COVID-19 creates dire US shortage of teachers, school staff

One desperate California school district is sending flyers home in students' lunchboxes, telling parents it's "now hiring." Elsewhere, principals are filling in as crossing guards, teachers are being offered signing bonuses and schools are moving bac.....»»

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Facebook is having a tougher time managing vaccine misinformation than it is letting on, leaks suggest

In public, Facebook has touted the resources it has dedicated to tackling Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation, even scolding US President Joe Biden for his harsh criticism of the company's handling of the issue. In doing so, it claimed that "more tha.....»»

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Surprising Conflicts and Collaborations Built the Coronavirus Vaccines

A new book reveals how quiet scientists, big drug companies and the Trump administration raced to meet the COVID threat—and why kids are just now being considered for shots -- Read more on»»

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Chip-based quantum microcomb creates entanglement between optical fields

Researchers have developed a tiny optical frequency comb, or microcomb, that uses two-mode squeezing to create unconditional entanglement between continuous optical fields. The miniature chip-based device lays the groundwork for mass production of de.....»»

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Addressing the impact of COVID on firearm-related abuse and its impact on public safety

Kellie Lynch, associate professor in the UTSA Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is addressing the critical link between the COVID-19 pandemic and firearm-related abuse and the need for safety planning......»»

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Add a retro touch to Windows with Open Shell

Open Shell is a collection of classic features from Windows 95 you can apply to modern versions of Windows. A customizable Start menu, old school toolbar for Windows Explorer, and more......»»

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Tesla increases base models" prices after record $1.6 billion profit in Q3

Tesla published its Q3 earnings report back on Wednesday, amassing over $13.7 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion in profit, despite the ongoing chip shortage and multiple shipment delays of the restyled Model S and Model X. At the moment, the EV com.....»»

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Pandemic"s effect on scientists may be long lasting, study finds

More than a year-and-a-half after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scientific community is still feeling the effects of the vastly disruptive event—and may for many years to come......»»

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China Locks Down Thousands in North to Contain Growing Outbreak

China locked down a county that has seen the most Covid-19 cases in the nation's latest delta outbreak, as an initial flareup in the northwest quickly spirals into a nationwide surge. From a report: Ejin, a county in China's Inner Mongolia region, as.....»»

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Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit a New High In 2020, Even With Pandemic Lockdowns

Despite a world economy that slowed significantly because of COVID-19, the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached a new record last year, putting the goal of slowing the rise of global temperatures "way off track," according to th.....»»

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The Vaccine Mandate Arrives Soon. Are You Ready?

The U.S. federal government is about to roll out its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Here's what your company should do to be prepared. Continue reading........»»

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GM, Ford Q3 earnings likely to reflect chip shortage"s impact

Investors will be listening carefully to what GM's Mary Barra and Ford's Jim Farley say about how long they can protect profits from the supply-chain storm......»»

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Lambda School"s Job-placement Rate May Be Far Worse Than Advertised

An anonymous reader shares a report: Leaked documents from company all-hands meetings in the summer of 2020 and January and February of this year, led by the school's now former chief operating officer, Molly Graham, who resigned earlier this month,.....»»

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Urban areas across the US are undercounting greenhouse gas emissions

Methane emissions from the distribution and use of natural gas across U.S. cities are 2 to 10 times higher than recent estimates from the Environmental Protect Agency, according to a new study from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering an.....»»

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The underestimated impact of vapor pressure deficit on terrestrial carbon cycle

This study is led by Dr. Bin He (College of Global Change and Earth System Science, Beijing Normal University) and Dr. Wenping Yuan (School of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University). Terrestrial ecosystem, as a major carbon sink, plays an impo.....»»

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Man charged with fraud after spending $57,000 of his Covid loan on a Pokémon card

According to federal prosecutors (via The Telegraph), Vinath Oudomsine, from Dublin, Georgia, applied for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) for his small business, which employed ten other people and had gross revenue of $235,000 over 12 months.....»»

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S-acylation enhances COVID-19 infection

Like many viruses, SARS-CoV-2 relies on lipid modifications carried by host enzymes to organize their membrane structure and coordinate the function of virulence proteins. Scientists at EPFL have discovered the enzymes that transfer fatty acids to on.....»»

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LCD monitors 20-30% short of demand, says Acer

Demand for LCD monitors supporting remote working and learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic remains strong, but the retail market sees a 20-30% shortage in supply, according to Victor Chien, president for Acer's Digital Display Business......»»

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Intel CEO believes the CPU and GPU shortage crisis will last into 2023

According to a recent interview, the Intel CEO believes that the semiconductor shortage plaguing the tech industry will last well beyond 2022 and into the following year as well......»»

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Epic Games Ends Alternate-Friday Vacation Policy, Angering Staff

Epic Games is ending a pandemic-inspired policy of granting every other Friday off, sparking an uproar among staff. From a report: An internal Slack channel was filled with pleas from employees for the game publisher to reconsider. Several people sai.....»»

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Memes About COVID-19 Helped Us Cope With Life in a Pandemic, a New Study Finds

Does a meme a day keep the doctor away? Not quite, but it looks like it might help, according to one recent study. From a report: Researchers with Pennsylvania State University and the University of California Santa Barbara found that memes helped pe.....»»

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