EV battery leader CATL joins BYD, Tesla to tap solar"s boom

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., the world's biggest electric vehicle battery producer, is joining Tesla Inc. and BYD Co. in adding a focus on the booming solar sector......»»

Category: topSource:  informationweekMay 26th, 2023

iPhone 16 battery density increased; new stainless steel housing – Kuo

A new supply-chain report says that the iPhone 16 battery will have greater energy density than that of current iPhones. This could potentially give the device a longer battery-life, though Apple may instead opt to use a smaller battery. Additiona.....»»

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Will you buy an ultra-thin iPhone 17 if battery life is reduced? [Poll]

We learned new details about what Apple may ship as the new high-end iPhone in 2025 with a redesigned ultra-thin form factor. But with that change, we could see shorter battery life, particularly compared to the Pro Max model. Would an ultra-thin des.....»»

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‘Microsoft’s MacBook Air’ is more like a MacBook Pro

Two new laptops announced yesterday are being touted as “Microsoft’s MacBook Air,” with the company claiming that they offer similar performance to the M3 MacBook Air, with even greater battery life. But commentators have been quick to point.....»»

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Exploring the depths: How iron snow could unlock the secrets of life on Europa

Ever since the tantalizing discovery of icy ocean worlds within our own solar system, such as Europa and Enceladus, scientists have been captivated by the possibility of life lurking beneath their frozen surfaces......»»

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Nissan pauses and reshapes plans for building U.S. EVs

Nissan will expand the number of battery-powered models produced at its Canton, Miss., factory — adding a fifth model. That vehicle — codenamed PZ1L — is expected to be a compact crossover......»»

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Tesla will deliver 50 more electric Semis to PepsiCo

Tesla is focusing on PepsiCo's order now but plans to provide its Tesla Semi electric truck to other customers starting in 2026......»»

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M4 iPad Pro teardown finds easier-to-access battery, glimpses of Tandem OLED design

Straightforward tablet teardown is followed by a comically difficult Pencil one. iFixit's M4 iPad Pro teardown. Right on schedule for past releases, iFixit has done a teardown of Apple's new, redesigned iPad Pro. It found that the i.....»»

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New quantum dot approach can enhance electrical conductivity of solar cells

A team led by Professor Jongmin Choi of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering has developed a PbS quantum dot that can rapidly enhance the electrical conductivity of solar cells. The findings are published in the journal Small......»»

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will small (but critical) upgrade

The Galaxy Watch 7 could see a big improvement when it comes to battery charging versus the current Galaxy Watch 6 models. Here's what we know......»»

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NHTSA ends safety probe into 50,000 Tesla Model X crossovers after seat belt recall

U.S. auto safety regulators are ending a safety probe into 100,000 Model X vehicles after the automaker issued a recall to remedy concerns over the front seat belt suddenly detaching......»»

Category: topSource:  autonewsRelated NewsMay 20th, 2024

Machine learning accelerates discovery of solar-cell perovskites

An EPFL research project has developed a method based on machine learning to quickly and accurately search large databases, leading to the discovery of 14 new materials for solar cells......»»

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Tesla is reportedly ditching support for Steam games

Tesla may be abandoning the ability to play Steam games on the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X......»»

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Elon Musk reportedly abruptly fired entire Tesla Supercharger team for this reason

A new report sheds light on what exactly happened when Elon Musk fired 500 Supercharger employees earlier this month. In a brutal year for tech layoffs, Tesla may have set the record for worst reason to lay people off.At least, that's the impli.....»»

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iPhone 16 Pro Max could last longer than iPhone 15 Pro Max. Here’s why.

Apple could once again bolster the next iPhone's battery with some new internal techniques, but not in every new iPhone. You might want to sit down for this seismic, mind-blowing news: The next iPhone could have a better battery than the curren.....»»

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"Doctor Who": Decoding the Easter eggs of "Boom"

We decode the Easter eggs hidden in the third episode of "Doctor Who" Season 14, "Boom." Plus, the return of Steven Moffat! With Season 14, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has been tantalizing new viewers with the inviting charisma of th.....»»

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Why Earthlings are safe when huge solar storms strike our planet

When solar storms and coronal mass ejections hit Earth and create the Northern Lights, people are physically protected from radiation by Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere. From time to time, the sun discharges billions of tons of solar matt.....»»

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4 high-end features Windows laptops still have over MacBooks

Apple's MacBook lineup offers excellent performance, even better battery life, and great displays. But that doesn't mean Windows laptops can't compete......»»

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"Danger behind the beauty": More solar storms could be heading our way

Tourists normally have to pay big money and brave cold climates for a chance to see an aurora, but last weekend many people around the world simply had to look up to see these colorful displays dance across the sky......»»

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iPhone 16 Pro Max Battery Life Could Top iPhone 15 Pro Max

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max may offer longer battery life than its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In a new post on Medium, Kuo says his “latest supply chain survey indicates the energy density (Wh/kg).....»»

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The iPhone 16 Pro Max may very important battery upgrade

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is set to get a pretty significant battery upgrade that may roll out to future iPhone models. Here's what's new......»»

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