A model to promote the coordination between environmental protection and agricultural development in Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake, covering 252 km2, located in Yunnan Province, is one of the seven largest freshwater lakes in China. However, over the last three decades, the lake has suffered pollution episodes. In order to solve this problem, the local government has.....»»

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Virtual training may be an effective, cost-efficient option for child educators

Teachers and other child educators can benefit from regular professional development, but in-person training can be expensive. New research found that virtual training can be a budget-friendly alternative—and especially effective for certain groups.....»»

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Secrets of sargassum: Scientists advance knowledge of seaweed causing chaos in the Caribbean and West Africa

Researchers have been working to track and study floating sargassum, a prolific seaweed swamping Caribbean and West African shorelines, and causing environmental and economic harm. The study, "Changes in holopelagic Sargassum spp. biomass composition.....»»

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This Lego Apple Store model needs votes for a slim chance of getting made

A Lego Apple Store has surfaced on Reddit as its creator hopes to get enough votes to make it into an official Lego set — but it probably won't happen.Image credit: Reddit u/legotrumanRedditor legotruman has created a fan-made Lego Apple Store in h.....»»

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Can marketing classes teach sustainability? Four key insights

Young adults have an important role to play in achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Adopted by all UN member nations, the SDGs offer a frame for an ambitious plan to transform our world for the better......»»

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Fish are adapting to weightlessness on the Chinese space station

Four zebrafish are alive and well after nearly a month in space aboard China's Tiangong space station. As part of an experiment testing the development of vertebrates in microgravity, the fish live and swim within a small habitat aboard the station......»»

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iPod Tetris game controlled by scroll wheel found on prototype

An unreleased iPod Tetris game has been found on a prototype of a 3rd-gen model, controlled by the scroll wheel … more….....»»

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Today"s MacBook Pro price war knocks $300 off Apple"s M3 Max 16-inch with 48GB RAM

Apple Authorized Resellers Amazon and B&H Photo are engaged in a price war on the M3 Max MacBook Pro 16-inch, driving the high-end model with a top-of-the-line 40-core GPU and 48GB RAM down to $3,699.Save $300 on a loaded M3 Max MacBook Pro.This load.....»»

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Wow! Walmart just dropped the price of this Apple Watch to $189

The GPS, 40mm model of the Apple Watch SE 2 is down to an affordable $189 from Walmart, but you have to hurry with your purchase as the offer may end soon......»»

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Arkansas angler double snags trophy fish in Greers Ferry Lake

Arkansas angler double snags trophy fish in Greers Ferry Lake.....»»

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3 big ChatGPT developments that have made me lose trust in OpenAI

I thought OpenAI’s GPT-4o demos were incredible, as the new model gives ChatGPT a massive upgrade over competitors. Google demoed similar multimodal assistant features for … The post 3 big ChatGPT developments that have made me lose trust.....»»

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The best iPad Pro cases in 2024

Looking for some protection for your new or even older iPad Pro? Here are some of the best cases you can buy......»»

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Need a case for that expensive iPad Pro? Here are the best cases for protection, style, and more

Apple’s new M4 iPad Pro is the most expensive iPad ever made, so as beautiful as its ultra-thin and light design is, there’s a good chance you don’t want to risk using it case-free. Whether you’re looking for maximum or minimum protection.....»»

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Federal circuit says GM must meet higher standard for design patent protection

The ruling will increase scrutiny on design patents, making it easier for third-party manufacturers to produce spare parts for vehicles, a change that could reduce the cost of repairs......»»

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Researchers reveal how acetylation regulates centromere dynamics, chromosome segregation and mitotic progression

Cell division produces new cells, which underpin life proliferation and development. Mitosis is the shortest and the most dynamic phase of the cell cycle. During mitosis, chromosomes are evenly distributed between the two daughter cells, preserving t.....»»

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Historical signs in the landscape: Investigating the practice of pollarding in Western Norway

In the lush landscapes of Western Norway, pollarded trees bridge the past with modern environmental concerns. In a recent study, researchers investigated what motivates farmers to continue this ancient tree pruning practice......»»

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Study details strategies for successful urban tree planting initiatives

Collaborative research led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst outlines five essential themes to promote equitable and sustainable urban tree planting initiatives (TPIs), which is especially timely given the $1.5 billion for urban and communit.....»»

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3D-MAT, a thermal protection material for the Artemis Generation

The 3-Dimensional Multifunctional Ablative Thermal Protection System (3D-MAT) is a thermal protection material developed as a critical component of Orion, NASA's newest spacecraft built for human deep space missions. It is able to maintain a high lev.....»»

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Epigenetic insights: How hybrid poplar regenerates shoots

Understanding plant regeneration at the molecular level is pivotal for advancements in genetic transformation and genome editing. Previous studies have underscored the importance of DNA methylation in model organisms, yet the specific mechanisms in w.....»»

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Researchers develop organic photoredox catalysts with enhanced stability and recyclability

In recent years, global environmental concerns have prompted a shift toward eco-friendly manufacturing in the field of organic synthetic chemistry. In this regard, research into photoredox catalytic reactions, which use light to initiate redox or red.....»»

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Apple’s next iPad mini could steal this iPad Pro feature

Apple didn't announce a new iPad mini at its Let Loose event earlier this month. But a new model may launch in 2025 or 2026 with an incredible new feature......»»

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