Don"t be too quick to blame social media for America"s polarization. Cable news has a bigger effect, study finds

The past two election cycles have seen an explosion of attention given to "echo chambers," or communities where a narrow set of views makes people less likely to challenge their own opinions. Much of this concern has focused on the rise of social med.....»»

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Week in review: Chrome zero-day is actually in libwebp, Sony hacking rumours

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: How global enterprises navigate the complex world of data privacy In this Help Net Security interview, Evelyn de Souza, Head of Privacy Compliance,.....»»

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Toyota is remaking its EV factories in 6 radical steps

Toyota is radically rebooting its famed manufacturing system for its next generation of Tesla-fighting electric vehicles, due in 2026. Automotive News synthesizes days of company briefings and demonstrations to deliver a step-by-step picture of the p.....»»

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Hubble investigates the gorgeous remnants of a supernova

Scientists are using data from Hubble data of the famous Cygnus Loop supernova remnant to study how these remnants change over time......»»

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A Veritable Flood Of Art To Inspire Is Coming To Bay Area Maker Faire

Maker Faire is always a magical fountain of inspiration. Every one I go to, I come home with a list of things I want to build, and dreams of projects much bigger than my skillset can provide. Part of that is because the team puts so much effort into.....»»

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Mysterious antimatter observed falling down for first time

For the first time, scientists have observed antimatter particles—the mysterious twins of the visible matter all around us—falling downwards due to the effect of gravity, Europe's physics lab CERN announced on Wednesday......»»

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Earthworms contribute to 6.5% of world grain production: study

Most gardeners know that earthworms help keep soils healthy, now scientists have assessed just how important their underground activities are to global food production—and how to protect them......»»

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Instagram being blamed for iPhone 15 overheating issues

Hot takes on social media about Apple's iPhone 15 overheating problem are starting to point fingers at Instagram for causing the issue.The launch of the iPhone 15 range has been marred by claims the smartphone is overheating when under load, such as.....»»

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Saturday Citations: Volcano vs. asteroid; NASA"s supernova time lapse; immortal chemicals

This week, we're highlighting a study involving toxic chemical contaminants, and just for fun, a second study involving other toxic chemical contaminants. But NASA made a cool time-lapse video using the good old Hubble space telescope, and a group of.....»»

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Timing plant evolution with a fast-ticking epigenetic clock

Recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics, the study of inheritance of traits that occur without changing the DNA sequence, have shown that chronological age in mammals correlates with epigenetic changes that accumulate during the lifetime of an.....»»

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Endangered red wolf can make it in the wild, but not without "significant" help, study says

The endangered red wolf can survive in the wild, but only with "significant additional management intervention," according to a long-awaited population viability analysis released Friday......»»

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Apple bringing subscription audio content from top apps to Podcasts in October

Apple Music Radio isn’t the only new game in town for Apple’s Podcasts app in iOS 17. The crossover feature also brings in spoken word news and magazine articles for Apple News+ subscribers. Beyond Apple, more than a dozen apps from the App Store.....»»

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SCOTUS to decide if Florida and Texas social media laws violate 1st Amendment

SCOTUS will likely rule on the high-stakes social media cases in 2024. Enlarge (credit: Pitiphothivichit | iStock / Getty Images Plus) On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to decide if two laws crafted by Republicans in F.....»»

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Fisker gears up for 300 Ocean EV deliveries a day

After making 5,000 crossovers, Fisker is adding staff and locations in the U.S. and Europe. Bank of America sees the Ocean as a strong product but worries about Tesla's aggressive EV pricing......»»

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New UK report shows voters prioritize respect

Authored by Professor Marc Stears (UCL Political Science) and Luke Tryl, Director of More in Common, The Respect Agenda finds that much of the public feel their concerns are overlooked. Many are frustrated by how those in power seem indifferent to wo.....»»

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Do you criticize or celebrate your colleagues? It may depend on your social position

Online technology is fundamentally reshaping employee evaluations. In the last decade or so, companies such as IBM, Amazon, and General Electric have adopted performance feedback apps that allow employees to "review" one another in real time. These a.....»»

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Genome study reveals 30 years of Darwin"s finch evolution

An international team of researchers has released a study on contemporary evolutionary change in natural populations. Their study uses one of the largest genomic datasets ever produced for animals in their natural environment, comprising nearly 4,000.....»»

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Study shows bacteria in the soil can defy periods of drought

While many bacteria become inactive during dry spells, specific groups persist and even thrive. A new study, published in Nature Communications and conducted by the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) at the University.....»»

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Australia may swelter, but researchers predict blue whales will get some relief

While Australia is forecast to swelter under El Niño climate conditions this year, Charles Darwin University (CDU) researchers say it's good news for blue whales after they suffered through three consecutive years of difficult La Niña conditions......»»

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Explosion in fish biodiversity due to genetic recycling, study shows

Scientists show that the extraordinary diversity of cichlid fish in Africa's Lake Victoria was made possible by "genetic recycling"—repeated cycles of new species appearing and rapidly adapting to different roles in the ecosystem. An evolutionary c.....»»

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Best Sling TV deals: all the latest offers for October 2023

Sling TV is a great way to replace your cable subscription with an online live TV streaming service. Here are the best ways to save money on a new plan......»»

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