A gene finding links severe canine juvenile epilepsy to mitochondrial dysfunction

In a study conducted at the University of Helsinki, researchers found a cause for severe epilepsy resulting in death in Parson Russell Terrier puppies at a few months of age. A change in the PITRM1 gene can lead to a dysfunction of mitochondria, the.....»»

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Epilepsy research reveals why sleep increases risk of sudden death

To understand the effect of sleep seizures, researchers monitored the brain and heart activity of people with epilepsy as they slept......»»

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Mental health may play big role in recovery after a heart attack

Young and middle-aged adults who reported severe psychological distress -- such as depression or anxiety -- after suffering a heart attack were more than twice as likely to suffer a second cardiac event within five years compared with those experienc.....»»

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Researchers speed identification of DNA regions that regulate gene expression

Scientists have developed a highly efficient method to address a major challenge in biology -- identifying the genetic 'switches' that regulate gene expression......»»

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COVID-19 vaccine delivery by age may mitigate deaths and severe health impacts

Strategic vaccine delivery is critical to reducing COVID-19 transmission, mortality and long-term health impacts. A new study suggests that prioritizing vaccine delivery to older age groups and the medically vulnerable has the greatest impact in mini.....»»

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New evidence links gut bacteria and neurodegenerative conditions

A new study establishes a link between specific bacteria species and physical manifestations of neurodegenerative diseases......»»

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Gene therapy in Alzheimer"s disease mouse model preserves learning and memory

Researchers have used gene therapy to prevent learning and memory loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, a key step toward eventually testing the approach in humans with the neurodegenerative disease......»»

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New MRI technique can detect early dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier with small vessel disease

Collaborative research between the University of Kentucky (UK) and University of Southern California (USC) suggests that a noninvasive neuroimaging technique may index early-stage blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction associated with small vessel dis.....»»

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One third of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have lung changes after a year

A new study has shown that most patients discharged from hospital after experiencing severe COVID-19 infection appear to return to full health, although up to a third do still have evidence of effects upon the lungs one year on......»»

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International study links brain thinning to psychosis

Subtle differences in the shape of the brain that are present in adolescence are associated with the development of psychosis, according to an international team. The 'sobering' results were made using the largest study to date of brain scans in adol.....»»

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From yeast to hypha: How Candida albicans makes the switch

A protein called Sir2 may facilitate C. albicans' transition from ovoid yeast to thread-like hypha. C. albicans cells that were missing the Sir2 gene were less likely to form true hyphae in lab experiments than cells of the same species that had that.....»»

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Winning gene combination takes all

Researchers have traced the remaining last steps of the biological pathway that gives oats resistance to the deadly crop disease take-all......»»

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The best Android apps (May 2021)

Finding all the best Android apps for your device can be a time-consuming task. We've rounded up our top 100 apps, with something for every occasion......»»

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Surprising sand fly find yields new species of bacteria

Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina Greensboro made a surprising finding while examining areas where sand flies rear their young: a new species of bacteria that is highly attractive to pregnant, or grav.....»»

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How Marketers Can Innovate Without Third-Party Cookies

Most marketers have relied on third-party cookies to fuel their acquisition funnel but now they are are finding better ways to personalize content. Continue reading........»»

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Rooted tree key to understanding bacterial evolution, new study suggests

The findings, published in the journal Science today, demonstrate how integrating vertical descent and horizontal gene transfer can be used to infer the root of the bacterial tree and the nature of the last bacterial common ancestor......»»

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Cells are more resilient to environmental changes than previously thought

Cells are more resilient to environmental perturbations than previously thought, Toronto researchers have found. The finding will enable scientists to translate observations of the effects of drugs or mutations on cells grown in a lab setting as they.....»»

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Bacterial DNA can be read either forwards or backwards: study

Bacteria contain symmetry in their DNA signals that enable them to be read either forwards or backwards, according to new findings at the University of Birmingham which challenge existing knowledge about gene transcription......»»

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Researchers discover novel non-coding RNAs regulating blood vessel formation

Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland have discovered previously unknown non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) involved in regulating the gene expression of vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF), the master regulators of angiogenesis. The study, c.....»»

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Severe vulnerabilities in Dell firmware update driver found and fixed

Dell firmware update driver 2.3 can be exploited to gain kernel-level privilege. Enlarge / At least three companies have reported the dbutil_2_3.sys security problems to Dell over the past two years. (credit: Blogtrepreneur / Flickr) Yesterday.....»»

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How mitochondria make the cut: When and where the powerhouse of the cell divides

Mitochondria either split in half to multiply within the cell, or cut off their ends to get rid of damaged material. That's the take-away message from EPFL biophysicists in their latest research investigating mitochondrial fission. It's a major depar.....»»

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