A ceramic aerogel made with nanocrystals and embedded in a matrix for use in thermal insulation applications

A team of researchers at the Harbin Institute of Technology, in China, working with a colleague in the U.S., has developed a new kind of aerogel for use in flexible thermal insulation material applications. In their paper published in the journal Nat.....»»

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These sensors know when your office is underutilized—and when your grandma takes a fall

Butlr’s thermal sensors track people’s movement through spaces, but without watching you. Knowing where people are in a building at any moment is valuable information, and a variety of technologies now exist to make it easy to turn a ho.....»»

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Mature students in universities face three kinds of barriers. How to address them

Since the onset of the pandemic, many colleges and universities have reported record numbers of applications from mature students— adults who return to school on a part- or full-time basis while maintaining responsibilities like employment, family.....»»

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China-based startups cut striking figures in car-use ICs

China-based startups have played an important role in developing car-use ICs for applications like smart cockpits, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and autonomous driving, but are expected to face large competitive challenge over the next fiv.....»»

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ArmorCode integrates with Traceable AI to improve application security posture for organizations

ArmorCode has integrated with Traceable AI, which will bring its data into the ArmorCode platform and improve Application Security Posture from code to cloud. To move at the speed of business, modern applications are powered by APIs to deliver functi.....»»

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How to mod your M2 MacBook Air for better performance [Video]

The moment people started to get their hands on the M2 MacBook Air, overheating and thermal throttling were big topics of discussion. While the performance of the M2 Air is more than enough for most people using the laptop for general work, the exis.....»»

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One of 5G’s biggest features is a security minefield

There are vulnerabilities in 5G platforms carriers offer to wrangle embedded device data. Enlarge (credit: Anton Petrus | Getty) True 5G wireless data, with its ultrafast speeds and enhanced security protections, has been sl.....»»

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Ultra-thin but tough implantable material could treat spinal cord injury and Parkinson"s disease

Flexible implanted electronics are a step closer toward clinical applications thanks to a recent breakthrough technology developed by a research team from Griffith University and UNSW Sydney......»»

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AWSGoat: Easy to deploy vulnerable AWS infrastructure for pentesters

Compromising an organization’s cloud infrastructure is like sitting on a gold mine for attackers. And sometimes, a simple misconfiguration or a vulnerability in web applications, is all an attacker needs to compromise the entire infrastructure......»»

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Cooling module maker AVC sees promising demand for servers

Despite a slowdown in short-term data center and other server demand, the long-term demand outlook is promising, according to Asia Vital Components (AVC), which specializes in thermal solution products......»»

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Customized fiber generates Bessel beams

An all fiber-based approach to generating special optical beams, called Bessel beams, could open up new applications in imaging, optical trapping and communications......»»

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Open-source Acorn takes a new approach to deploy cloud-native apps on Kubernetes

Packaging and then deploying applications to run in cloud-native environments, with the Kubernetes container orchestration system, can be complex and Acorn aims to solve that. Packaging and then deploying applications to run in cloud-native envir.....»»

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Artificial intelligence (AI) vs. machine learning (ML): Key comparisons

In this article, we discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning and their applications. We also explore some of their key similarities and differences. In this article, we discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning and their applicat.....»»

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Cisco puts app-performance tools in the cloud

Cisco is taking aim at better controlling the performance and development of core applications with a new AppDynamics cloud service and open-source development tools.AppDynamics Cloud is a cloud-native service designed to let enterprises observe a.....»»

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IBM brings hybrid-cloud app services to z/OS mainframes

IBM has introduced a service for its mainframe customers to create a cloud environment for developing and testing applications.Wazi as a Service can be used to create z/OS infrastructure instances for development and testing z/OS application compo.....»»

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Axis adds automation, onboarding features to Atmos ZTNA network access software

Axis is also offering migration tools and a buyback program for those looking to move from legacy ZTNA (zero trust network access) applications......»»

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AMD upgrades the Ryzen Embedded series with Zen 3 and a 10-core model

Two years ago, AMD updated the Ryzen Embedded lineup with the V2000-series based on the Zen 2 architecture and the then-concurrent Ryzen 3000-series. This third generation has shifted to a nomenclature based on the mainstream processors branded the R.....»»

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Thermal module makers extend application to automotive electronics

Heat dissipation module makers TaiSol Electronics, Yen Sun Technology, Auras Technology and Jentech Precision Industrial have extended application of products from consumer electronics to automotive electronic components, according to industry source.....»»

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Businesses are struggling to balance security and end-user experience

Modern organizations are challenged by conflicting demands to secure the enterprise while delivering excellent end-user experience, according to Broadcom Software. This Help Net Security video highlights how increasing reliance on cloud applications.....»»

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Crypto investment risks rising, but virtual technology still worth cultivating, says KPMG executive

The crypto trade bubble may burst, but the technology applications and innovation trends behind it will not, according to KPMG Taiwan's head of advisory Jason Hsieh......»»

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Asustek, Intel jointly unveil 5G AI Ready Platform

Asustek Computer and its affiliate Taiwan Web Service (TWS) have launched a 5G AI Ready Platform in cooperation with Intel and Taiwan Mobile, looking to integrate AI, 5G and edge computing applications and help Taiwan's small and medium-size enterpri.....»»

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