Battlefield Portal’s classic maps will not be available in standard 2042 modes

Battlefield Portal developer Rob Donovan spoke about some of the upcoming game mode's content and his concerns about XP grinding......»»

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Proposed Federal Standard Would Require Cars To "Prevent or Limit Operation" By Impaired Drivers

On Sunday, a bipartisan group of Senators published draft text of a massive new bipartisan infrastructure bill, proposing more than a trillion dollars in spending and a vast array of far-reaching provisions. But a little-noticed section in the bill c.....»»

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Standard IC supply to stay tight in short term

The supply of standard ICs including LCD driver ICs, MOSFET chips, 4- and 8-bit MCUs, and specialty DRAM chips will remain tight in the short term, as foundries give their supply priorities to high-margin orders amid tight capacity, according to indu.....»»

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How to play All-Rounders in Pokémon Unite: Charizard, Lucario, Garchomp, Machamp

All-Rounders bring a bit of offense and defense to the battlefield. Here are a few tips to master Charizard, Garchomp, Machamp, and Lucario in Pokémon Unite......»»

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YouTube is testing a more affordable "Premium Lite" subscription that only removes ads

YouTube is piloting a more affordable version of its premium subscription service that does away with some of the standard tier’s perks......»»

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Galaxy Watch 4 images leak, revealing the fruits of Samsung-Google collaboration

New live images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has leaked, just a week out from launch, offering us our first glimpse of Samsung's OneUI watch interface......»»

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Best cheap Vitamix blender deals for August 2021

Vitamix sets the standard for high-quality blenders. These are today's best Vitamix blender deals......»»

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All maps and battle arenas in Pokémon Unite: Overviews, wild Pokémon, and more

Pokémon Unite offers several different maps, ranging from small stadiums to massive islands. Here's what you need to know about all Pokémon Unite maps......»»

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Wi-Fi 802.11ac also known as Wi-Fi 5 brought all these improvements, except...

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is the most widely used and was retroactively labelled Wi-Fi 5.....»»

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Pfizer Data Suggest Third Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine "Strongly" Boosts Protection Against Delta Variant

A third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine can "strongly" boost protection against the Delta variant -- beyond the protection afforded by the standard two doses, suggests new data released by Pfizer on Wednesday. From a report: The data pos.....»»

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"Portal meets Halo" shooter Splitgate delayed because too many people want to play it

The "Portal meets Halo" FPS, available in early access on PC since May 2019, launched an open crossplay/cross-gen beta on July 13, allowing PC owners to go up against or play alongside their Sony and Microsoft console counterparts......»»

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Battlefield Portal is a perfect match for the series’ ideology

While other games can and have implemented custom games modes, none could do it like a Battlefield title......»»

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How to play Supporters in Pokémon Unite: Eldegoss, Mr. Mime, and Wigglytuff

Supporter is a tricky class to play in Pokémon Unite. Check out our beginner guide to learn a few tips and tricks that'll help you dominate the battlefield......»»

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New Apex Legends trailer reveals new skins, Arena maps, and more

A new trailer for Apex Legends season 10 showed off new skins, new Arenas maps, changes to World's Edge, and more......»»

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"Missing self" contributes to organ rejection after transplantation

After kidney transplantation, natural killer cells of the recipient become active because they miss 'self' proteins on donor cells. These cells contribute to organ rejection, in addition to traditional modes of rejection involving T cells and antibod.....»»

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Combining two approaches to advance quantum computing

Quantum computers hold the potential to out-perform all conventional computing systems. Two promising physical implementations for the storage and manipulation of quantum information are the electromagnetic modes of superconducting circuits and the s.....»»

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Best cheap gaming chair deals for August 2021: AKRacing, Respawn, and more

Today’s gaming chairs exceed the standard desk chair for comfort and support. Here, we rounded up the best cheap gaming chair deals......»»

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Arm made a bendable 32-bit processor out of "plastic"

In a new paper published in Nature, Arm researchers explain how they ported a standard 32-bit Arm processor design onto a plastic substrate that they say is bendy. It’s more of a proof-of-concept than a working prototype, but it nevertheless demons.....»»

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Amazon Prime is giving away Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V

From now up until August 4, members of Prime Gaming, which is free to Prime subscribers, can grab the PC version of Battlefield 1 for nothing. It's redeemable through Origin via the Origin Store or Origin Client......»»

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EA confirms Dead Space remake on next-gen consoles and PC

On Thursday, EA confirmed that it is working on the rumored remake of beloved survival horror classic Dead Space. The short teaser (below) shows a only a glimpse of game engine footage, but it looks great. Motive Studios heads up development and is r.....»»

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InSight Lander Makes Best-Yet Maps of Martian Depths

The NASA mission used seismic waves from marsquakes to perform a core-to-crust survey of the planet’s subsurface -- Read more on»»

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