Chrome 88 Released, Removing Adobe Flash -- and FTP

Google released Chrome 88 this week — and besides improving its dark mode support, they removed support for both Adobe Flash and FTP. PC World calls it "the end of two eras." The most noteworthy change in this update is what's not included......»»

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Microsoft’s Edge browser gets 41% faster thanks to new Startup Boost feature

Version 89 of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is taking aim at Google Chrome with Startup Boost, which can improve the browser's performance by 41%......»»

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Google speeds up its release cycle for Chrome

Google today announced that its Chrome browser is moving to a faster release cycle by shipping a new milestone every four weeks instead of the current six-week cycle (with a bi-weekly security patch). That’s one way to hasten the singularity, I.....»»

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Microplastics found in 100% of sampled Pennsylvania waterways, study shows

Studies released this week suggest microplastics—tiny polymer fragments—are ubiquitous in local waterways, even finding their way into the guts and digestive tracts of the prized blue crabs that populate the Delaware Bay......»»

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Sea butterflies already struggle in acidifying Southern Ocean

The oceans are becoming more acidic because of the rapid release of carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by anthropogenic (human) activities, such as burning of fossil fuels. So far, the oceans have taken up around 30% of all anthropogenic CO2 released to the.....»»

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Call of Duty patch brings "biggest download day on record"

Download records were broken last week when Call of Duty released a major update, Virgin Media says......»»

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Comcast hides upload speeds deep inside its infuriating ordering system

Comcast upload speeds of 3 to 35Mbps are hidden until last page of checkout. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images) Comcast just released a 2020 Network Performance Data report with stats on how much Internet usage rose during the pand.....»»

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Study: Employment rose among those in free money experiment

After getting $500 per month for two years without rules on how to spend it, 125 people in California paid off debt, got full-time jobs and had "statistically significant improvements" in emotional health, according to a study released Wednesday......»»

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Source of hazardous high-energy particles located in the Sun

The source of potentially hazardous solar particles, released from the Sun at high speed during storms in its outer atmosphere, has been located for the first time by researchers at UCL and George Mason University, Virginia, U.S......»»

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Silicon Valley Stays on Top as Tech Salaries Climb Across U.S.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, AR and VR jobs pay the most When Hired released its annual report on the state of software engineers in 2020, it warned that the steady upward trend in tech salaries couldn’t be counted on to continue, given the.....»»

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First impressions of AppLovin’s IPO filing

Could a bet on AppLovin then, could be viewed as a wager not on its business income growth, but on the strength of consumer app demand? AppLovin released its S-1 filing yesterday, bringing the Palo Alto-based mobile app-focused software co.....»»

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Kioxia sampling 1TB UFS 3.1 embedded flash memory devices

Kioxia has announced sampling of 1TB UFS Version 3.1 embedded flash memory devices......»»

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Hackers Release a New Jailbreak Tool For Almost Every iPhone

An iPhone hacking team has released a new jailbreak tool for almost every iPhone, including the most recent models, by using the same vulnerability that Apple last month said was under active attack by hackers. TechCrunch reports: The Unc0ver team re.....»»

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Division of labor within regenerating liver maintains metabolism, mouse study finds

The liver has a rare superpower among body organs - the ability to regenerate. It also keeps up its metabolic and toxin-removing work while regenerating, thanks to a subset of cells that expand their workload while the rest focus on multiplication, a.....»»

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How the trap-jaw ant got its ultrafast bite

Powerful and deadly, the bite of a trap-jaw ant is renowned throughout the animal kingdom. Unlike normal gripping jaws, which rely on muscles to open and close, the trap-jaw latches itself open, storing energy like a stretched spring. When released,.....»»

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Updated feline life stage guidelines released to the veterinary community

Two of the world's leading veterinary organizations are proud to announce updated recommendations in the 2021 AAHA/AAFP Feline Life Stage Guidelines. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.....»»

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Cleaner air, less soil pollution: Unintended but beneficial side effect of Clean Air Act

Removal of pollutants from the air, or atmospheric deposition, is a natural cleaning mechanism. However, the removed toxic materials don't just disappear on the Earth. China's Soil Pollution Survey released in 2014 shows that 19.4% of the Chinese far.....»»

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How does plastic debris make its way into ocean garbage patches?

Tons of plastic debris get released into the ocean every day, and most of it accumulates within the middle of garbage patches, which tend to float on the oceans' surface in the center of each of their regions. The most infamous one, known as the Grea.....»»

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Request for Inputs: SEBI Consultation Paper on Review of regulatory provisions related to Independent Directors

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has recently released a consultation paper to solicit comments from public on the proposal to review provisions relating to Independent Directors (IDs) on the board of listed companies. IDs play an import.....»»

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Theoretical interpretations of the pulsar timing data recently released by NANOGrav

The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) is a gravitational-wave detector that monitors areas in the vicinity of Earth using a network of pulsars (i.e., clock-like stars). At the end of 2020, the NANOGrav collaborat.....»»

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Insta360 teases a camera so small you can hardly see it

Insta360 has released a video teasing the imminent launch of its latest camera that will apparently be its smallest device yet......»»

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