Decryptor for Rhysida ransomware is available!

Files encrypted by Rhysida ransomware can be successfully decrypted, due to a implementation vulnerability discovered by Korean researchers and leveraged to create a decryptor. Rhysida and its ransomware Rhysida is a relatively new ransomware-as-a-se.....»»

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LockBit ransomware group taken down in multinational operation

Thousands of domains and servers seized from group responsible for thousands of attacks. Enlarge (credit: Rob Engelaar | Getty Images) Law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the UK’s National Crime Agency have.....»»

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Cyberint Ransomania empowers organizations to proactively defend against ransomware attacks

Cyberint is unveiling its latest contribution to the infosec community: Ransomania. This free-to-use web application gives users access to a complete repository of ransomware data gathered by the Cyberint Research Team, empowering organizations to co.....»»

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Decryptor for Rhysida ransomware is available!

Files encrypted by Rhysida ransomware can be successfully decrypted, due to a implementation vulnerability discovered by Korean researchers and leveraged to create a decryptor. Rhysida and its ransomware Rhysida is a relatively new ransomware-as-a-se.....»»

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Ransomware tactics evolve, become scrappier

As we enter 2024, ransomware remains the most significant cyberthreat facing businesses, according to Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes reveals that the United States accounted for almost half of all ransomware attacks in 2023. “Small and medium-sized org.....»»

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Security Bite: Ransomware payments hit record $1.1 billion in 2023 despite previous year’s decline

It was a landmark year for ransomware in 2023 and a well-publicized one following the MOVEit and MGM Resorts beaches that shook the security industry. Not only did threat actors collectively pocket a record-breaking $1.1 billion from victims, but a n.....»»

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Hyundai Europe confirms it was hit by a major ransomware attack

January 2024 IT outage turns out to be a ransomware attack, after all, as Hyundai confirms losing data to Black Basta......»»

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Demystifying SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

Threat actors aren’t looking for companies of specific sizes or industries, they are looking for opportunities. Given that many companies operate in the dark and overlook breaches until ransomware attacks occur, this makes the threat actors’ job.....»»

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Report: Mac security threats on the rise, here’s what to watch out for

Malwarebytes has released its latest report digging into the state of malware to start 2024. The findings include which countries see the most ransomware attacks, the evolution of malware over the last year, how Mac threats are growing, which Mac th.....»»

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Secureworks Threat Score reduces alert noise and time to respond

Secureworks launched AI-powered Threat Score to silence alert noise and reduce security analyst workload by over 50%. With ransomware dwell times falling, security analysts are under more pressure than ever to make the right decisions about which ale.....»»

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Ransomware payments are falling fast as victims refuse to pay

Even those that are paying, are parting with smaller sums as hackers turn to SMBs for ransomware scams......»»

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What makes ransomware victims less likely to pay up?

There’s a good reason why ransomware gangs started exfiltrating victims’ data instead of just encrypting it: those organizations pay more. University of Twente researcher Tom Meurs and his colleagues wanted to know which factors influence.....»»

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AI will increase the number and impact of cyberattacks, intel officers say

Ransomware is likely to be the biggest beneficiary in the next 2 years, UK's GCHQ says. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Threats from malicious cyberactivity are likely to increase as nation-states, financially motivated c.....»»

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Ransomware gang claims it stole data from Subway. Yes, the sandwich chain.

Subway is the latest alleged victim of Lockbit, a notorious ransomware group. Subway, the sandwich fast food franchise, may be the latest victim of Lockbit, one of the world's most notorious ransomware groups.According to The Register and Cyber.....»»

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Trello data breach of 15M accounts; Loan Depot 16M customers

A reported Trello data breach has seen the personal details of more than 15 million users put up for sale on the dark web. A separate Loan Depot ransomware attack resulted in more than 16 million customer accounts compromised, taking a number of t.....»»

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2024 brings new risks, with cyber incidents in the spotlight

Cyber incidents such as ransomware attacks, data breaches, and IT disruptions are the biggest worry for companies globally in 2024, according to Allianz. The closely interlinked peril of business interruption ranks second. Natural catastrophes (up fr.....»»

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Tietoevry ransomware attack halts Swedish organizations

Finnish IT software and service company Tietoevry has suffered a ransomware attack that affected several customers of one of its datacenters in Sweden. The attack The ransomware attack took place during the night of January 19-20. “The attack w.....»»

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Poorly secured PostgreSQL, MySQL servers targeted by ransomware bot

Users exposing poorly secured PostgreSQL and MySQL servers online are in danger of getting their databases wiped by a ransomware bot, Border0 researchers are warning. The attackers asks for a small sum to return / not publish the data, but those who.....»»

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Ransomware negotiation: When cybersecurity meets crisis management

In this Help Net Security interview, Tim Morris, Chief Security Advisor at Tanium, discusses ransomware negotiation, how it typically unfolds, and how organizations should have a playbook that clearly outlines what to do, when to do it, who is notifi.....»»

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Lush confirms it was hit by a cyberattack - but it isn"t saying much else

The company isn't sharing any details just yet, but some reports are speculating it suffered a ransomware attack......»»

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Trellix XDR Platform for RDR strengthens operational resilience

Trellix announced Trellix XDR Platform for Ransomware Detection and Response (RDR), available immediately worldwide. Trellix XDR Platform for RDR provides visibility across an organization’s entire security ecosystem and delivers critical coverage.....»»

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