Death and grief in Swedish children"s books

Death is blue, or a flying animal. This is how death is most commonly illustrated in Swedish children's literature, according to a new study from Uppsala University based on analyses of 62 books. Just 6 out of 10 books use the word "dead," which may.....»»

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How Does Phone Tracking Help Parents Save Their Kids?

Parents look after the wellbeing of their children in the real world proactively. However, they must be as vigilant when looking after their kids’ wellbeing in the digital world. The online space may seem normal to you, but if you look closely,.....»»

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The urban-rural death divide is getting alarmingly wider for working-age Americans

The cause is unclear, but poverty and worsening health care access are likely factors. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Spencer Platt) In the 1960s and 1970s, people who lived in rural America fared a little better than their ur.....»»

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US announces tough tap water standards for "forever chemicals"

US President Joe Biden's administration on Wednesday announced the first nationwide tap water standards to protect the public from toxic "forever chemicals" linked to serious health harms ranging from cancers to developmental damage in children......»»

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9 out of 10 kids are not developmentally on track in literacy and numeracy—study of 8 African countries

Children develop an enormous amount during their early years—socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively. What happens between the ages of 0 and 8 years can predict important long-term outcomes: for example, how a child will fare at school; w.....»»

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"Make Sweden Great Again"—the far right found each other on Twitter during the Swedish election

Media researcher Jessica Robinson has looked at the topics that trended on Twitter—now X—during the 2020 US presidential election and the Swedish parliamentary election in 2018. In her research, she has analyzed around 500 million tweets......»»

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COVID-19 school and daycare closures left working mothers physically and mentally exhausted, study shows

Home-schooling and caring for children during the COVID-19 school and daycare closures left many working mothers physically and mentally exhausted and with little or no time to switch off, a new study shows......»»

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Children of the Sun review: unnerving shooter is the feel-bad game of the year

Children of the Sun turns sniping into a tactical puzzle game that'll leave you sickly satisfied......»»

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Tesla settles Autopilot wrongful death suit, avoiding court trial

Tesla has filed to keep the settlement terms sealed. Enlarge / A photograph from the NTSB report into the crash. (credit: NTSB) Yesterday, trial was due to begin in the case of Huang v. Tesla, a wrongful death lawsuit b.....»»

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Wildlife officials confirm a second Colorado livestock wolf kill, this time in Jackson County

A wolf killed a calf over the weekend in Jackson County, the second time in less than a week that the death of livestock in Colorado has been attributed to a wolf, wildlife officials confirmed......»»

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Tesla reaches settlement in autopilot death case of Apple engineer

Tesla was prepared to contest claims of wrongful death related to its Autopilot system in court but has chosen to settle the case instead.Tesla agrees to pay settlement in tragic autopilot crashIn a surprising turn, Tesla has opted for a settlement w.....»»

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Moments of totality: How Ars experienced the eclipse

The 2024 total eclipse is in the books. Here's how it looked across the US. Enlarge / Baily's Beads are visible in this shot taken by Stephen Clark in Athens, Texas. (credit: Stephen Clark) "And God said, Let there be li.....»»

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Kids and "bad" news: How can parents safely introduce their children to news and current affairs?

While much attention has been drawn to the detrimental impact of violent video games on children's developing brains, there has been relatively little discussion regarding the negative effects of news and current affair programs children are exposed.....»»

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Wrongful death trial for Apple engineer killed in Tesla gets underway

Plaintiffs allege wrongful death, but Tesla says the driver was playing on his phone. Enlarge / Walter Huang's Model X in a tow yard days after his fatal crash. (credit: NTSB) Tesla and its controversial Autopilot driver.....»»

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Taylor Swift teases ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ with Apple Music exclusive heartbreak playlists

Taylor Swift has debuted five curated playlists on Apple Music, dubbed covering each of the five stages of grief and heartbreak. The new playlists are exclusively available on Apple Music, and they come ahead of the release of Swift’s new The Tortu.....»»

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Touchibo, a robot that fosters inclusion in education through touch

A team of researchers from the University of Lisbon and Cornell University has presented a touch-based robot that is capable of fostering inclusion in schools, giving equal opportunities to children with and without visual impairment to participate i.....»»

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Youth grapple with interpreting the unspoken for their immigrant families

UC Merced researchers are shedding light on a little-explored aspect of cross-cultural communication that involves no spoken words but sometimes can cause confusion and anguish for children acting as interpreters for older family members......»»

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How Taiwan managed to keep its death toll so low during the 7.4-magnitude earthquake

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake has rocked the east coast of Taiwan—the largest the island nation has seen in more than 25 years......»»

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Britain began industrializing in the 17th century—more than 100 years earlier than history books claim

Britain was already well on its way to an industrialized economy under the reign of the Stuarts in the 17th century—over 100 years before textbooks mark the start of the Industrial Revolution—according to the most detailed occupational history of.....»»

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Tesla wants Apple"s help to beat Autopilot death lawsuit

Tesla wants Apple to testify in an upcoming wrongful death lawsuit over its Autopilot feature, by proving the Apple engineer behind the wheel was playing games instead of paying attention.A TeslaTesla faces a trial on April 8 over a fatal crash from.....»»

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Children born of rape: The devastating legacy of sexual violence in post-genocide Rwanda

Trigger warning: this article contains accounts of sexual violence......»»

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