Coldplay beam new song into space in chat with French astronaut

Coldplay gave new meaning to the idea of a single launch, playing new song "Higher Power" for the first time during a video link-up with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet......»»

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Green space around primary schools may improve students" academic performance

Greenery around primary schools may improve students' academic performance, while traffic pollution may be detrimental, our study shows......»»

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A brighter future: How whitening the Wheatbelt could cool the climate

There aren't many things humans have made that are visible from outer space. WA's wheatbelt is one of them—and it could help us fight climate change......»»

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Juice moves into Large Space Simulator

The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer has moved into the "Large Space Simulator" at ESA's test center, ready for grueling environmental tests at a range of temperatures......»»

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The best monitors for designers

The best monitors for designers deliver the best in terms of color accuracy, black uniformity, and color space coverage. But which one is right for you?.....»»

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China ready to launch first crew to new space station

The first crew for China's new space station prepared to blast off this week for the latest step in Beijing's ambitious programme to establish itself as a space power......»»

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The sound of science: Why audio is the next frontier in Mars exploration

For most of human history, space exploration has been carried out with visual technologies like telescopes. Now, astronomers are turning to microphones.....»»

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Google’s unified Gmail interface (and Google Chat) launches for everyone

Gmail's new do-it-all interface is thankfully optional. The new, unified Gmail rolling out to consumers today. In the sidebar, you get buttons for Gmail Inbox, Google Chat chats, Google Chat r.....»»

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Todd Howard is finally ready to share some Starfield details

"300-ish" years from now, the "last space explorers" also explore profound questions. "Into the Starfield" promo video. Over the weekend, Bethesda revealed the first pre-rendered trailer for Starfield, giving us a glimpse of a game that h.....»»

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French Companies Admit Problems at Nuclear Plant in China

Unusual activity at a nuclear power reactor in China has drawn international attention, as two French companies involved in the plant acknowledged problems on Monday but said they could be handled safely. From a report: The companies were responding.....»»

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First-of-its-kind study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed

Solar flares jetting out from the sun and thunderstorms generated on Earth impact the planet's ionosphere in different ways, which have implications for the ability to conduct long range communications......»»

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Glacier Blood? Watermelon Snow? Whatever It"s Called, Snow Shouldn"t Be So Red.

Winter through spring, the French Alps are wrapped in austere white snow. But as spring turns to summer, the stoic slopes start to blush. Parts of the snow take on bright colors: deep red, rusty orange, lemonade pink. Locals call this "sang de glacie.....»»

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Metals from space descend on Boulder, Colorado, at dusk and dawn

Sodium and other metals from space make regular—and irregular—landfall on Earth. Enlarge / Morning sun against the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, business area and campus. (credit: Fred Langer Photography | Getty Images) Every day, the Su.....»»

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Best cheap space heater deals for June 2021

Stay warm in cold spots year round without breaking the bank with these efficient space heaters......»»

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Space station photo attempts to convey satellite’s high speed

Space station astronaut Thomas Pesquet has posted a photo that tries to convey the satellite's high speed as it orbits Earth......»»

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Trip to space with Jeff Bezos sells for $28 mn

A mystery bidder paid $28 million at auction Saturday for a seat alongside Jeff Bezos on board the first crewed spaceflight of the billionaire's company Blue Origin next month......»»

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Oil spill drifts away from Corsica coast

Fears two oil slicks would pollute eastern Corsica's holiday beaches eased Saturday after French officials prepared for the worst and naval boats armed with clean-up equipment arrived off the Mediterranean island......»»

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This beautiful galaxy captured by Hubble defies classification

This week's image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows no less than three galaxies, including one which can't easily be categorized......»»

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Europe to launch renewable wooden satellite made of plywood

A Scandinavian company plans to launch the world's first wooden satellite to bring attention to the use of renewable materials in space......»»

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Healthy ‘space pup’ mice born from sperm stored on International Space Station

Healthy mice have been born from sperm that was freeze-dried and sent to the International Space Station for nearly six years......»»

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NASA is designing a space telescope to protect Earth from asteroid impacts

NASA's Near-Earth Object Surveyor space telescope would use infrared sensors to detect asteroids or comets which threaten the planet......»»

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