"Shocking" discovery: Electricity from electric eels may transfer genetic material to nearby animals

The electric eel is the biggest power-making creature on Earth. It can release up to 860 volts, which is enough to run a machine. In a recent study, a research group from Nagoya University in Japan found electric eels can release enough electricity t.....»»

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Phinia sees upside of hybrid shift after BorgWarner spinoff

Just a half year into operations as a standalone company, Phinia appears poised to reap the benefits of automakers falling back to hybrids during a bumpy ramp up of electric vehicles......»»

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Seaports found to be hotspots of contagious cancer in mussels

Seaports act as hubs for the global spread of MtrBTN2, a rare contagious cancer affecting mussels. In this disease, cancer cells can be transmitted, like parasites, from one mussel to another nearby......»»

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Essential Data Science Tools and Techniques Empowering Indian Businesses

In the virtual age, data have emerged as the lifeblood of successful enterprise operations. As Indian businesses strive to harness the electricity of data to power decision-making and advantage a competitive facet, the function of statistics science.....»»

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"True Detective: Night Country": What"s with the polar bears?

Let's track the polar bears in HBO's "True Detective: Night Country": What do they mean? Lost called, it wants its polar bear back.One of the many mysteries of True Detective: Night Country is embodied by one of the cutest and deadliest animals.....»»

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Baleen whales evolved a unique larynx to communicate but cannot escape human noise

Baleen whales are the largest animals to have ever roamed our planet and as top predators play a vital role in marine ecosystems. To communicate across vast distances and find each other, baleen whales depend critically on the production of sounds th.....»»

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Electrons become fractions of themselves in graphene, study finds

The electron is the basic unit of electricity, as it carries a single negative charge. This is what we're taught in high school physics, and it is overwhelmingly the case in most materials in nature......»»

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Possible atmospheric destruction of a potentially habitable exoplanet

Astrophysicists studying a popular exoplanet in its star's habitable zone have found that electric currents in the planet's upper atmosphere could create sufficient heating to expand the atmosphere enough that it leaves the planet, likely leaving the.....»»

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New class of "intramolecular bivalent glue" could transform cancer drug discovery

A breakthrough class of molecular glue identified at the University of Dundee could pave the way for a new generation of drugs to target cancers and neurodegenerative diseases......»»

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Antibiotic use on Kenya"s dairy farms is putting consumers and animals at risk

Farmers often use antibiotics to keep their livestock healthy. They're sometimes used as "quick fixes", to avoid more costly management measures like regular disinfection, waste management, routine vaccination or provision of clean drinking water......»»

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Danish grasslands are behaving strangely and researchers don"t know why

Nature slowly begins to change if meadows and grasslands are allowed to grow wild without human interference or grazing animals. Weeds do well with disturbance from cows and sheep that graze and tramp on the soil, for example. However, weeds have a h.....»»

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Unraveling the genetic and environmental influences on trust

Trust, a cornerstone of human interaction, has a significant genetic component, with around 33% of the variation between individuals attributed to our genes, according to new Australian research using data from twins and a meta-analysis of previous s.....»»

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Physicists develop new solar cell design for better efficiency

Physicists at Paderborn University have used complex computer simulations to develop a new design for significantly more efficient solar cells than previously available. A thin layer of organic material, known as tetracene, is responsible for the inc.....»»

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The Transport Companies Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind

Hydrogen-powered planes, more fuel-efficient aircraft designs, and all-electric parcel delivery services are just some of the ways in which the transport sector is looking to decarbonize......»»

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Accelerating the discovery of single-molecule magnets with deep learning

Synthesizing or studying certain materials in a laboratory setting often poses challenges due to safety concerns, impractical experimental conditions, or cost constraints. In response, scientists are increasingly turning to deep learning methods that.....»»

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Unlocking the energetic secrets of collective animal movement: How group behavior reduces energy costs in fish

Many animals, including apex predators, move in groups. We know this collective behavior is fundamental to the animal's ability to move in complex environments, but less is known about what drives the behavior because many factors underlie its evolut.....»»

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Bat "nightclubs" may be the key to solving the next pandemic

Bats carry some of the deadliest zoonotic diseases that can infect both humans and animals, such as Ebola and COVID-19. In a recently-published article in the journal Cell Genomics, a Texas A&M research team has revealed that some species of bats are.....»»

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Research provides genetic insights into Nara"s sacred deer while exploring conservation challenges

In a world where human activities have left an indelible mark on ecosystems, the preservation of species and natural landscapes has become an urgent global concern. Despite such trends, Traditional taboos rooted in religious beliefs have sometimes se.....»»

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Ford slashes price of electric Mustang Mach-E after sales plunge

Ford Motor Co. cut the price of its electric Mustang Mach-E by as much as $8,100 after its sales tumbled 51% in January when the automaker had to stop offering tax incentives on the EV......»»

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Pentera collaborates with SpyCloud to reduce dwell time of compromised credentials

Pentera announced an integration with SpyCloud to automate the discovery and validation of compromised identities. Pentera uses exposure intelligence data to identify exploitable identities and facilitates targeted remediation to proactively reduce r.....»»

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Wireless charging for electric cars is inching closer to reality

Someday soon, plug-in cars may no longer need a plug. Electric car drivers would simply pull into a specialized parking space when it’s time to power up, wait for a light on their dashboard to switch on, and then hop out of the car and go about the.....»»

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