Unicorns are ready for a haircut

The digitization of your haircut may not have been on your 2020 bucket list, but 2021 has an even more surprising line item: Tech-powered barbershops are now a business proposition valued at nearly a billion dollars. Squire is a back-end barbershop m.....»»

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YMTC ready to volume produce 128-layer QLC NAND flash

China-based Yangtz Memory Technologies (YMTC) has shipped over 300 million 64-layer 3D NAND flash memory chips and is ready to volume produce 128-layer QLC (quad-level cell) NAND, according to the company's chief operating officer Cheng Weihua......»»

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Highlights of the day: NAND chip supply may turn tight in 2H22

NAND flash pices may stablize in 2022, but supply is likely to turn tight in the second half of next year, according to Silicon Motion's president. Meanwhile, Chinese memory maker YMTC is ready to volume produce 128-layer QLC NAND flash, initially ta.....»»

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Get ready for "hundreds" of game demos and previews during Steam Next Fest

The Steam Game Festival might have a new name, but it will still feature plenty of games previews and demos for players to try during the week-long event. Now called Steam Next Fest, the late-year games festival offers developers the chance to show o.....»»

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A16z in talks to back CoinSwitch Kuber in first India investment

A16z is inching closer to making its first investment in a startup in India, the world’s second largest internet market that has produced over two dozen unicorns this year. The Menlo Park-headquartered firm is in final stages of conversations t.....»»

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Sony officially launches M.2 SSD support for PlayStation 5

In June, we predicted that one of the features Sony was getting ready to unlock in its next big PS5 system software update was support for M.2 SSDs. That guess was confirmed when the console giant released the update to beta testers the following mon.....»»

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Inside Reach Capital’s edtech-powered returns

Reach Capital, a San Francisco-based venture firm co-founded by Jennifer Carolan and Shauntel Garvey, focused exclusively on edtech for years before the sector ballooned with unicorns. The rare, female-led partnership closed its third fund in Februar.....»»

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The era of orbital private spaceflight truly begins with today’s launch

SpaceX promised to make spaceflight available to the masses. This is a good start. Enlarge / Crew Dragon and its Falcon 9 rocket are ready to go for the Inspiration4 mission. (credit: SpaceX) There has been a minor kerfuffle in the space commu.....»»

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Microsoft adds a passwordless option for account access

Liat Ben-Zur, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, said they’re aware of the fact that the world isn’t ready to ditch passwords just yet. As such, Microsoft has tools in place to meet users where they are in their passwordless journey. For ex.....»»

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Forge’s SPAC deal is a bet on unicorn illiquidity

The total addressable market that Forge serves is growing by the day, with more and more unicorns being born and a steady drumbeat of unicorn IPOs doing little to clear the decks. As Warby Parker, Freshworks, Amplitude and Toast look to li.....»»

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Meet SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew in pre-launch Q&A session

SpaceX's Inspiration4 crew looked relaxed and ready to go to space as they took questions from the press just hours from launch......»»

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What’s happening in venture law in 2021?

The venture world is growing faster than ever, with more funding rounds, bigger funding rounds, and higher valuations than pretty much any point in history. That’s led to an exponential growth in the number of unicorns walking around, and has also.....»»

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We need to figure out how to have sex in space for human survival and well-being

Houston, we have a problem! Love and sex need to happen in space if we hope to travel long distances and become an interplanetary species, but space organizations are not ready......»»

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Highlights of the day: Taiwan IC vendors set to raise prices

Tight supply has pushed up foundry costs, fueling pressure on IC design clients. First-tier IC design houses are now ready to increase prices for their chip solutions in first-quarter 2022. Pure-play foundry houses UMC and VIS have reported record sa.....»»

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Texas law could force social media to host misinformation and hate speech

Big Tech ready to sue, says ban on social media "censorship" violates 1st Amendment. Enlarge / US and Texas flags flying outside the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. (credit: Getty Images | PA Thompson) Texas Governor Greg Abbott yeste.....»»

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Samsung’s refined Galaxy Fold

Samsung wasn’t quite ready to declare the Galaxy Note dead. Not just yet. When we put the question to the company again after this month’s Unpacked event, a rep told us: Samsung is constantly evaluating its product lineup to ensure we meet the ne.....»»

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The best GPU benchmarking software

When you're ready to test your GPU performance and compare it to other optimization results, you need powerful benchmarking software. Here are the best options......»»

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Tesla Bot is the company’s troubled Autopilot system in humanoid form

CEO Elon Musk says prototype should be ready "sometime next year." Enlarge / Not sure how those joints will work... (credit: Tesla) Not content to be an automaker or even an energy company, Tesla now wants people to think of it as a robotics c.....»»

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When VCs turned to Zoom, Chicago startups were ready for their close-up

Chicago is an outlying benefactor from accelerating venture capital activity and the rise of remote investing. Chicago’s startup scene is finally getting the attention it long felt it deserved. By now it’s common knowledge that 2021 is.....»»

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NASA’s Lucy Mission Gets Ready to Fly by the Trojan Asteroids

The spacecraft will provide the first up-close look at these building blocks of the early solar system......»»

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Not-a-Linux distro review: SerenityOS is a Unix-y love letter to the ’90s

Although it's nowhere near ready for prime time, there's a lot to love here. If this desktop doesn't look hauntingly familiar to you, you either didn't live through the 1990s—or perhaps just.....»»

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