A SpaceX Dragon spaceship is carrying lots of fresh fruit to ISS

Besides science gear and hardware, SpaceX's Dragon is also carrying apples, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges, various cheeses, and cherry tomatoes for the crew......»»

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NASA"s OSIRIS-REx Is About to Bring Asteroid Pieces Back to Earth

The OSIRIS-REx probe is carrying rock samples from the asteroid Bennu, millions of miles away. If it works, it will be only the third such retrieval in history......»»

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Everything Microsoft didn’t announce at its 2023 Surface event

Microsoft has just unveiled lots of new products, from Surface laptops to the AI-powered Copilot -- but some products were missing from the lineup......»»

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Your unique body odor could identify who you are and provide insights into your health, all from the touch of a hand

From the aroma of fresh-cut grass to the smell of a loved one, you encounter scents in every part of your life. Not only are you constantly surrounded by odor, you're also producing it. And it is so distinctive that it can be used to tell you apart f.....»»

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New imaging technique detects virus movement in unprecedented detail

Proteins are the workhorses of biological systems, carrying out their work with extraordinary precision and speed. For years, observing proteins in action has been a significant challenge, as imaging methods often lacked sufficient speed and resoluti.....»»

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Scientists design fresh tomatoes suitable for mechanical harvesting

According to a study published in Nature Plants, Chinese scientists have elucidated the mechanism of fruit shape formation in tomatoes and have developed fresh tomatoes for mechanical harvesting......»»

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Sometimes beneficial, sometimes damaging: The double role of the enzyme chameau

Biologists have discovered why an enzyme is important for the survival of fruit flies, even though it can shorten their lives under certain conditions......»»

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South Africa"s smallholder vegetable farmers aren"t getting the finance they need, says researcher

Fresh efforts are being made to increase the share of black ownership in South Africa's agricultural sector. This follows decades of missteps and badly designed interventions that have failed to significantly change the ownership patterns in the sect.....»»

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SpaceX knocks out Space Coast"s 50th launch of the year

A SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral lit up the Space Coast for the 50th time this year while also achieving a milestone for the company......»»

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will kick off a crowded 2024 for RPG lovers

Sega confirmed the release date for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and it's a bit earlier in 2024 than expected......»»

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SpaceX breaks another booster reuse record, but did anyone see it?

SpaceX has continued its trend toward a minimalist broadcast approach. Enlarge / Starlink 6-17 launches from Florida on Tuesday night. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX launched its 67th rocket of the year on Tuesday night, a stag.....»»

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SpaceX sues US attorney general in bid to stop hiring-discrimination case

SpaceX suit claims DOJ's administrative law proceedings are unconstitutional. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | eccolo74) SpaceX has sued US Attorney General Merrick Garland and two other Department of Justice officials in.....»»

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Projects provide fresh insights into what it takes for communities to accept different religious and world views

Ann Trappers harnessed a shock in her native Belgium to help heal social wounds across Europe......»»

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How scientists are mitigating space travel’s risks to the human body

Spending time in space comes with different health hazards. Enlarge / With NASA planning more missions to space in the future, scientists are studying how to mitigate health hazards that come with space flight (credit: SpaceX).....»»

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Samsung’s massive sale on TVs and soundbars ends tonight

If you want to grab an excellent Samsung TV or soundbar, you should act quickly, because Samsung's Discover sale is almost over and there lots of great deals......»»

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Where to get the Narwhal spaceship in Starfield

The Narwhal may not be the prettiest ship in Starfield, but that doesn't matter much if it can beat almost any other in a fight. Here's where you can find it......»»

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UGreen 300W GaN Charger review: Fast-charging with lots of high-power USB-C

The UGreen 300W GaN Charger is a heavy-duty USB-C desktop charger to ensure your entire setup is always charged.Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology seems to be becoming more popular, and new chargers and batteries are making the most of th.....»»

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US TikTok ban still subject of negotiation; app fined for misusing children’s data

Although the previous White House incumbent threatened a US TikTok ban and then quietly dropped it, the idea never quite went away. A new report says that fresh meetings have taken place between Bytedance, the Chinese owner of the app, and US governm.....»»

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Finding fresh approaches for tried-and-true antibiotics

There was a time when Catherine Wakeman thought she might become a physician, but then she had an opportunity to participate in laboratory research during her days as an undergraduate student......»»

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SpaceX gets big hint from FAA on next Starship launch opportunity

The FAA has suggested that a launch license for the second test flight of SpaceX's mighty Starship rocket could be coming as early as next month......»»

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How to reset your iPhone 15 Plus

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. What better way to do that than by resetting your iPhone 15 Plus? We'll walk you through how to do it. The post How to reset your iPhone 15 Plus appeared first on Phandroid. Regardless of whether you&.....»»

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