ESR Qi2 MagSafe Car Mount review: a practical upgrade over clamp-based car phone holders

MagSafe chargers free your iPhone from clunky holders with clamps and suction cups, making ESR's Qi2 MagSafe car charger a practical, cost-effective way to bring wireless charging to your car.ESR Qi2 Car Charger review - strong enough magnet for bump.....»»

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Zscaler extends zero trust SASE and eliminates the need for firewall-based segmentation

Zscaler has signed an agreement to acquire Airgap Networks. Combining Zscaler’s zero trust SD-WAN and Airgap Networks’ agentless segmentation technology will transform how enterprises implement zero trust segmentation to IoT/OT devices, and criti.....»»

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Amazon’s Fallout series is crossing over with two Fallout games

Fallout 76 and Fallout Shelter are both getting new content based on the new Amazon Prime TV show adaptation of the franchise......»»

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DEAL: Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for up to 30% Off!

It's an older phone, but it checks out. The post DEAL: Get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for up to 30% Off! appeared first on Phandroid. For folks who just want a capable Android phone without spending too much, it makes a lot of sense to go with.....»»

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Espresso 17 Pro review: Magnetic & modular portable Mac monitor

The Espresso 17 Pro avoids the usual compromises in portable monitors by offering a large multi-touch glossy 4K retina-grade display with magnetic modularity inspired by Apple's iPad.Espresso 17 Pro reviewPortable displays have become more commonplac.....»»

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watchOS 10.4 Issues Mount for Apple Watch Users

Apple hasn’t released a new version of watchOS 10 in over a month and watchOS 10.4 issues impacting the Apple Watch continue to grow. The latest version of watchOS 10, watchOS 10.4, was released on March 7th. In the weeks since, Apple’s p.....»»

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iPhone 16 Will Be Apple’s First AI-Centric Phone

It’s the elephant in the room at this point, but yet another report suggests Apple is working to bring AI-centric upgrades to this year’s iPhone. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has released a report outlining Apple’s plans for the M.....»»

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Why iPhone 7 Users Should Upgrade in 2024

If you’re still holding onto an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, this is the year you should consider upgrading to a new iPhone model. Seven years is a long time in the tech world and that’s how long its been since Apple launched the iPhone 7 a.....»»

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Biologists reveal how gyrase resolves DNA entanglements

Picture in your mind a traditional "landline" telephone with a coiled cord connecting the handset to the phone. The coiled telephone cord and the DNA double helix that stores the genetic material in every cell in the body have one thing in common; th.....»»

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The heat is on: What we know about why ocean temperatures keep smashing records

Over the last year, our oceans have been hotter than any time ever recorded. Our instrumental record covers the last 150 years. But based on proxy observations, we can say our oceans are now hotter than well before the rise of human civilization, ver.....»»

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A compact metasurface array-based system for single-shot spectroscopic ellipsometry measurement

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is widely adopted in semiconductor processing, such as in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, flat display panels, and solar cells. However, a conventional spectroscopic ellipsometer, as shown in Fig.1a, typically mod.....»»

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Does the Pan-Tilt Mount work with the Blink Mini 2?

The original Pan-Tilt Mount is not compatible with the Blink Mini 2. Here's a closer look at why that's the case, along with alternatives to consider......»»

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Publisher Reinforces Paywall With Sci-Hub Blockade in Germany

As part of a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, German Internet service providers block a list of structurally infringing websites. This blocklist has recently expanded with the first publisher-related target; popular shadow library, Sci-Hub.....»»

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ContentCore Aims to Be a ‘Content ID’ Equivalent for Independent Video Platforms

New York-based technology company WebKyte specializes in automated video recognition. The company has a library of millions of fingerprints that can detect infringing videos on platforms including VK, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Rightsholders, including.....»»

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Japan’s 2 Trillion Yen Manga & Anime Piracy War Gets New Hollywood Backing

CODA's war against online piracy has received renewed backing from the Hollywood studios and Netflix. Since their partnership began in 2005, Japan-based CODA and the MPA have collaborated on thousands of cases. An agreement governing their work toget.....»»

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How Does Phone Tracking Help Parents Save Their Kids?

Parents look after the wellbeing of their children in the real world proactively. However, they must be as vigilant when looking after their kids’ wellbeing in the digital world. The online space may seem normal to you, but if you look closely,.....»»

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Herogo TV Lets You Watch Live and Channels for Free

Herogo TV by Navroz Media Network promises unlimited content viewing and streaming, as well as paid content for watching on the go. Here’s a quick overview and HeroGo TV review. What is HeroGo TV? First Impressions Herogo TV is the latest app to co.....»»

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Sneaky Links Review – Not Your Everyday Social Media Platform

Spice things up with a social media app that promises something unconventional. In this Sneaky Links review, we explore the social media network and the features it has to offer. What is Sneaky Links? First Impression At first glance, we thought of S.....»»

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Valyuz Review – Dedicated Business IBAN Services for Everyone

Valyuz stands out as a business debit card service known not only for its financial management prowess but also for a range of other valuable features. From small startups to large enterprises, various businesses rely on this company to cater to thei.....»»

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"Fallout" review: Video game adaptation is a wild nuclear Western

Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and Aaron Moten star in Prime Video's adaptation of the "Fallout" games. Early on in one of Fallout's many flashbacks to the late 21st century, actor Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins) worries about the ending of a Wes.....»»

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How to clear cache on iPhone: Free up space on your iOS device

This is a how-to on how to clear cache on iPhone. Wondering about how to clear cache on iPhone? As we run several apps and navigate browsers like Safari and Chrome, we collect a lot of useless clutter along the way that fills up our phone's cac.....»»

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