A Magnetic Helmet Shrunk a Deadly Tumor In World-First Test

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Engadget: As part of the latest neurological breakthrough, researchers used a helmet that generates a magnetic field to shrink a deadly tumor by a third. The 53-year-old patient who underwent the treatment ult.....»»

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What could stop the startup boom?

Similar to how certain macroeconomic conditions have provided a long-term boost, a reversal of those conditions could do the opposite. We’ve spent so long staring at record venture capital results around the world from Q2 that it’s near.....»»

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Observing the life cycle of skyrmions in exquisite detail

For the first time, an all-RIKEN team has watched the entire life cycle of tiny magnetic whirlpools, revealing their birth, movement and death. This will be important for informing the development of future low-power memory devices based on these mag.....»»

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Insecticide and climate warming impact stream insect communities

New research highlights the impact of one of the world's most widely used insecticides on stream macroinvertebrate communities in the context of climate change......»»

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Desert-beetle-inspired magnetic demulsifier developed with excellent oil-in-water emulsion separation performance

Prof. Zeng Zhixiang's team at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed a novel magnetic demulsifier with desert beetle-inspired microstructures, realizing high-efficiency.....»»

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Magnon blocking effect and magnonic skin effect shown in antiferromagnetically coupled heterojunction

Spin waves, or magnons, as the elementary excitation of the magnetic system, can transfer spin angular momentum, which provides wide prospects for the Non-volatile, low-energy-consumption, high-speed and small-size microelectronic devices in the post.....»»

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How to block text messages on iOS and Android

A smartphone keeps you in contact with the rest of the world, but not all text messages are desirable. Here's how to block text messages in iOS and Android......»»

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Data from 29,798 clean-ups around the world uncovers some of the worst litter hotspots

Coastal litter is a big environmental problem. But how does this litter differ around the world, and why? In the first global analysis of its kind, we set out to answer those questions using data collected by thousands of citizen scientists......»»

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Volta Trucks raises €37 million to bring electric delivery trucks to the streets of London and Paris

Trucking tends to be associated with highways, but it’s not uncommon to find large delivery vehicles trundling down the tightly packed streets of the world’s most populated cities. According to EV startup Volta Trucks, that’s far from ideal: in.....»»

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A16z in talks to back CoinSwitch Kuber in first India investment

A16z is inching closer to making its first investment in a startup in India, the world’s second largest internet market that has produced over two dozen unicorns this year. The Menlo Park-headquartered firm is in final stages of conversations t.....»»

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Contest winners, health worker orbiting world in SpaceX 1st

The four people on SpaceX's first private flight are fairly ordinary, down-to-Earth types brought together by chance......»»

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Samsung’s new OLED laptop screens could finally kill 60Hz refresh rates for good

While 60Hz has been the standard refresh rate outside the world of PC gaming, Samsung Display's new 90Hz OLED panels could change all that......»»

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Tiger Global-led $100M investment makes Apna India’s fastest unicorn

A 22-month-old startup that is helping millions of blue- and gray-collar workers in India learn new skills and find jobs has become the youngest firm to join the coveted unicorn status in the world’s second-largest internet market. Apna announced o.....»»

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First annual “Data Disruptors Awards” caps Vertica Unify 2021

“Vertica has been powering the world’s data disruptors for a decade, including companies that have created new industries, and have had an impact on the environment, and on the health of humans and animals.” Those were the opening comments by J.....»»

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Valve begins shipping Steam Deck dev kits to developers for game testing

On Tuesday, Valve announced that it has begun shipping Steam Deck dev kits out to developers. Valve says the "engineering verification test builds" are functionally identical to the commercial versions coming at the end of the year......»»

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World-famous sardine migration explained by genomics

Scientists have discovered how the Sardine Run, one of the world's biggest migration events, works......»»

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Gd-doped nanoclusters help imaging of early orthotopic cancer

To realize precise diagnosis of early-stage cancer for effective treatment and better prognosis, high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is indispensable with the help of contrast agents. Iron-oxide-based T2 MR contrast agent (IOCA) is faci.....»»

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Microsoft adds a passwordless option for account access

Liat Ben-Zur, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, said they’re aware of the fact that the world isn’t ready to ditch passwords just yet. As such, Microsoft has tools in place to meet users where they are in their passwordless journey. For ex.....»»

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DNA researchers develop critical shortcut to detect and identify known and emerging pathogens

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a sophisticated new tool that could help provide early warning of rare and unknown viruses in the environment and identify potentially deadly bacterial pathogens which cause sepsis, among other uses......»»

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Xiaomi says its smart glasses could replace your phone

The world’s largest phone maker has lifted the lid on the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The company says they look like regular glasses—if you ignore the camera pointing at you, presumably—and weigh just 51g......»»

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How to Help Your Dog Adapt to a Postpandemic World

As owners head back to offices, pets’ anxiety and frustration may rise -- Read more on»»

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