Don"t be too quick to blame social media for America"s polarization. Cable news has a bigger effect, study finds

The past two election cycles have seen an explosion of attention given to "echo chambers," or communities where a narrow set of views makes people less likely to challenge their own opinions. Much of this concern has focused on the rise of social med.....»»

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Iran says it launched test "tug" into suborbital space

Iranian state media said Tuesday the government has launched a space tug capable of shifting satellites between orbits......»»

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Chile"s distant paradise where scientists study climate change

Hidden inside pristine forests in Chile's deep south, known as the end of the world, lie potential early warning signs of climate change......»»

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Former Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz joins Lithia board

Growing Lithia Motors has added industry veteran Jim Lentz to its board of directors......»»

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US senator proposes grace period in EV tax credit

The updated US EV incentives program has worried foreign automakers like Hyundai Motor because it requires their vehicles to be assembled in North America in order to be eligible for tax credits. To address carmakers' concerns, US senator Raphael War.....»»

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VSO Electronics to be listed on Taiwan emerging stock market

Cable maker VSO Electronics will be listed on Pioneer Stock Board of the Emerging Stock Market at an initial price of NT$101 (US$3.18) per share on October 6, 2022, according to the company......»»

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HackNotice’s phishing capability empowers users to identify phishing emails

HackNotice has added continuous phishing capability that educates employees about phishing and social engineering attacks while helping businesses to achieve cybersecurity compliance. HackNotice’s phishing helps people understand and recognize.....»»

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Energy crisis prompts German industry to reflect on decoupling

As tension with Russia rises, German suppliers have begun to reflect on autonomy and the the potential repercussions of decoupling from China. The German commerce media Markt und Mittestand reported that German economists and industry representatives.....»»

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SEC fines Kim Kardashian, warns people about buying crypto touted by celebrities

Kardashian touted EthereumMax on Instagram without revealing she was paid $250,000. Enlarge / Kim Kardashian arrives to ABC's "Good Morning America" on September 20, 2022, in New York City. (credit: Getty Images | James Devaney ).....»»

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SCOTUS weighs first case testing Big Tech liability for recommending content

Section 230 to face its first Supreme Court challenge. Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto) A key protection shielding social media companies from liability for hosting third-party content—Section 230 of the C.....»»

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Researchers propose ectomycorrhizal fungi"s role be integrated into carbon accounting

A new study led by the University of Helsinki provides evidence that the observed decline of carbon use efficiency and net ecosystem exchange from south to north in the boreal forest may be caused by the abundance of ectomycorrhizal fungi......»»

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Reducing molten salt"s corrosive effect

Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists recently demonstrated a low-temperature, safe route to purifying molten chloride salts that minimizes their ability to corrode metals. This method could make the salts useful for storing energy generated from.....»»

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Study shows how math, science identity in students affects college, career outcomes

If you ask someone if they are a math or science person, they may quickly tell you yes or no. It turns out that how people answer that question in ninth grade and even earlier not only can tell you what subjects they prefer in school, but how likely.....»»

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Rainy days on track to double in the Arctic by 2100

Today, more snow than rain falls in the Arctic, but this is expected to reverse by the end of the century. A new study shows the frequency of rainy days in the Arctic could roughly double by 2100......»»

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Study links changes in length of day with climate prediction

Scientists have made a key breakthrough in the quest to accurately predict fluctuations in the rotation of the Earth and so the length of the day—potentially opening up new predictions for the effects of climate change......»»

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Nobel shines light on paleogenetics, study of ancient DNA

While some may have been surprised that the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to a paleogeneticist Monday, researchers say understanding our distant ancestors helps explain modern human health—even when it comes to COVID......»»

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Scientists discover dual-function messenger RNA

For the very first time, a study led by Julian Chen and his group in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Institute's Center for the Mechanism of Evolution, has discovered an unprecedented pathway producing telome.....»»

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Study suggests La Niña winters could keep on coming

Forecasters are predicting a "three-peat La Niña" this year. This will be the third winter in a row that the Pacific Ocean has been in a La Niña cycle, something that's happened only twice before in records going back to 1950......»»

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Listeners may adapt to speaker-specific acoustics, study shows

Phonetic convergence, or phonetic imitation, is a form of speech production in which a talker's speech becomes similar to that of the person with whom they are speaking. In a recent article published in the journal Speech Communication, researchers s.....»»

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Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife "hotspots"

New research has mapped how infectious diseases spread among wildlife populations in areas where humans and wildlife live in close proximity. The study has identified the animals, specifically wild monkeys that live in large groups alongside human se.....»»

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Biologists identify broad coral disease resistance traits

A new study in Science Advances led by researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington provides a novel framework for identifying broad coral disease resistance traits and examines the fundamental processes behind species survival......»»

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