Starliner Faces an Indefinite Wait in Space While NASA Investigates Its Faults

The space agency has pushed back the spacecraft’s return to an unspecified date in July, to give it more time to look into the problems that beset the vehicle on its journey into orbit......»»

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What Came Before the Big Bang?

By studying the geometry of model space-times, researchers offer alternative views of the universe’s first moments......»»

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Recluse Spider Season Is a Myth

The venom of recluse spiders can be dangerous, but the idea of there being a “season” when these arachnids invade homes and bite is unhelpful and wrong......»»

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How to Exercise Safely During a Heat Wave

An expert in heat-related illnesses outlines the dos and don'ts for when you're exercising or working outside this summer......»»

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Everything’s About to Hell of a Lot More Expensive Due to Climate Change

Intensifying hurricanes, floods, and heat waves are wreaking havoc across the country—and on all of our bank accounts......»»

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Science Is Full of Errors. Bounty Hunters Are Here to Find Them

A new project is paying researchers to find errors in other scientists’ work. The only problem? Even error hunters make mistakes......»»

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Potatoes Are the Perfect Vegetable—but You’re Eating Them Wrong

The humble potato is a miraculous vegetable, but Americans are eating less of them than ever before and have ditched fresh potatoes for frozen. Is it time to rebrand the spud?.....»»

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How to Take the Perfect Soccer Penalty

To understand how to take a match-winning penalty, you’ve got to understand the physics behind the perfect kick......»»

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Banks Are Finally Realizing What Climate Change Will Do to Housing

Extreme weather threatens the investment value of many properties, but financing for climate mitigation efforts are only just getting going......»»

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Light-Based Chips Could Help Slake AI"s Ever-Growing Thirst for Energy

Optical neural networks, which use photons instead of electrons, have advantages over traditional systems. They also face major obstacles......»»

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How to Avoid Getting Sick This Summer

A microbiologist explains how to not catch summertime germs at the barbecue, in the pool, or on the trail......»»

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Ukrainian Sailors Are Using Telegram to Avoid Being Tricked Into Smuggling Oil for Russia

Contract seafarers in Ukraine are turning to online whisper networks to keep themselves from being hired into Russia’s sanctions-busting shadow fleet......»»

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The 2024 US Open Is Designed to Thwart Golf’s Big Hitters

Players, aided by technology, are hitting the ball farther than ever, and courses can’t keep getting longer—meaning operators are having to find smarter ways to keep the sport challenging......»»

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The Titan Submersible Disaster Shocked the World. The Exclusive Inside Story Is More Disturbing Than Anyone Imagined

A year after OceanGate’s sub imploded, thousands of exclusive leaked documents and interviews with ex-employees reveal how the company’s CEO cut corners, ignored warnings, and lied in his fatal quest to reach the Titanic......»»

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The Science of Having a Great Conversation

Forming meaningful bonds with others can improve your health, make you mentally sharper, and fuel creativity. Making friends can feel daunting, but research shows there are many ways to build better connections......»»

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How Game Theory Can Make AI More Reliable

Researchers are drawing on ideas from game theory to improve large language models and make them more correct, efficient, and consistent......»»

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With So Much Bird Flu Around, Are Eggs, Chicken, and Milk Still Safe to Consume?

A food microbiologist explains why you shouldn’t worry about consuming poultry or dairy—so long as you take the right precautions......»»

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The End of El Niño Might Make the Weather Even More Extreme

The shift from El Niño to La Niña will see temperatures drop, but when one weather system swings to the other, summers tend to be hotter than average—meaning 2024 could be even warmer and wilder than last year......»»

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Each of the Past 12 Months Broke Temperature Records

Last June was the warmest in recorded history. It kicked off an alarming streak with no end in sight......»»

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The World’s Largest Fungus Collection May Unlock the Mysteries of Carbon Capture

Research is uncovering the key role that fungi play in getting soils to absorb carbon, and how humanity’s actions aboveground are wreaking havoc in the mysterious fungal world below......»»

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