Are domesticated oysters less prepared for climate change?

Pacific oyster faming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but there are strong concerns about the ability of oyster larvae to develop properly and survive in future ocean acidification scenarios. A recent study from University of Gothenburg shows tha.....»»

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Durability, docility genes solve domestic horse origins mystery

Humans tamed horses some 4,200 years ago in the northern Caucasus region of what is today southwestern Russia, a study said Wednesday, solving the centuries-old mystery of where and when the process began that led to today's domesticated equine popul.....»»

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Ocean acidity data affirms predictions of changes to El Nino conditions

Score one for a key climate change prediction......»»

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Innovative models predict effects of climate change on nor"easters

Argonne-developed high-resolution models predict the effect of climate change on the extratropical storms that bear down on the Northeast in the winter......»»

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Gartner: 8 security trends facing the enterprise

As organizations become less centralized they face new security challenges that require new ways of addressing threats that will change the basic fabric of network security, according to Gartner analysts.A persistent challenge adapting to these ch.....»»

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Facebook is reportedly going to change its name

The Verge writes that Facebook's new name will reflect its focus on creating a metaverse. The company will be rebranded as a parent group overseeing its suite of apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and the current Facebook app—similar to w.....»»

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Why the Physics Nobel Honored Climate Science and Complex Systems

The prestigious award finally recognizes work that helped scientists understand climate change and, more broadly, find order in disorder -- Read more on»»

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Risk of Dangerous Heat Exposure Is Growing Quickly in Cities

Population growth, climate change and the urban heat island effect are combining to put more people at risk -- Read more on»»

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Gut Bacteria Change as You Get Older--and May Accelerate Aging

Microbe types in older people’s intestines are different and are linked to disease -- Read more on»»

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The (Very Slow) Race to Move Forests in Time to Save Them

Trees have always migrated to survive. But now they need help to avoid climate catastrophe......»»

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NASA Is Preparing for the Ravages of Climate Change

The agency knows it needs to adapt to climate-driven events that will increasingly threaten coastal launch sites and other key space infrastructure......»»

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Microplastics May Be Cooling—and Heating—Earth’s Climate

Tiny bits of plastic are swirling in the sky, and a new model suggests they could be subtly affecting the climate......»»

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Research suggests canals can help the UK to cope with the climate emergency

Research published by The University of Manchester and the Canal & River Trust has shown that the presence of canal water can cool urban areas by up to 1.6°C during heatwaves in a 100-meter-wide corridor along the waterway......»»

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Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct—climate change did: study

For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until they vanished for good nearly 4,000 years ago—and scientists have finally proved why......»»

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Origin of domestic horses finally established

Horses were first domesticated in the Pontic-Caspian steppes, northern Caucasus, before conquering the rest of Eurasia within a few centuries. These are the results of a study led by paleogeneticist Ludovic Orlando, CNRS, who headed an international.....»»

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Why we must embrace geoengineering and other technologies to stop the climate crisis

Recent adverse climate events—such as summer wildfires—have given Canadians something to worry about. Despite reports that most countries are not on track to meet their 2030 emissions targets to keep the Earth's warming to within 1.5 C to 2 C, ma.....»»

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Millions of people were evacuated during disasters last year – another rising cost of climate change

As world leaders prepare for the COP26 climate talks next month, it's worth recalling a sobering line from the royal commission's report into the 2019–20 Australian bushfires: "what was unprecedented is now our future.".....»»

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Climate crisis: How states may be held responsible for impact on children

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has determined that a government can, in theory, be held to account for the impact its country's carbon emissions have on its children, both within and outside of its borders. This is in response to a compl.....»»

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Strengthening the climate for sustainable agricultural growth

Today, the 2021 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report), "Strengthening the Climate for Sustainable Agricultural Growth," was released by Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It urges the acceleration of productivity.....»»

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How to make climate action popular

Ambitious action is needed to stop average global temperatures rising above 1.5°C. But some measures to cut fossil fuel use and develop alternative industries have provoked resistance. Wind farms can be a common source of public ire, and so can carb.....»»

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How the new human right to a healthy environment could accelerate New Zealand"s action on climate change

Last week's formal recognition by the United Nations Human Rights Council that the right to a healthy environment is an essential human right has been heralded as a historic victory for environmental protection and an important step forward for the w.....»»

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