To fight the climate crisis, we need to stop expanding offshore drilling for oil and gas

Environmental disaster struck the shores of Peru on Jan. 15, 2022, when Spanish energy company Repsol spilled 12,000 barrels of crude oil into the Bay of Lima after its tanker ruptured. The spill endangered 180,000 birds and destroyed the livelihoods.....»»

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How psychology can help people live more climate-friendly lives—lessons from around the world

Quick and easy interventions that inspire people to take direct climate action are the holy grail. Behavioral scientists and policymakers are keen to learn which small steps can make the biggest difference. One of the largest experiments ever conduct.....»»

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ISPs Request Records to Show How Piracy Fight Blocked Legitimate Sites

Internet anti-piracy system 'Piracy Shield' has been fully operational for less than a month and has already managed to block large numbers of legitimate platforms. Last Saturday saw the most significant blunder, yet official explanations are notable.....»»

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Fight against mold and dust with this $270 HEPA air purifier

The Löv HEPA Air Purifier with Stand and Wall Mount is only $279.99 plus $10 off with this discount code. TL;DR: As of February 29, get the Löv HEPA Air Purifier with Stand and Wall Mount for only $279.99 — plus an additional $10 of.....»»

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Stop by Warby Parker stores between April 1 and 8 to score free solar eclipse glasses

Warby Parker stores are giving away free solar eclipse glasses starting on April 1 while supplies last. FREE ECLIPSE GLASSES: Stop by any Warby Parker storefront between April 1 and April 8 to score free eclipse glasses, while supplies last......»»

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WhatsApp finally forces Pegasus spyware maker to share its secret code

Israeli spyware maker loses fight to only share information on installation. Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto / Contributor | NurPhoto) WhatsApp will soon be granted access to explore the "full functionality" of the NSO Group's.....»»

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How to watch Jake Paul fight Ryan Bourland this weekend

Jake Paul fights a former Golden Gloves champion on the undercard of Amanda Serrano vs Nina Meinke. Here's how to stream it......»»

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World resource extraction could surge 60% by 2060, UN warns

Extraction of Earth's natural resources could surge 60 percent by 2060, imperiling climate goals and economic prosperity, the UN said Friday, calling for dramatic changes in energy, food, transport and housing......»»

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Spain"s Tragic Tower Block Fire Exposes the World"s Failing Fire Regulations

A deadly tower block blaze in Spain has focused attention on notorious flammable building materials—but around the world, there's little momentum to stop using them......»»

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Good Climate Solutions Need Good Policy—and AI Can Help With That

Climate Policy Radar's tools scan global environmental laws to see what works and what doesn't. What its AI is discovering today will help shape the regulations of tomorrow......»»

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What is the Soap Opera Effect? How to stop motion smoothing on your TV

Sick of the Soap Opera Effect ruining your favorite movies and shows? Here’s how to turn this feature off on most major TVs......»»

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Emergency atmospheric geoengineering wouldn"t save the oceans

Climate change is heating the oceans, altering currents and circulation patterns responsible for regulating climate on a global scale. If temperatures dropped, some of that damage could theoretically be undone......»»

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New literacy research can help improve learning outcomes and fight global poverty

A new study by a team of University of Notre Dame researchers makes a significant contribution to understanding the factors that influence how young elementary school students respond to reading interventions in fragile and low-income contexts......»»

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The secret lives of roots: Tropical forest root systems are central to improving climate change predictions

International research co-authored by Joshua Fisher, associate professor in Chapman University's Schmid College of Science and Technology, suggests that studying root function in tropical forests could help vegetation models improve predictions of cl.....»»

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Novel RNA- or DNA-based substances can protect plants from viruses, scientists show

Individually tailored RNA or DNA-based molecules are able to reliably fight off viral infections in plants, according to a new study by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences......»»

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Integrity of "independent" state traffic stop analysis questioned by researcher"s opposite conclusions

A Northeastern University professor who found a persistent and widespread discrepancy in how often Massachusetts police ticket white drivers and drivers of color is questioning the analysis of a report released by the state Executive Office of Public.....»»

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Climate change cost U.S. ski industry billions, study says, and future depends on emissions

U.S. ski areas lost $5 billion from 2000 to 2019 as a result of human-caused climate change and could lose around $1 billion annually in the 2050s depending on how much emissions are reduced, a new study found......»»

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Study shows climate change disrupts seasonal flow of rivers

Climate change is disrupting the seasonal flow of rivers in the far northern latitudes of America, Russia and Europe and is posing a threat to water security and ecosystems, according to research published in Science......»»

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Fewer fish, worse health: The climate effect

Over the next 25 years, reduced intake of marine food resources due to climate change will likely have a negative impact on the cardiovascular health of First Nations on Canada's Pacific coast, a new study suggests......»»

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Climate extremes in Australia: New report analyzes major events of 2023

Scientists and researchers at the ARC Center of Excellence for Climate Extremes have today released "The State of Weather and Climate Extremes 2023" report. The report, co-written by more than 30 of Australia's leading climate scientists, including m.....»»

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Stop trying to raise the perfect child, says new parenting book

Two University of the Sunshine education experts are calling for more parents to "ground" their children—but not as punishment for misdeeds......»»

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