"Regulation by reputation": Rating program can help combat migrant abuse in the Gulf

In a world increasingly dependent on social media, consumers rely on reviews and ratings for everything from restaurants to service providers. And those opinions, published instantly online, can make or break a business......»»

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John Oliver uses a brutal parody ad to take aim at Medicaid

John Oliver has broken down the issues with Medicaid during the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight". Medicaid, the public health program for low income families, has a number of issues, ranging from people abruptly losing their coverage to or.....»»

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The First Android 15 Beta is Here!

Right on schedule, Google has released Android 15 Beta 1 for your Pixel to download and dance with. We’ve already been through two Android 15 Developer Preview builds from February and March, so now we get into the beta program kickoff period......»»

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How to insert a checkbox in Word on Windows and Mac

Ticking checkboxes is one of many great features built into Microsoft Word. Here’s how to insert checkboxes in the program, and how to interact with them......»»

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Why there are 861 roguelike deckbuilders on Steam all of a sudden

9 answers from 8 devs about why combat card games on screens have blown up. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) In a deckbuilding game, you start out with a basic set of cards, then upgrade it over time, seeking synergies an.....»»

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Rise in corporate Mac use invites more sophisticated hacking

Hackers are developing more complex, cross-platform tactics to take advantage of the ever increasing Mac user base, and the latest targets the TCC framework.The Mac's increasing popularity is a blessing and a curseThe Mac's reputation for strong secu.....»»

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Apply by April 19 to be considered for expanded Automotive News Best Dealerships To Work For

Apply by April 19 to be considered for Automotive News' expanded Best Dealerships To Work For program in 2024, with new categories and more winners......»»

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Scientists develop biofortified rice to combat nutrient deficiencies

A team from UNIGE, together with ETH Zurich and NCHU in Taiwan, has developed a rice line that has enhanced vitamin B1 content......»»

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MPA: Site-Blocking Will Stop Pirate Site Owners Who Abuse Kids & Traffick Drugs

After a wait of more than 12 years, rightsholders in the United States will again seek legislation that will provide the framework for a site-blocking regime to combat online piracy. After promoting and guiding similar regimes in dozens of countries.....»»

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Unix system administration: Vocabulary for English speakers

In the vast, interconnected world of information technology, Unix stands as a monumental pillar, powering servers, workstations, and critical systems across the globe. Its reputation for stability, efficiency, and flexibility makes Unix system admini.....»»

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"Fallout"s music might be polarizing, but here"s why it"s perfect

Prime Video's "Fallout" TV adaptation features plenty of the music from the Bethesda games — and here's why it's important. The Fallout games are synonymous with a few things: a crumbling, retro-futurist American aesthetic; brutal combat with.....»»

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Ivanti empowers IT and security teams with new solutions and enhancements

Ivanti released Ivanti Neurons for External Attack Surface management (EASM), which helps combat attack surface expansion with full visibility of external-facing assets and actionable intelligence on exposures. With the evolution of Everywhere Work c.....»»

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Apple will allow activation of used parts in repairs by users & service shops

Apple is expanding its self-repair program procedures, and is adding the ability for consumers to use parts pairing to fully activate used parts in repairs — assuming they haven't been harvested from stolen devices.An Apple repair toolkitStarting i.....»»

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In exchange for a lunar rover, Japan will get seats on Moon-landing missions

Japan is making a significant commitment to the US-led Artemis program. Enlarge / Artist's illustration of a pressurized lunar rover design conceived by Toyota and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. (credit: Toyota/JAXA).....»»

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How to cheat at Super Mario Maker and get away with it for years

Creator says he "was just at the right place at the right time" to abuse TAS techniques. The Frankenstein's monster of a GamePad hack responsible for the creation of Trimming t.....»»

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TSMC 2nm processor won"t arrive until iPhone 17 Pro

A new report says that almost two years in to its program for developing 2 nanometer processors, TSMC is on schedule for Apple to use the technology in its mid- and late- 2025 devices like the iPhone 17 Pro.Back in 2022, Apple's processor manufacture.....»»

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Global collaboration discovers drug target to combat chronic lung infection

Scientists have discovered a target for the development of a drug to combat a bacterium that can cause chronic lung infection in hospitalized patients, immunocompromised individuals and people with cystic fibrosis......»»

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Alethea raises $20 million to combat disinformation campaigns

Alethea announced the close of a $20 million Series B funding round led by GV, with participation from Ballistic Ventures, who led Alethea’s Series A funding in 2022. Also participating in the round is Hakluyt Capital, which invests alongside l.....»»

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BLUETTI brings hassle-free solar power solutions to California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina

BLUETTI, a pioneering provider of renewable energy storage systems, is expanding its Solar+ program to three new states – California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. This comprehensive one-stop solution aims to simplify the transition to solar p.....»»

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Bias distribution and regulation in photoelectrochemical overall water-splitting cells

The photoelectrochemical (PEC) overall water-splitting reaction (OWS) has been fully developed in the past decade, especially in new catalysts, characterization methods and reaction mechanisms. Compared with the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), the.....»»

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Reducing production and consumption growth in high-income countries: Is it good for tackling climate change?

A new study led by Jarmo Kikstra, a research scholar in the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment Program, explores whether reducing production and consumption growth could make a significant contribution to resolving the climate crisis......»»

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