Dog-like Spot robot gets a gig to scare wildlife

An international airport is deploying a dog-like robot to scare birds and other wildlife from encroaching the runway......»»

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"Fallout" finale gives a major clue to the setting of Season 2

The Prime Video 'Fallout' finale gives a major clue to the setting of Season 2: New Vegas. If you've made it through the murderous Mister Handy robot butlers, mutant marine creatures, and major truth bombs of Prime Video's Fallout series, chanc.....»»

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We can"t eradicate deadly cane toads—but there"s a way to stop them killing wildlife

Australia can claim more than its fair share of environmental blunders, but the introduction of cane toads in 1935 surely ranks as one of the worst......»»

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Pet flea and tick treatments contain pesticides that end up washing into the environment

Responsible owners of the UK's 22 million cats and dogs may well have followed advice from many vets to treat pets with a monthly preventative "spot on" flea and tick treatment. However, these treatments are polluting our rivers and could pose a heal.....»»

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Preorder Samsung’s new AI-powered robot vacuum and save $300

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum and mop, which uses AI for hassle-free cleaning, is available for preorder from Samsung with a $300 discount......»»

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Wildlife officials confirm a second Colorado livestock wolf kill, this time in Jackson County

A wolf killed a calf over the weekend in Jackson County, the second time in less than a week that the death of livestock in Colorado has been attributed to a wolf, wildlife officials confirmed......»»

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AI in Robotics Statistics 2024 By Industry, Robot Type And Market Size

Introduction AI in Robotics Statistics: We have already known […] Introduction AI in Robotics Statistics: We have already known about robotics technology in the last few decades, but recently introduced artificial intelligence is maki.....»»

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Fining big polluters can reduce environmental damage, but only if the fines match the crimes

Some of Canada's biggest employers have a poor track record of abiding by environmental laws. When laws are broken corporate leaders don't go to prison; instead, the company is fined. But the fines are rarely severe enough to scare them into changing.....»»

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Coastal wetlands can"t keep pace with sea-level rise, and infrastructure is leaving them nowhere to go

Wetlands have flourished along the world's coastlines for thousands of years, playing valuable roles in the lives of people and wildlife. They protect the land from storm surge, stop seawater from contaminating drinking water supplies, and create hab.....»»

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Lots of new robovacs, bright LifX bulbs, & Mophie Qi2 car charger on HomeKit Insider

On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, new robot vacuum cleaners come to market, hands on with a Qi2 charger, bright smart bulbs, and more!HomeKit Insider PodcastLeading off this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, LifX has introduced tw.....»»

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When to Expect the Next Version of macOS Ventura

If you own a Mac that’s running macOS Ventura, and you’re wondering when Apple will release the next update, you’re in the right spot. In March, Apple pushed two new versions of macOS Ventura. macOS Ventura 13.6.5 arrived on March 7.....»»

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Sony WH-1000XM6: the design and features we want Sony’s next headphones to deliver

Sony dropped the WH-1000XM5 in 2022, which means the XM6 is probably around the corner. Here's what we think Sony needs to keep its top spot......»»

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Samsung takes back #1 spot in global smartphone shipments from Apple, at least for now

Samsung has been the top player in the global smartphone market for a while but, recently, the company briefly lost its crown to Apple. Now, though, it seems like things are back in Samsung’s favor. more….....»»

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Touchibo, a robot that fosters inclusion in education through touch

A team of researchers from the University of Lisbon and Cornell University has presented a touch-based robot that is capable of fostering inclusion in schools, giving equal opportunities to children with and without visual impairment to participate i.....»»

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How to spot AI-generated images: 5 tips you should know in 2024

Here are the best 5 tips to spot AI-generated images in 2024. Check these out and prevent yourself from falling prey to fake images. The post How to spot AI-generated images: 5 tips you should know in 2024 appeared first on Phandroid. “W.....»»

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Samsung overtakes Apple to become world"s leading smartphone vendor

It's less a case of popularity, and more about release cycles, but Samsung is again the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world.Apple's iPhone 15 Pro (left) and Samsung's Galaxy S24Apple took the global top spot for smartphone sales inSeptemb.....»»

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Apple Robots, Apple anniversaries, plus Spatial Video pros & cons, on the AppleInsider Podcast

On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss the new Apple Robot rumors, reminisce about Apple's founding and the 14th anniversary of the iPad, and so much more!Mockup of a future Apple robot with the original 1984 Mac's "He.....»»

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A robot hopper to explore the moon"s dangerous terrain

Intuitive Machines recently had a major breakthrough, successfully becoming the first non-governmental entity to land on the moon in February. At least the landing was partially successful—the company's Odysseus lander ended up on its side, though.....»»

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Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo vs. Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni: what’s new on the X2 Combo?

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo offers both a robot vacuum and cordless vacuum in one nifty package, but how does it stack up to the older Deebot X2 Omni?.....»»

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Apple home robots, Spatial Personas on Vision Pro, iOS 17.5 beta

Benjamin and Chance discuss the bizarre idea that Apple is interested in making a humanoid robot to help with household chores, as its “next big thing”. Also, Apple launches the first ever sports ‘film’ shot in Immersive Video, and releases S.....»»

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Will Apple’s personal robot investment pay off or end just like its car? [Poll]

We learned this week that Apple is pointing some attention at personal robotics following the shutdown of its Apple Car efforts. It’s early for the skunkworks robotics project but what’s your gut reaction, could the investment pay off? Or is it m.....»»

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