Cycode’s new software supply chain features identify vulnerabilities in all phases of the SDLC

Cycode has launched its software composition analysis (SCA) solution and the expansion of its platform to add static application security testing (SAST) and container scanning. Cycode’s platform makes AppSec tools better through its Knowledge Graph.....»»

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India iPhone exports expected to double to $2.5B by March 2023

Apple's iPhone production in India is continuing to expand, and India factories are expected to double annual shipments to $2.5 billion.Apple is keen to spread its manufacturing efforts outside of China, in order to reduce risk caused by supply chain.....»»

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China carmakers request 15-20% price cuts for chips in sufficient supply

With automotive chip shortages gradually abating, Chinese automakers reportedly have asked suppliers to cut prices by 15-20% on those chips not in short supply, looking to reduce production costs, according to industry sources. This is a sharp contra.....»»

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Stellantis CEO Tavares: Chip crunch to continue through 2023

The semiconductor supply situation will remain "very complicated" and begin to ease only toward the end of 2023, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares told a French newspaper......»»

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AUO creates circular economy benefits of nearly NT$8 billion in 2021

LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO), in response to the United Nations SDG 12, has been boosting circular economy in products, manufacturing and supply chain, and has created circular economy benefits estimated at NT$7.99 billion (US$276 million) in 2.....»»

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Tesla builds Dojo supercomputer with in-house chips

While Tesla's full self-driving features have yet to overcome some technical hurdles and regulatory restrictions, its AI team has demonstrated impressive work at Tesla's AI Day 2022......»»

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PSA: iOS 16 has a limit to how many custom lock screens users can create

One of the key features of iOS 16 is the new, customizable iPhone lock screen. It lets users create multiple sets with different wallpapers, font settings, and even widgets. However, despite having multiple customization options, the latest version.....»»

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MS Exchange zero-days: The calm before the storm?

CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082, the two exploited MS Exchange zero-days that still have no official fix, have been added to CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog. But mitigating the risk of exploitation until patches are ready.....»»

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HackNotice’s phishing capability empowers users to identify phishing emails

HackNotice has added continuous phishing capability that educates employees about phishing and social engineering attacks while helping businesses to achieve cybersecurity compliance. HackNotice’s phishing helps people understand and recognize.....»»

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HTTP request smuggling vulnerability in Node.js (CVE-2022-35256)

In this Help Net Security video, Austin Jones, Principal Software Engineer at ThreatX, explains what HTTP request smuggling is, and discusses a recently uncovered HTTP request smuggling vulnerability in Node.js (CVE-2022-35256). This vulnerability al.....»»

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Biologists identify broad coral disease resistance traits

A new study in Science Advances led by researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington provides a novel framework for identifying broad coral disease resistance traits and examines the fundamental processes behind species survival......»»

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Apple Music celebrates 100 million songs

Apple has announced that Apple Music now features more than 100 million songs, and says 20,000 are being added by artists every day.Apple Music launched in 2015, but Apple says its celebration of 100 million songs on the service is also about how the.....»»

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Taiwanese IC designers strive to seize future trends

The supply chain has changed as competition between the US and China intensifies, but the Taiwan-based IC design industry has not been directly affected. At the start of the US-China technology war, Taiwanese IC designers enjoyed a wave of business o.....»»

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European automakers step up software replacements

European automakers have seen a rising wave of vehicle software replacement, and they are aggressively looking for experts who can improve their software capabilities in the short term......»»

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To enhance supply chain resilience, Taiwan makers can go two ways, says Getac Holdings CEO

With the recent severe shake-ups of the industry, enhancing supply chain resilience has become a focus for many. For Taiwanese makers, there are currently two ways to go; either go south or go east to the US, according to Getac Holdings CEO James Hwa.....»»

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Short chains, localized production trending: Q&A with Foxconn chairman Young-way Liu

Once short chains become the market norm, industry players will have to invest in setting up local supply chains worldwide. However, how to manage different operating units in different parts of the world will become a major challenge to their busine.....»»

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AmCham: Time is now to recognize an indispensable partnership through a US-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement

After US House of Representative speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit, Taiwan has been under intense military threats from China. Its critical role in the global semiconductor supply chain amid its vulnerability in the geopolitical crisis has been regarded a.....»»

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Asian automotive CIS, MCU vendors set to raise quotes on foundry cost increases

Asia's first-tier suppliers of car-use CMOS image sensors (CIS) and microcontroller units (MCU) have shown a relatively clear attitude that they would hike quotes to fully reflect possible foundry cost increases, according to supply chain sources......»»

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Tesla deliveries miss estimates, slowed by logistic snarls

Tesla's worldwide deliveries missed forecasts in the third quarter and the company warned of challenges in getting its cars to customers, suggesting that supply-chain snarls remain a blight......»»

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Craig Federighi, Alan Dye talk about Dynamic Island"s creation

Dynamic Island's creation came from thinking about a smaller TrueDepth camera array for the iPhone 14 Pro, an interview with SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi and VP of human interface design Alan Dye claims.The Dynamic Island of the iPhone.....»»

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Thai-Tang: From the Mustang to the C-suite

His nearly 35-year career with the automaker included the development of many high-profile vehicles and culminated in his role untangling multiple supply chain crises......»»

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