Four eruptive young stellar objects discovered

By analyzing the data from the SPICY catalog and from NASA's WISE spacecraft, an international team of astronomers has discovered four new eruptive young stellar objects (YSOs). The finding was presented in a research paper published in the December.....»»

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New aging mechanism discovered in nematodes

Even the genes and proteins that have been most closely studied are still far from having given up all their secrets. Like a Swiss Army knife, they have many different, often unknown functions......»»

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Black hole fashions stellar beads on a string

Astronomers have discovered one of the most powerful eruptions from a black hole ever recorded. This mega-explosion billions of years ago may help explain the formation of a striking pattern of star clusters around two massive galaxies, resembling be.....»»

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Everything coming to Netflix in March 2024

The fantasy movie Damsel, the action-packed The Gentleman series, and new seasons of Girls5eva and Young Royals highlight Netflix's March 2024 schedule......»»

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Smallest star ever observed is part of an exotic binary system

A large international team of astronomers has discovered the smallest known star to date, and found that it is paired with another, somewhat larger star. Their paper is published in the journal Nature Astronomy,......»»

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Cracking the code to a healthier potato chip

In a breakthrough for the snack food industry, a team of scientists led by Michigan State University professors Jiming Jiang and David Douches has discovered a key mechanism behind the darkening and potential health concerns associated with cold-stor.....»»

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Nightmare black hole is the brightest object in the universe

A monster black hole has been discovered, and it devours the equivalent mass of our sun every single day......»»

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Newly spotted black hole has mass of 17 billion Suns, adding another daily

An accretion disk 7 light-years across powers an exceptionally bright galaxy. Enlarge (credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser) Quasars initially confused astronomers when they were discovered. First identified as sources of radio-fre.....»»

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Using metabolomics for assessing safety of chemicals may reduce the use of lab rats

Scientists have discovered a more robust way of grouping chemicals and using read-across for toxicological data to meet regulatory requirements, which could greatly reduce animal testing......»»

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Apple Vision Pro natively supports a rare film aspect ratio

A cinephile has discovered that Apple Vision Pro will show Panavision 70 movies in their correct and very wide screen aspect ratio.Watching a widescreen movie on Apple Vision ProApple has emphasized how immersive Apple Vision Pro is for entertainment.....»»

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Microplastics present in muscles, intestines of South East Queensland sharks

Researchers have discovered not only microplastics but also a higher abundance of cellulose-based fibers in the intestine samples of four apex shark species caught off the coast of South East Queensland (SEQ)......»»

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Rare and threatened shark found in the Roper River for the first time

Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers and First Nations Yugul Mangi Rangers have discovered a new population of a rare and threatened shark species in the Northern Territory's Roper River......»»

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Old joke: Apes also like to tease, meaning trait could be ancient

A boisterous young chimpanzee slaps an adult in his family on the back, then scampers away and looks back to see the response to his cheekiness......»»

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Saturday Citations: Einstein revisited (again); Atlantic geological predictions; how the brain handles echoes

Einstein's inexhaustible field equations just keep on predicting weird stellar objects, and the latest one is a doozy—so strap on your helmet, inside of which is another helmet, encasing still yet another helmet. This headgear is modeled on a weird.....»»

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New species of pirate spiders discovered on South Atlantic island

On a remote tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean, a pair of marooned pirates have been discovered. While they lack eyepatches and cutlasses, the two new species of pirate spider certainly live up to their nautical name, which refers to their habit o.....»»

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Music education, support networks, and continuity are key factors regulating adolescents" arts participation, says study

How do young people find their way to music-making? Researchers Anna Kuoppamäki from the University of the Arts Helsinki and Fanny Vilmilä from the Finnish Youth Research Network identified factors that had a significant impact on the formation of.....»»

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Newly discovered bacterial defense system functions as self-destruct button

Wageningen researchers have discovered a molecular self-destruct mechanism in a bacterium living on seaweed. With this mechanism the bacteria sacrifice themselves when they are infected, thus protecting their brothers and sisters from infections. By.....»»

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"Live fast, die young": Agriculture is transforming entire ecosystems

A research team has investigated the effects of agricultural grassland use on communities of organisms. Their study, recently published in the journal Nature Communications, for the first time reveals that measures such as fertilization and mowing af.....»»

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It’s a fake: Mysterious 280 million-year-old fossil is mostly just black paint

The long bones of the hind limbs appear to be genuine. The rest? Not so much. Enlarge / Discovered in 1931, Tridentinosaurus antiquus has now been found to be, in part, a forgery. (credit: Valentina Rossi) For more than.....»»

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How to add Bluetooth to an older car

Make an old ride feel young again thanks to independent kits, vehicle adapters, or aftermarket head units......»»

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Important molecular pathway for control of aging discovered

One of the ways cells in different kinds of tissue communicate is by exchanging RNA molecules. In experiments with roundworms of the species Caenorhabditis elegans, researchers at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil found that when t.....»»

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