Australian citizen scientists hop to it with rabbit virus tracking project

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, is calling on rural and regional Australians to join in the longest-running citizen science survey of rabbit diseases in the world, to help keep the invasive pest in check......»»

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Juice aces Callisto flyby test

Seven years from now, in April 2031, ESA's Juice mission will fly past Jupiter's moon Callisto, offering scientists a tantalizing glimpse at the mysterious, cratered alien world......»»

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Scientists discover first nitrogen-fixing organelle

Modern biology textbooks assert that only bacteria can take nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it into a form that is usable for life. Plants that fix nitrogen, such as legumes, do so by harboring symbiotic bacteria in root nodules. But a recen.....»»

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A molecular moon lander: Insight into molecular motion on surfaces at the nanoscale

For years, scientists have been intrigued by how molecules move across surfaces. The process is critical to numerous applications, including catalysis and the manufacturing of nanoscale devices......»»

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Scientists develop biofortified rice to combat nutrient deficiencies

A team from UNIGE, together with ETH Zurich and NCHU in Taiwan, has developed a rice line that has enhanced vitamin B1 content......»»

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How much of Venus"s atmosphere is coming from volcanoes?

There's a lot we don't know about the planet nearest to us. Venus is shrouded in clouds, making speculation about what's happening on its surface a parlor game for many planetary scientists for decades. But one idea that always seems to come up in th.....»»

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Scientists find blue light makes buildings more deadly to migrating birds

Bird collisions with buildings are nothing new, but a new study by scientists at The University of New Mexico sheds light on a potential cause......»»

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Exclusive: Google Workers Revolt Over $1.2 Billion Contract With Israel

Two Google workers have resigned and another was fired over a project providing AI and cloud services to the Israeli government and military In midtown Manhattan on March 4, Google’s managing director for Israel, Barak Regev,.....»»

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How Does Phone Tracking Help Parents Save Their Kids?

Parents look after the wellbeing of their children in the real world proactively. However, they must be as vigilant when looking after their kids’ wellbeing in the digital world. The online space may seem normal to you, but if you look closely,.....»»

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Scientists explore deep sea around Easter Island, find strange animals

Scientists on a deep ocean research expedition around Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and other seamounts along the Salas y G√≥mez Ridge in the Pacific Ocean spotted as many as 60 new deep sea species. The mountains of the ocean teem with otherworldly.....»»

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Galaxy AI Gets Supports for Three New Languages

Samsung announced this morning that its Galaxy AI now supports three new languages: Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian. While supporting entire languages is already pretty sweet, three new dialects are also soon getting added: Australian English, Canton.....»»

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Scientists find new ways to convert inhibitors into degraders, paving the way for future drug discoveries

Researchers have discovered ways to convert inhibitor-style targeted cancer drugs into small molecules known as degraders, which help destroy cancer-promoting proteins in cells......»»

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Pacific cities found to be much older than previously thought

New evidence of one of the first cities in the Pacific shows they were established much earlier than previously thought, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU)......»»

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Researchers resolve old mystery of how phages disarm pathogenic bacteria

Bacterial infections pose significant challenges to agriculture and medicine, especially as cases of antibiotic-resistant bacteria continue to rise. In response, scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research are elucidating the ways that bacteria-infecti.....»»

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Unraveling the behavior of nanoconfined water and ice in extreme conditions

Understanding water behavior in nanopores is crucial for both science and practical applications. Scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have revealed the remarkable behavior of water and ice under high pressure and temperature, and str.....»»

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Machine learning model sheds new light on muscle development

Life sciences have never been more digital. To learn more about life processes, biologists are collecting massive quantities of data that computer scientists analyze by means of sophisticated computational models that they develop......»»

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New advances promise secure quantum computing at home

The full power of next-generation quantum computing could soon be harnessed by millions of individuals and companies, thanks to a breakthrough by scientists at Oxford University Physics guaranteeing security and privacy. This advance promises to unlo.....»»

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Keys to the genome: Unlocking the package with "pioneer transcription factors"

Scientists at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute have discovered the molecular mechanisms responsible for opening up the human genome and expressing new genes......»»

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Scientists are grasping at straws while trying to protect infant corals from hungry fish

South Florida researchers trying to prevent predatory fish from devouring laboratory-grown coral are grasping at biodegradable straws in an effort to restore what some call the rainforest of the sea......»»

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Scientists create octopus survival guide to minimize impacts of fishing

Octopuses have been around for hundreds of millions of years, but did you know that most only live for a few years, dying soon after mating or laying eggs? Until now that hasn't been a problem, but octopus catches have doubled in recent decades as th.....»»

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Microplastic "hotspots" identified in Long Island Sound

Forensic and environmental experts have teamed up to develop a new scientific method to pinpoint microplastic pollution 'hotspots' in open waters. A study by Staffordshire University, The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, and Central Wyoming College.....»»

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