Wreckreation Is A New Open-World Racing Game Coming To PS5 ANd PS4

THQ Nordic revealed Wreckreation during its August 2022 Showcase today, an open-world racing game that let's you build the biggest tracks you can imagine. The post Wreckreation Is A New Open-World Racing Game Coming To PS5 ANd PS4 appeared first on P.....»»

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Methane blast in Baltic Sea highlights global problem

As serious as the methane escaping from ruptured pipelines on the floor of the Baltic Sea may be, there are alarming incidents of massive methane releases around the world frequently......»»

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For the longest time: Quantum computing engineers set new standard in silicon chip performance

Two milliseconds—or two thousandths of a second—is an extraordinarily long time in the world of quantum computing. On these timescales the blink of an eye—at one 10th of a second—is like an eternity......»»

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Keeping cool: A common refrigerant shows promise for metal recycling

It's not uncommon in the scientific world for a process to have many unique applications. For example, Idaho National Laboratory researchers have taken a water treatment technology and adapted it for another environmentally important function—selec.....»»

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Asia EV 50: Semiconductor is the supply chain"s new linchpin

As a part of 2022 Supply Chain Summit hosted by DIGITIMES Asia, Eric Huang, Vice President of DIGITIMES, talked about the current status and challenges of Asia's EV industry. "In the past, the saying went 'software is eating the world', and followed.....»»

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Spectro Cloud Palette Edge enhancements boost security in edge Kubernetes environments

Spectro Cloud announced new Palette Edge features, including secure “immutable” stack and new hardened edge Kubernetes distribution. Kubernetes at the edge has spurred the interest of businesses around the world as they seek to enhance competitiv.....»»

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Apple TV+ confirms ‘Mythic Quest,’ ‘Little America,’ ‘Slow Horses,’ and ‘The Mosquito Coast’ new seasons’ release dates

Apple TV+ announced on Twitter some of its fall lineup, which included beloved series that are coming for another season. “Mythic Quest,” “Little America,” “Slow Horse,” and “The Mosquito Coast” had their new release dates confirmed......»»

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Why Endpoint Security on Macs used at work goes beyond traditional Antivirus

Macs are on pace to become the top endpoint in the enterprise in the coming years. If you entered the workforce in the last 5-6 years, there’s a good chance you were given a Mac on your first day and you likely don’t remember a world where the o.....»»

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Fortress Blockchain Technologies and Google Cloud bring private data storage for NFTs

Fortress Blockchain Technologies has launched The Fortress Vault, a new non-fungible token (NFT) database solution built on Google Cloud‘s open, secure, scalable, and sustainable cloud infrastructure. The Fortress Vault helps companies across i.....»»

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Juno swoops past Europa, revealing the mysterious, icy world [Updated]

"We are screaming by pretty fast." Enlarge / The complex, ice-covered surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft during a flyby on Sept. 29, 2022. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SWRI/MSSS) 3:25pm ET.....»»

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Are Android-based game-streaming handhelds a fad, or are they the future?

Modern game streaming + retro game emulation + Switch-like design = success? Enlarge / Let's see: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia Geforce Now, Xbox again, and Steam Link. That's all the cloud streaming services, right? Nothing's missing. (cr.....»»

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Numerous orgs hacked after installing weaponized open source apps

PuTTY, KiTTY, TightVNC, Sumatra PDF Reader, and muPDF/Subliminal Recording all targeted. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Hackers backed by the North Korean government are weaponizing well-known pieces of open source software in.....»»

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The best 4K gaming laptops for 2022

Thanks to new CPUs and graphics cards, gaming laptops can now compete with desktops and game at 4K. Here are the best 4K gaming laptops of 2022......»»

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Lip reader reveals what Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman said in their Deadpool 3 update video

Look at these two… Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman just delivered the most amazing Deadpool 3 announcement possible, confirming that Wolverine is coming to the MCU in time for him to appear in Avengers 5 and 6. But the image above comes from the.....»»

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The analysts Elon Musk hired to count Twitter bots found fewer than he expected, claims company

The world's richest man has long claimed he abandoned the Twitter deal because it lied about the number of accounts that are fakes/bots. Twitter says it's around 5%; Musk claims it could be higher than 20%......»»

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Intel and Samsung show off slideable display for future laptops

The standalone display looks no different than an ordinary tablet but "slides" open to expand into a larger 17-inch display......»»

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FPGA chip shown to be over 50 times more efficient than a Ryzen 4900H

A pair of new workflow tools from two developers has allowed a modest FPGA chip to achieve stunning efficiency gains over a conventional x86 processor. The results could open new paths for energy-efficient operations across several industries......»»

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Razer recruits Verizon to help with its 5G gaming handheld

Razer and Qualcomm announced a dev kit for the handheld last December, but there was no mention of Verizon's involvement at the time. That device looked a lot like a widescreen Sega Game Gear, just with more buttons......»»

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Flaring allows more methane into the atmosphere than we thought

Oil and gas producers rely on flaring to limit the venting of natural gas from their facilities, but new research led by the University of Michigan shows that in the real world, this practice is far less effective than estimated—releasing five tim.....»»

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Hidden microbiome fortifies animals, plants too

The microbiome is the collection of microbes that colonize a habitat, human body or otherwise. Because of pioneering microbiome research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, people around the world now understand much more about.....»»

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WoW Dragonflight release date announced: It"s sooner than you think

WoW Dragonflight is launching on November 28, 2022. This is a lot sooner than some of us expected, with many previously theorizing that the game would be pushed to 2023......»»

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