Why much of Northeast US experiences "snow drought"

Winter is more than halfway over and many large cities in the Northeast have yet to see their first snow. New York has gone 300 days without substantial snowfall accumulation. Philadelphia, which usually has its first measurable snow in mid-December,.....»»

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Drought over? Spring outlook finds relief—and flood risk

Record snowfall and rain have helped to loosen drought's grip on parts of the western U.S. as national forecasters and climate experts warned Thursday that some areas should expect more flooding as the snow begins to melt......»»

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Male-sterile sorghum may offer dairy cows needed energy with less water use

With dairy cattle numbers increasing in Texas, especially over the Ogallala Aquifer where water resources are limited, producers and researchers are seeking drought-tolerant, quality forages to meet the demand for cattle feed......»»

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Examining young Australians" experiences of identity abuse in family violence

A new Monash University report examines young Victorians' experiences of identity abuse in the context of family violence and finds it often occurs alongside other forms of abuse......»»

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Scientists: Largest US reservoirs moving in right direction

Parts of California are under water, the Rocky Mountains are bracing for more snow, flood warnings are in place in Nevada, and water is being released from some Arizona reservoirs to make room for an expected bountiful spring runoff......»»

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Navigating the future of digital identity

1,450 global consumers’ experiences with passwordless authentication, hybrid identities, and ownership over personally identifiable information reveal that they want more convenience when it comes to identity credentials, according to Entrust......»»

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Europe Is Bracing for (Another) Devastating Drought

After unusually low amounts of rain and snow this winter, the continent faces a severe water shortage......»»

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Humans are leaving behind a "frozen signature" of microbes on Mount Everest

Almost 5 miles above sea level in the Himalayan mountains, the rocky dip between Mount Everest and its sister peak, Lhotse, lies windswept, free of snow. It is here at the South Col where hundreds of adventurers pitch their final camp each year befor.....»»

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East coast African states ail from too much, too little rain

Surrounded by miles of dried land and what remains of his famished livestock, Daniel Lepaine is a worried man. Dozens of his goats in Ngong, a town in southern Kenya, have died after three years of harrowing drought in the east and Horn of Africa. Th.....»»

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Discovery of oldest known fossil gnat shows how insects adapted to a postapocalyptic world

Near the small harbor of Estellencs at the northeast of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), a pebbly beach can be found at the base of an impressive scarp that threatens rockfall. Remains of plants, crustaceans, insects, and fish have been discovered.....»»

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Researchers examine drought resistance traits in beans using hyperspectral remote sensing

Crops adapt to climatic and environmental changes by exhibiting certain modified biological traits. For instance, plants growing in deserts exhibit drought resistance. However, at times, plant breeding becomes necessary to ensure optimal crop yields,.....»»

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La Nina, which worsens hurricanes and drought, is gone

After three nasty years, the La Nina weather phenomenon that increases Atlantic hurricane activity and worsens western drought is gone, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday......»»

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States are banning this invasive Callery pear tree and urging homeowners to cut it down

When people think of spring, they often picture flowers and trees blooming. And if you live in the U.S. Northeast, Midwest or South, you have probably seen a medium-sized tree with long branches, covered with small white blooms—the Callery pear (Py.....»»

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Parents" school experiences impact where they send their kids—and can exacerbate "white flight"

The decision of where to send a child for their K-12 education is a big one. According to new research from Rice University sociologists, approximately one-third of parents in their Dallas-based study make the call based on their own experiences in t.....»»

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Blocking gene that inhibits root growth may enhance drought resistance in crops

A strong root system allows crops to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, but scientists have little information about the genes that control root development. Recent research published in New Phytologist reveals that blocking a negative regulat.....»»

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F5 and Visa join forces to enhance security throughout the customer experience

F5 and Visa join forces to enable merchants to securely reduce login friction for their customers. Customers expect seamless commerce experiences and transactions to be secure. Yet, in today’s digital-first world, customers are under threat from ba.....»»

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"Pretty Epic" Mountain Snowfall Stuns Californians

A near-record amount of snow in California could ease some water restrictions after years of climate-change-fueled drought.....»»

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COVID-19 lockdowns "turned India greener"

India's drastic COVID-19 lockdowns had a silver lining. With polluting industries and vehicular movement halted, urban dwellers were treated to bright, blue skies and views of snow-clad Himalayan peaks, long obscured by thick smog......»»

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What parents and educators need to know about teens" pornography and sexting experiences at school

Three out of four teenagers have seen online pornography—often before they even became a teenager. That's according to a new report from Common Sense Media that examines the role pornography plays in the lives of today's youth......»»

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How drought impacts corn yields

Corn is a classic American crop. First cultivated in North America thousands of years ago, it now blankets American farmland from coast to coast. The U.S. grows more corn than any other country. And the grain is used for everything from tortilla chip.....»»

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Could Giant Blankets and Other Extreme Actions Save Glaciers?

Plastic coverings, gravity snow guns and painted rocks could slow ice melt in high mountains.....»»

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