Vietnam again asks iPhone maker Foxconn to reduce electricity use

Manufacturers including iPhone maker Foxconn have been asked by Vietnamese officials to voluntarily cut their power usage by 30%.Vietnam at nightVietnam's government made a similar request of Foxconn and others in June 2023, at a point when drought i.....»»

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Hands on with the new Sonos Ace headphones

On Tuesday, Sonos announced the Sonos Ace headphones — its first product in the category. We got an early look, and here are our first impressions.Sonos Ace headphones and boxThere's something exciting about when a major player enters a new and adj.....»»

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If China invades Taiwan, TSMC can wreck Apple"s chip production line remotely

As saber-rattling about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan grows, two Apple suppliers have confirmed that they can scuttle chip production lines from outside the country, should the need arise.TSMC's headquarters in Hsinchu, TaiwanTensions between Taiwan.....»»

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RetroArch emulator adds support for DOS games, and more

Now you can play all your favorite DOS games right from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to an update to popular emulator RetroArch.Enjoy your favorite legacy games on the go with RetroArchRetroArch was rolled out for Apple Devices in mid-May, and at laun.....»»

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Apple Vision Pro"s next "adventure" experience is Parkour in Paris

Users of the Apple Vision Pro will be able to see the sights of Paris from a unique viewpoint, with a new "Adventure" immersive experience featuring rooftop parkour.An image from Apple's upcoming 'Parkour' experience for Apple Vision ProApple has bee.....»»

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Sonos Roam 2 portable AirPlay speaker gets surprise release

Sonos didn't just release its first set of headphone on Tuesday, as it also doubled down with a refresh of its portable Roam speaker alongside a new app update.The updated Sonos Roam 2 travel speakerThe Sonos Roam 2 improves on its predecessor with b.....»»

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iPhone 16 Pro rumored to get hugely better ultra-wide sensor & optical zoom

Rumors of major camera changes to the iPhone 16 Pro lineup continue, with a leaker insisting there will be an ultra-wide sensor update and one for the telephoto's zoom.Rear cameras of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro MaxApple regularly makes u.....»»

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Apple North Carolina campus efforts continue to move at a glacial pace

Local utilities are ready to go on the site of Apple's future North Carolina campus, but the company appears to not be particularly motivated to get the project done any time soon.The campus will be near Raleigh, North CarolinaThe campus was rumored.....»»

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Apple takes EU to court over $2 billion Apple Music fine

Apple has filed a lawsuit with Europe's General Court over the EU's decision to fine it for Apple Music's alleged unfair competition practices against Spotify.Spotify's App Store icon (left), Apple Music (right)In March 2024, the European Union fined.....»»

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How to look up your App Store purchase history

Being able to look up your past purchases on Apple's App Store can help you recover an app you accidentally deleted, or spot a problem with a subscription.Viewing your purchase history on an iPhoneThe list of all purchases across all your devices app.....»»

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Streaming deal: save 50% on a Paramount Plus & Showtime bundle

Enjoy a wealth of programs with this streaming deal that knocks half off your first year of Paramount Plus with Showtime.Stream Paramount Plus & Showtime at 50% offNow through July 14, save 50% on your first year of Paramount Plus with Showtme. This.....»»

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How Apple has steadily been dropping the "i" from its devices for over a decade

From the first iMac in the 1990s to today, the prefix "i" has symbolized Apple — but Apple has been working to get rid of it since the original iPad in 2010.Steve Jobs launching the iPad in 2010 — the last Apple device to be named with an "i"Ther.....»»

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New iOS & iPadOS update fixes reappearing photos bug

Apple has released a minor update for iOS and iPadOS, that fixes an issue in the Photos app that resurrected deleted images.A Portrait Photo shot in iOS 17One week after releasing iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 to the public, Apple has issued a minor updat.....»»

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Core design: Why the iPad Pro can be faster than your Mac

Apple's fastest computers are the new iPad Pro, and M2 Ultra Mac Studio. Here's how, where, and when the iPad Pro can best Apple's speed-demon desktop.Apple's chips are becoming more proficient for gaming. Whenever Apple or any other tech company rol.....»»

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How to use Startup security in macOS to protect your Mac

There are several utilities you can use on your Mac to secure it at startup. Here's how to use them to keep your Mac and data safe.There are ways to shore up startup security in macOS. Computer security is an important topic in today's digital world.....»»

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App Store bundle error punishes developer for success [u]

The developer behind StopTheMadness Pro noticed that Apple has been charging for refunds twice when a customer buys an app bundle, resulting in the developer owing Apple money for every bundle sale.Apple says its curated App Store is free from scams.....»»

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Samsung"s half-hearted attempt to capitalize on Apple"s Crush ad misses the point

Days after Apple learned its lesson, apologized, and removed its controversial "Crush" ad for iPad Pro, Samsung is here with another poorly thought out ad promoting Galaxy Tab with AI.Samsung's 'UnCrush' ad tries to be clever praising creatives while.....»»

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Assassin"s Creed Shadows launches on Apple Silicon Macs November 15

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Shadows will be the first major AAA title to launch simultaneously on Macs with Apple Silicon through the Mac App Store.'Assassin's Creed Shadows' launches on Apple Silicon Macs November 15Ubisoft's upcoming release of Ass.....»»

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This new app on the App Store emulates 38 different retro game platforms

RetroArch, a popular multi-platform emulator, is now officially available on iPhone and iPad, giving gamers a way to play their favorite legacy games on the go.RetroArch is now officially available on iOS via the App StoreFollowing the App Store debu.....»»

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Apple resellers celebrate the launch of 2024 iPads with deals in every category

Apple resellers today are blowing out inventory to make way for the new iPad Air 6 and M4 iPad Pro, and that means discounts are available offering up to $500 off current and closeout products — and even a few complementary monitor options.There ar.....»»

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