FDA stands against using smartwatches to monitor blood glucose levels

Apple and other tech companies have been working on new non-invasive methods to monitor blood glucose levels through smartwatches and similar devices. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now come out against such technology, clai.....»»

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Espresso 17 Pro review: Magnetic & modular portable Mac monitor

The Espresso 17 Pro avoids the usual compromises in portable monitors by offering a large multi-touch glossy 4K retina-grade display with magnetic modularity inspired by Apple's iPad.Espresso 17 Pro reviewPortable displays have become more commonplac.....»»

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The next-generation triggers for CERN detectors

The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) require high-performance event-selection systems—known as "triggers" in particle physics—to filter the flow of data to manageable levels. The triggers pick events with distinguishing characterist.....»»

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Gaming and Education: Learning in Virtual Environments

In the ever-evolving terrain of the digital era, the amalgamation of gaming with education stands as a cornerstone in reshaping our pedagogical methodologies. Virtual environments, traditionally confined to realms of leisure, have transcended their b.....»»

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Valyuz Review – Dedicated Business IBAN Services for Everyone

Valyuz stands out as a business debit card service known not only for its financial management prowess but also for a range of other valuable features. From small startups to large enterprises, various businesses rely on this company to cater to thei.....»»

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Unix system administration: Vocabulary for English speakers

In the vast, interconnected world of information technology, Unix stands as a monumental pillar, powering servers, workstations, and critical systems across the globe. Its reputation for stability, efficiency, and flexibility makes Unix system admini.....»»

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Officials brace for "uncertainty" in water transfers to Lake Mead

Key backup tubes inside the Glen Canyon Dam might be damaged, potentially threatening the delivery of water to Lake Mead in the future if water levels ever dip too low in Lake Powell, according to a Bureau of Reclamation memo......»»

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How full are major California reservoirs as state exits another wet winter?

The majority of California's reservoirs are above their historic average levels following the end of two wet winters......»»

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Panama plans dry alternative to drought-hit canal

Panama on Wednesday unveiled plans for a "dry canal" to move cargo between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans due to low water levels in its century-old maritime channel......»»

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How to use Force Quit and Activity Monitor to close persistent apps

No matter what you use your Mac for, there may come a time when Command + Q just doesn't cut it. For closing out those persistently frozen apps that just won't go away, there are a couple of ways to get the job done.For those apps that just won't clo.....»»

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Inventory climbs above 2.8 million, highest since December 2020

U.S. new-vehicle inventory rose again in March above 2.8 million vehicles, Cox Automotive said, as the industry continues its return to pre-COVID levels of vehicles on hand......»»

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Election disinformation: How AI-powered bots work and how you can protect yourself from their influence

Social media platforms have become more than mere tools for communication. They've evolved into bustling arenas where truth and falsehood collide. Among these platforms, X stands out as a prominent battleground. It's a place where disinformation camp.....»»

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Life is a love song in first trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux

The Joker has found his Harley in the first trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux, and it's time to sing and dance, and paint Gotham City in blood......»»

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EPA seeks to cut “Cancer Alley” pollutants

Chemical plants will have to monitor how much is escaping and stop leaks. Enlarge / An oil refinery in Louisiana. Facilities such as this have led to a proliferation of petrochemical plants in the area. (credit: Art Wager).....»»

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Making mural art helps teens cope

In Quebec's 2016–17 health survey of high-school students, 33% in grades 9, 10 and 11 reported experiencing high levels of psychological distress. And in 2021, a significant 6.1% said they had been diagnosed with an anxiety-depressive disorder, a 3.....»»

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Microplastic concentrations in Antarctic seawater higher than previously estimated

Microplastic particles can be found in the most remote ocean regions on Earth. In Antarctica, pollution levels are even higher than previously assumed. This is one finding of a recent study involving researchers from the University of Basel......»»

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Macs lead global PC growth as shipments return to pre-pandemic levels

IDC is out with a fresh report today on global PC shipments for Q1 2024. While Apple still doesn’t lead for volume, it did come in number one for YoY growth. Here’s how Mac shipments, market share, and growth stacked up against Dell, HP, Lenovo,.....»»

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A targeted polymer to treat colorectal cancer liver metastases

A nanosized polymer, developed by a research team from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, can selectively deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to blood vessels that feed tumors and metastases and has emerged as an effective treatment for advanced cancer......»»

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Scientists develop composite accelerometer for extreme environments

The demand for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) resilient to harsh environments is growing. Silicon-based MEMS struggle under extreme conditions, limited by their performance at elevated temperatures. Silicon carbide (SiC) stands out as a promis.....»»

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Study identifies atmospheric and economic drivers of global air pollution

Carbon monoxide emissions from industrial production have serious consequences for human health and are a strong indicator of overall air pollution levels. Many countries aim to reduce their emissions, but they cannot control air flows originating in.....»»

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Clocks going forward can catch investors napping: How investors" reactions are affected by sleep disruption

Clocks losing an hour in spring significantly affects how investors respond to companies that reveal unexpected levels of earnings, research shows......»»

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