Earth may have had all the elements needed for life—contrary to theories that they came from meteorites

For many years, scientists have predicted that many of the elements that are crucial ingredients for life, like sulfur and nitrogen, first came to Earth when asteroid-type objects carrying them crashed into our planet's surface......»»

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New partnerships found to improve life satisfaction for single mothers

Ideally, a family is a protective space, a social network, and a team that supports each other. But what happens when children are raised by a single mother instead of two parents? Single mothers in particular can face significant challenges regardin.....»»

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A new way to make element 116 opens the door to heavier atoms

Scientists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) are credited in the discovery of 16 of the 118 known elements. Now they've completed the crucial first step to potentially create yet another: element 120......»»

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New automated system provides a way to detect elusive volcanic vibrations

A new automated system of monitoring and classifying persistent vibrations at active volcanoes can eliminate the hours of manual effort needed to document them......»»

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Gaga’s Harley Quinn joins the Clown Prince of Crime in Joker: Folie à Deux trailer

"For once in my life, I have someone who needs me." Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga star in Joker: Folie à Deux. This weekend will be all about San Diego Comic-Con and the hotly anticipated theatrical release of the summer blockbuste.....»»

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Is Tantra about sex or divine liberation? Why followers are split over the ancient yogic tradition

In a world of alternative therapies and new-age spiritual practices, Tantra holds a special place. This concept is largely associated with techniques for improving your sex life—but there's a lot more to Tantra than sex......»»

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New nature writing genre brings wild and tricky aspects of climate crisis to life

We live in an age of climate emergency and eco-anxiety. This is, after all, the Anthropocene—a geological period defined by the bootprint of humans on Earth. Bearing witness to our place in the world is critical now more than ever but writing about.....»»

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Scientists say sun"s influence penetrates into deep Earth

For years, scientists believed that changes in the Earth's interior, such as volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate collisions, primarily affected the surface environment. Events such as the mass extinction around 66 million years ago and the transiti.....»»

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Natural drylands grossly under-protected: Study predicts major threats due to human land-use conversion

Drylands cover about 42% of the Earth's land surface and are increasingly threatened by human land-use pressures like agriculture, alternative energy sources, overgrazing and climate change. Up to a third of the global human population living in dryl.....»»

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Moon dust could contaminate lunar explorers" water supply

Water purification is a big business on Earth. Companies offer everything from desalination to providing just the right pH level for drinking water. But on the moon, there won't be a similar technical infrastructure to support the astronauts attempti.....»»

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Forging of joined-up approach at COP29 and COP16 vital for urgent action for climate and nature, say scientists

World leaders must take advantage of a pivotal window of opportunity for forging a much-needed joined-up approach to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, say scientists from ZSL and York University. Without this, work on tackling either crisi.....»»

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Team develops a technique to detect nutrients in soil faster and more affordably

Every year, Missouri farmers lose millions of dollars in valuable nutrients that wash away into rivers and lakes. These nutrients—nitrates and phosphates found in fertilizers—are crucial for plant growth, but they wreak havoc on aquatic life when.....»»

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New technique streamlines synthesis of heavy element compounds

Molecular compounds with heavy elements, like americium, curium and others can now be synthesized in a streamlined and efficient way thanks to a new technique developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers......»»

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Effects of stellar magnetism could expand criteria for exoplanet habitability

Interest in Earth-like planets orbiting within the habitable zone of their host stars has surged, driven by the quest to discover life beyond our solar system. But the habitability of such planets, known as exoplanets, is influenced by more than just.....»»

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New date for Earth"s largest iron deposits offers clues for future exploration

Research led by Curtin University reveals that Earth's largest iron ore deposits—in the Hamersley Province of Western Australia—are about one billion years younger than previously believed, a discovery which could greatly boost the search for mor.....»»

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Sustainable management and regeneration of endangered Senegalia venosa needed in Ethiopia, says study

A research team has identified the distribution and regeneration status of the endangered Senegalia venosa in Tigray and Gonder drylands. They found it has a poor regeneration rate due to factors like charcoal production and grazing......»»

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Homicide: Life on the Street sets streaming debut at Peacock

Homicide: Life on the Street is finally heading to a streaming service. Find out when the landmark police procedural streams on Peacock......»»

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Samuel Pepys" fashion prints reveal his guilty pleasure: Fancy French clothes

A collection of French fashion engravings offers precious new insights into the life of Samuel Pepys years after his premature final diary entry. The prints show the tailor's son remained fascinated by the power of fashion long after he had secured w.....»»

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Warframe: 1999 is the Y2K dating sim I didn’t know I needed

We spoke with the Warframe Creative Director and had an early look at Warframe: 1999, the upcoming update with new story, frames, boy bands and dating......»»

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How conspiracy theories polarize society and provoke violence

In today's technologically interconnected world, the ability to concoct and spread conspiracy theories has become easier than ever before. This became evident after the recent assassination attempt on former U.S. president Donald Trump. Millions floc.....»»

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Mini-Neptune turned out to be a frozen super-Earth

The density makes it look like a water world, but its dim host star keeps it cool. Enlarge / Renditions of a possible composition of LHS 1140 b, with a patch of ocean on the side facing its host star. Earth is included at right f.....»»

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