystems, and to mitigate the impact of the environmental crisis. This is the conclusion of a study by the University of Barcelona and the Institute.....»»

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Quality scores for forestry carbon credit types reveal complex landscape of integrity risks, transparency issues

The Carbon Credit Quality Initiative (CCQI) released new scores for two types of forestry carbon credits: improved forest management (IFM) and commercial afforestation. Together, these project types comprise approximately 10% of recent credit issuanc.....»»

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Study finds home heating fuel is direct source of sulfate in Fairbanks"s winter air

Use of residential heating fuel is the main contributor of primary sulfate pollution in Fairbanks's wintertime air, according to research conducted during an international science program in the community in 2022......»»

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Australian citizen scientists hop to it with rabbit virus tracking project

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, is calling on rural and regional Australians to join in the longest-running citizen science survey of rabbit diseases in the world, to help keep the invasive pest in check......»»

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Study: Replacing plastics with biodegradable alternatives would lead to significant carbon emissions reduction

Plastic pollution and its impact on the environment have become critical global issues in recent years. In response, the research teams have conducted a study to evaluate the carbon emissions associated with both traditional plastic products and biod.....»»

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Solar-driven green synthesis of epoxides

Research published in the journal Science China Chemistry is expected to serve as comprehensive background knowledge and to provide researchers with insight into the recent developments of solar-driven green synthesis of epoxides......»»

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New data can help better understand glaciers

On February 20, a dedicated team of researchers presented a new high-resolution calving front dataset from 149 glaciers in Svalbard, spanning from 1985 to 2023. This innovative dataset, featured in Earth System Science Data, offers an important tool.....»»

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Essential Data Science Tools and Techniques Empowering Indian Businesses

In the virtual age, data have emerged as the lifeblood of successful enterprise operations. As Indian businesses strive to harness the electricity of data to power decision-making and advantage a competitive facet, the function of statistics science.....»»

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Netflix just put the whole "Nimona" movie on YouTube for free

Netflix has uploaded animated science fantasy adventure "Nimona" to YouTube, making the entire film available to watch for free. If you're after a fun movie to throw on tonight, you're in luck. Netflix has uploaded animated science fantasy adve.....»»

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Angle-dependent holograms made possible by metasurfaces

Recently, a research team from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) has employed metasurfaces to fabricate angle-dependent holograms with multiple functions. This technology allows holograms to display multiple images based on the ob.....»»

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Centuries-long analysis suggests biodiversity is differentiating and homogenizing to a comparable extent

The tendency of communities and the species within them to become more similar or more distinct across landscapes—biotic homogenization and differentiation—are approximately balanced, according to a new study published in Science Advances......»»

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AutoNation naming rights end at Fort Lauderdale soccer stadium

MLS' Inter Miami CF stadium had been named for AutoNation Inc.'s DRV PNK initiative......»»

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Exploring microstructures for high-performance materials

In just the first few months of 2024, the journal Nature has published two scientific papers co-authored by Kun Luo, an Iowa State University postdoctoral research associate in materials science and engineering......»»

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Science in times of crisis: Lessons from Fukushima and WWII

Collective memory is one way to ensure that past mistakes in the evolution of science systems are not repeated after a crisis, disaster or conflict according to a University of Tokyo historian who has contributed to the International Science Council'.....»»

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Chicago sues oil and gas companies for their role in contributing to climate change

The city of Chicago is suing five oil and gas companies and a trade group that represents them over their role in contributing to climate change and its effects, arguing that the companies have misled the public about how the use of fossil fuels affe.....»»

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After years of losing, it’s finally feds’ turn to troll ransomware group

Authorities who took down the ransomware group brag about their epic hack. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) After years of being outmaneuvered by snarky ransomware criminals who tease and brag about each new victim they cl.....»»

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Coordination polymer crystals show promise as new generation of light sources for industry, medicine

New forms of the light-emitting materials called phosphors, with enhanced versatility relative to existing options, are being developed by researchers at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan, with colleagues at Tokyo Universit.....»»

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Unlocking the energetic secrets of collective animal movement: How group behavior reduces energy costs in fish

Many animals, including apex predators, move in groups. We know this collective behavior is fundamental to the animal's ability to move in complex environments, but less is known about what drives the behavior because many factors underlie its evolut.....»»

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Pentera collaborates with SpyCloud to reduce dwell time of compromised credentials

Pentera announced an integration with SpyCloud to automate the discovery and validation of compromised identities. Pentera uses exposure intelligence data to identify exploitable identities and facilitates targeted remediation to proactively reduce r.....»»

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