Gundam Evolution review: a true Overwatch 2 contender, but not a flawless one

Gundam Evolution puts a unique spin on the hero-shooter genre that's sure to deliver for fans, but not all players......»»

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Thronmax Space wireless mic kit review: an almost-great option for vloggers & more

The Thronmax Space wireless mic kit includes a useful and well-designed pack of condenser and lavalier mics and accessories that drops the ball with no included support for Apple mobile devices.Thronmax has been making USB microphones for quite a whi.....»»

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The worst GPUs of all time: loud, disappointing, uninspired

Some graphics cards are worse than others, but you haven't seen the true definition of "flop" before you've seen these four GPUs......»»

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Hands-on review: Kuxiu X36 Magnetic Foldable iPad Arm, a premium iPad desk companion [Video]

As someone who is an iPad enthusiast and uses their iPad as their main form of computing, I have gone through an abundance of iPad stands. Some good, and some, not so good. The variety of iPad stands we have nowadays is so robust, it’s hard to choo.....»»

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Bluetti AC180 Solar Portable Power Station review: Perfect merge of price, ports, and power

The Bluetti AC180 Solar takes on all the best aspects of the AC200Max and crams it into a smaller, lighter form factor that should satisfy most users' needs.Bluetti AC180 SolarPortable power stations come in all shapes and sizes, from larger than a s.....»»

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Timing plant evolution with a fast-ticking epigenetic clock

Recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics, the study of inheritance of traits that occur without changing the DNA sequence, have shown that chronological age in mammals correlates with epigenetic changes that accumulate during the lifetime of an.....»»

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Dumb Money review: an easily digestible dramedy

Dumb Money is a surprisingly effective, easily watchable modern-day dramedy......»»

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Gen V review: an entertaining, imperfect spinoff of The Boys

Like The Boys, Amazon Prime Video's Gen V is an effortlessly entertaining, tonally inconsistent, and occasionally infuriating riff on the superhero genre......»»

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Review: Nomad iPhone 15 Modern Leather Case and Folio nail premium design w/ thoughtful touches

With Apple officially out of the leather case and accessory market, third parties stand as the only options for those who prefer to stick with the material. I’ve been testing out the Modern Leather Case and Folio with my iPhone 15 Pro, and have com.....»»

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Omnicase 2 Pro USB-C Hub review: Compact and competent data and charging

The Jsaux Omnicase 2 and 2 Pro offer a functional USB-C hub solution while also providing adapter and SD card storage, but it could use a slightly better build quality.USB-C hubs have grown to be extremely useful for both productivity and entertainme.....»»

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iPhone 15 and 15 Pro review: The final form

Years of iteration have led to a great phone, but where do we go from here? Enlarge It has been six years since the iPhone X hit store shelves, but at a glance, 2023’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro aren't all that diffe.....»»

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Do you criticize or celebrate your colleagues? It may depend on your social position

Online technology is fundamentally reshaping employee evaluations. In the last decade or so, companies such as IBM, Amazon, and General Electric have adopted performance feedback apps that allow employees to "review" one another in real time. These a.....»»

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The Creator review: an ambitious, disjointed sci-fi epic

The Creator is a visually stunning, shallow sci-fi epic......»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 review: why you should buy it right now

Should you rush out and buy the Apple Watch Series 9? Yes, but also no, depending on what's on your wrist already. Our in-depth review explains everything......»»

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Did animal evolution begin with a predatory lifestyle?

Were the first animals predators or filter feeders like the sponges living in today's oceans? And what role did symbiosis with algae play, as with reef-building corals? Surprising findings by a research group led by Prof. Dr. Thomas W. Holstein of He.....»»

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Genome study reveals 30 years of Darwin"s finch evolution

An international team of researchers has released a study on contemporary evolutionary change in natural populations. Their study uses one of the largest genomic datasets ever produced for animals in their natural environment, comprising nearly 4,000.....»»

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Nothing’s CMF smartwatch and earbuds announced

Nothing has announced a new smartwatch and true wireless earbuds under its CMF brand. The post Nothing’s CMF smartwatch and earbuds announced appeared first on Phandroid. Nothing is a relatively new company in the industry compared to ot.....»»

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Blackpoint Cyber unveils Cloud Response for Google Workspace

Blackpoint Cyber has announced the expansion of its cloud security product, Cloud Response, to Google Workspace. Blackpoint first introduced Cloud Response for Microsoft 365, the first true Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service in the cloud, t.....»»

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iPhone 15 Pro Max review, iOS 17.1 beta, macOS Sonoma details on the AppleInsider Podcast

Your AppleInsider Podcast hosts dive in to iPhone 15 Pro Max features including USB-C support, iOS 17.1 developer beta, and more!Connectivity options on iPhone 15 ProReviews are in for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro. USB-C is a big deal for.....»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 review: Solid upgrade even with features still coming

Quality of life updates like Double Tap and a brighter display makes Apple Watch Series 9 a worthwhile upgrade, but Series 7 and newer owners shouldn't bother.Apple Watch Series 9 reviewApple Watch launched in 2015 and has dramatically transformed as.....»»

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Hermes Apple Watch bands review: No leather in these new stylish strap options

Some of the new Hermes bands have followed Apple's lead in removing leather and come in several new styles to complement the Apple Watch.The new Hermes Apple Watch bandsApple has been pushing its continued emphasis on eco-friendly products, including.....»»

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