Five Eyes agencies detail how Chinese hackers breached US infrastructure

The National Security Agency (NSA) and Five Eyes partner agencies have identified indicators of compromise associated with a People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored cyber actor dubbed Volt Typhoon, which is using living off the land techni.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro: US-only at launch, some eye prescriptions not supported, age requirement, AR hardware preview

Following the official announce of Vision Pro, Apple’s new mixed reality headset, we’re learning new details about availability, how corrective lenses will work, and more. These are new detail tidbits from Apple. more… The post Apple Vision P.....»»

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iOS 17 locks access to your Safari private browsing tabs behind Face ID auth

With iOS 16, Apple made it so that Hidden album in Photos could be automatically locked from prying eyes with Face ID. With iOS 17, that privacy is now extended to Safari too with Private Browsing. more… The post iOS 17 locks access to your Safar.....»»

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Scientists detect exponential relaxation spectrum in glasses

Prof. Wang Junqiang's team at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed the exponential relaxation events during the recovery process of glasses, providing solid evidence that.....»»

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Nearly two decades after NASA, China and Europe eye commercial cargo plans

Doing so, however, will be challenging. Enlarge / SpaceX launches its 28th supply mission to the International Space Station on Monday, June 5, 2023. (credit: SpaceX) In just the last month, both the European and Chinese.....»»

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Chinese startup claims breakthrough with EV battery that overcomes cold weather

Chinese unicorn Greater Bay Technology says its new Phoenix cell can heat the battery back from -4F to 77F in five minutes, allowing it to operate as normal and charge within six minutes in all weather conditions......»»

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Chinese unicorn claims breakthrough with all-weather EV battery

A Chinese battery startup claims to have overcome one of the key sticking points for electric car owners — the loss of power capability and range in cold climates......»»

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How will Japan fab tool curbs impact Chinese semiconductor players?

Japan has officially announced that it will tighten controls on exports of 23 types of semiconductor equipment to China starting July 23. How the new trade curbs will impact Chinese semiconductor industry is drawing increasing concerns from market an.....»»

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Predictive models show wildlife managers where to find destructive feral swine

Feral swine are considered one of the top invasive species of concern in North America because of the damage they do to agricultural and natural systems. To best manage them, resource management agencies need to know more precisely where and when to.....»»

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Social media snaps map the sweep of Japan"s cherry blossom season in unprecedented detail

Social media contains enormous amounts of data about people, our everyday lives, and our interactions with our surroundings. As a byproduct, it also contains a vast trove of information about the natural world......»»

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GaAs PA suppliers upbeat about demand for niche applications

For suppliers of GaAs-based RF power amplifiers (PAs), market demand for handsets and other consumer electronics devices will remain weak, but demand for niche-market applications such as aerospace, military, industrial control and infrastructure con.....»»

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AI chip shortage to last until 2024, according to top Chinese AI company

The large-scale language model (LLM) has triggered the continuous growth of China's computing industry. SenseTime, which kept a low profile, has recently been tasked to pilot the AI computing supply chain taking shape in the Shanghai FTZ's Lingang Ne.....»»

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GOP lawmakers ramp up calls to counter China over Micron ban

Two key Republican lawmakers are pressing the Biden administration to counter Beijing's ban of US chipmaker Micron Technology Inc. by sanctioning a Chinese semiconductor company and ensuring that Japanese and South Korean firms don't take advantage o.....»»

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Katie Boswell on AI security and women’s rise in cybersecurity

Katie Boswell spent years on the front lines securing the most critical national infrastructure in energy and life sciences. Yet, earlier in her career, she was told that senior leadership was not for her if she planned on becoming a mother. Despite.....»»

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The value of AI infrastructure

The cost of machine learning applications will come down as a result of semiconductors improving computing power. The lower cost will naturally result in a sharp rise in the number of users. Using AI will become a daily routine in work and private li.....»»

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Taiwan is a crucial partner for traditional automakers seeking an edge against Chinese competitors

Thanks to its solid technology foundation and geopolitical dynamics, the ICT industry cluster in Taiwan has gained favor from mainstream car manufacturers in Europe, America, and Japan, giving Taiwan's ICT industry further opportunity to venture into.....»»

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10 most common passwords to avoid in 2023

A new report has highlighted the passwords which hackers most commonly guess at......»»

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We"ve already breached most of the Earth"s limits—a safer, fairer future means treading lightly

People once believed the planet could always accommodate us. That the resilience of the Earth system meant nature would always provide. But we now know this is not necessarily the case. As big as the world is, our impact is bigger......»»

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Three Chinese astronauts return safely to Earth

Three Chinese astronauts working at the country's space station have returned safely to Earth, state media reported Sunday, hailing the mission as a "complete success"......»»

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Pandemic lessons: More health workers, less faxing—an Ars Frontiers recap

Amid science and tech triumphs, basic infrastructure problems hurt COVID responses. Our panel on pandemic lessons included Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (center) and Dr. Caitlin Rivers (right). In many ways, modern advancements stole the show.....»»

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Apple iTunes has a serious security flaw you really should know about

Hackers could use iTunes to create a system folder with high privileges, so make sure to patch up......»»

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