Don"t compromise on cleanliness: Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum and mop makes a home sparkle

Our modern lives are busier than ever, which means sometimes choosing between a well-cleaned home and family time. With the Roborock S7 Max Ultra, you'll be able to choose both thanks to this intelligent, hands-free robot vacuum and mop.The S7 Max Ul.....»»

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Outstanding deals from B&H Photo include $1,900 off MacBook Pro kits and more

B&H Photo continues to offer some of the largest discounts across the web on Apple products, which save consumers upwards of $1,900 this week.Up to $1,900 in savings on Apple.Take home a MacBook Pro, like the 16-inch model with the M1 Max chip, for o.....»»

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Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds

Lava worlds, massive exoplanets home to sparkling skies and roiling volcanic seas called magma oceans, are distinctly unlike the planets in our solar system......»»

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Single sideband modulation technique can relax the bandwidth restriction

As an ultra-wideband microwave signal, amplitude shift keying (ASK) can be used in many applications, such as electronic warfare, wireless communications and modern radar systems. Initially, ASK microwave signals are generated based on radio frequenc.....»»

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Love becomes expensive as Tinder announces ultra premium tier

Looking for love just got more expensive as Tinder announced Tinder Select. The ultra-premium tier promises more success at a higher cost. The post Love becomes expensive as Tinder announces ultra premium tier appeared first on Phandroid......»»

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Review: Nomad’s new iPhone 15 leather cases remain the best on the market

iPhone 15 is now here, and shoppers looking to pair their new handset with a leather case are going to be out of luck – at least if they plan on bringing home an official one from Apple. But why would you want to anyway, when Nomad is back with ano.....»»

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Reolink introduces new 4K solar+ security cameras

There are a plethora of options for home security cameras – from the ultralow end to the ultrahigh end. Almost all of them have some drawbacks – a hefty subscription price, low quality, a need to run wires, or an unreasonable upfront cost. But Re.....»»

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How fast are Arctic glaciers melting? Engineers explored the north with a robot and cameras to find out

Equipped with snow jackets, gloves and luggage containing a host of cameras and sensors, professor Hanumant Singh and a team of Northeastern robotics researchers recently traveled to the Arctic with a noble goal to help address the climate crisis......»»

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Traditional downtowns are dead or dying in many US cities. What"s next for these zones?

The hollowing out of U.S. cities' office and commercial cores is a national trend with serious consequences for millions of Americans. As more people have stayed home following the COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic has fallen. Major retail chains are c.....»»

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Building a String Art Robot Looks Difficult

Paul's string art robot is impressive, but the path he took to get there - as well as the persistence required - is what is really impressive The post Building a String Art Robot Looks Difficult appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Mak.....»»

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Move over, highways. Now you can sponsor an ocean sanctuary

In a novel conservation strategy, the small South Pacific island state of Niue is offering individuals and institutions the opportunity to sponsor its marine sanctuary, home to pristine coral reefs, sharks, whales and hundreds of fish species......»»

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Okefenokee Natl. Wildlife Refuge to be nominated as World Heritage Site

Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, the largest intact blackwater swamp in North America and a critical home to thousands of plant and animal species, will be proposed for listing as a World Heritage Site, the federal government announced.....»»

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Weighing up risk: Making decisions about home insurance in a changing climate

A UNSW Sydney scientist explains some of the psychological processes that influence our decision making around home insurance and climate change......»»

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Reolink’s 4K Solar Camera series is changing smart home security for the better

Reolink, an innovator in smart home tech, is changing or upgrading smart home security with its 4K Solar Camera series of devices......»»

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Apple Watch Ultra 2 and S9 teardowns reveal no significant changes

iFixit has done an Apple Watch Ultra 2 teardown, before doing the same thing with the Series 9 – and the internals don’t reveal any significant changes. In apparent confirmation that the new Double Tap feature is just a software update to the.....»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 teardown reveals not much has changed internally

A video tearing apart the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 reveals that Apple didn't make many changes to the design of either smartwatch compared to the previous models.Apple Watch Ultra 2 teardown [iFixit/YouTube]Following major Apple r.....»»

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Daily deals Sept. 25: Apple Watch Series 8 $299, macOS apps starting at $1, 42% off iPhone 14 Pro Leather MagSafe Case, more

Today's top deals include a Lamicall Magnetic Case for iPhone 15 for $17, 20% off a SimpliSafe 5-piece wireless home security system, 15% off an Apple MagSafe charger, 55% off a 2-pack of Anker dual-port 12W wall USB chargers, and more.Get a 55-inch.....»»

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A partial car substitute? Trek’s new cargo bike, reviewed

A pricey but feature-rich offering from Trek had me pedaling for my groceries. Enlarge (credit: John TImmer) As I watched a few berries I had just carted home roll gently down my driveway and into the road, it was hard t.....»»

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Holidays to the home country could help bilingual children hold on to family"s original language

It's hard to keep a language in the family. Many people who migrate to different countries find that their language of origin has become a heritage language, passed on to future generations with varying degrees of success. These languages come under.....»»

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Supercar brands search for sustainable performance

Ultra high-end brands, from Aston Martin to Rolls Royce, are taking different paths to balance emissions targets with performance demands. Meanwhile, electric vehicle upstarts Rivian and Lucid are gaining momentum and market share......»»

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Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds review: This is how you do spatial audio

Bose might not have changed much on the new QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds, but what it did change makes all the difference......»»

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