FCC OKs satellite de-orbit rule despite possible conflict with NASA guidelines

5-year satellite de-orbit rule passes despite lawmakers questioning FCC authority. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | PM Images) The Federal Communications Commission today unanimously approved a rule that aims to minimize space.....»»

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Satellite SOS Feature for Pixel Phones Spotted

Spotted inside the latest build of the Adaptive Connectivity Services app, a new feature called Satellite SOS is being prepared by Google for Pixel devices. Unknown exactly which Pixel phones will receive support, we do at least have a basic understa.....»»

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Night-shining cloud mission ends; yields high science results for NASA

After 16 years studying Earth's highest clouds for the benefit of humanity—polar mesospheric clouds—from its orbit some 350 miles above the ground, NASA's Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, or AIM, mission has come to an end......»»

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Planning for a smooth landing on Mars

A U.S. mission to land astronauts on the surface of Mars will be unlike any other extraterrestrial landing ever undertaken by NASA......»»

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The NASA Mars helicopter’s work is not done, it turns out

NASA’s Mars helicopter has been grounded since January 18 after suffering damage to one of its rotors as it came in to land. But its work is not done......»»

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Artemis II lunar crew rehearses splashdown in the Pacific

The four NASA astronauts set to fly by the moon next year have been out training for the final stage of the mission: the splashdown......»»

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To the moon and back: NASA"s Artemis II crew rehearses splashdown

Their mission around the moon is not expected until September 2025 at the earliest, but the four astronauts on NASA's Artemis II mission are already preparing for their splashdown return......»»

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AI reveals secret roads endangering the world"s rainforests

Satellite images analyzed by AI are emerging as a new tool in finding unmapped roads that bring environmental destruction to wilderness areas......»»

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10 best movie villains of all time, ranked

In the pantheon of cinematic villainy, these figures rule with an iron fist, becoming indelible parts of motion picture history with their dastardly deeds......»»

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Russian rocket successfully puts Iranian satellite into orbit

A Russian rocket on Thursday successfully put an Iranian satellite into orbit, a launch that underlined increasingly close cooperation between Moscow and Tehran......»»

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SpaceX reschedules this week’s Crew-8 launch to the space station

NASA and SpaceX are making final preparations for Crew-8's flight to the International Space Station in a launch targeted for Saturday night......»»

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NASA and Russian satellites just miss in ‘too close for comfort’ pass

Two large satellites — one operated by NASA and another owned by Russia — came alarmingly close to colliding about 378 miles above Earth on Wednesday......»»

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Close-up images of DART’s asteroid smashup reveal complex debris

A CubeSat trailed the DART asteroid impactor, capturing images of debris set loose. Enlarge (credit: ASI/NASA) In 2022, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) smashed into the asteroid Dimorphos in a successful test.....»»

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Webb finds dwarf galaxies reionized the universe

Using the unprecedented capabilities of the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, an international team of scientists has obtained the first spectroscopic observations of the faintest galaxies during the first billion years of the universe. These.....»»

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Researchers leverage machine learning to improve space weather predictions

There are three levels of severity for space storms: geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms and radio blackouts. These storms produce different effects on Earth, including satellite, GPS, communications and electrical grid issues, as well as heal.....»»

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Diamonds are a chip"s best friend: Research determines spin-orbit effects on exciton complexes

Besides being "a girl's best friend," diamonds have broad industrial applications, such as in solid-state electronics. New technologies aim to produce high-purity synthetic crystals that become excellent semiconductors when doped with impurities as e.....»»

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Asteroid impacted by spacecraft is reshaped like an M&M ‘with a bite taken out’

In 2022, NASA deliberately crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid. Now astronomers have found that the impact may have reshaped the asteroid significantly......»»

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Argentina authorizes Starlink, rival Amazon Kuiper

Argentina on Monday gave authorization for the deployment of Starlink, the satellite internet service of Elon Musk—a fan of the South American country's self-styled new "anarcho-capitalist" President Javier Milei......»»

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Image: ERS-2 buckles and bends during final farewell

Following a hugely successful mission and almost 30 years in orbit, ESA's ERS-2 reentered Earth's atmosphere at approximately 18:17 CET (17:17 UTC) on 21 February 2024......»»

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Odysseus has less than a day left on the Moon before it freezes to death

So what are we to make of this? Is Odysseus a success or a failure? Enlarge / NASA's LRO found Odysseus on the Moon. (credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University) Time is running out for the historic Odysseus lander th.....»»

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Step aside, internal tides: Supercomputer modeling improves satellite altimetry precision

Waves don't take place just on the ocean's surface. Underneath the crests and troughs that we can see from above are internal tides, which form when tidal flows collide with seamounts, continental slopes, and ridges on the seafloor......»»

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