This Roomba robot vacuum and mop bundle is $500 off

Snag a great robot vacuum and robot mop bundle at Best Buy and save hours of cleaning throughout the week......»»

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Musk’s Neuralink seeks volunteers for brain implants—who’s in?

The trial aims to help people with quadriplegia control a computer cursor or keyboard. Enlarge / An on-stage demo of the surgical robot. That could be you. (credit: Neuralink) After years of delays, regulatory rejections.....»»

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High-energy-density chemical fuel powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race

Cornell researchers combined soft microactuators with high-energy-density chemical fuel to create an insect-scale quadrupedal robot that is powered by combustion and can outrace, outlift, outflex and outleap its electric-driven competitors......»»

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DEAL: Save $120 on this eero Pro 6 mesh WiFi router bundle!

If you’re looking to eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home, then don’t miss out on this deal for the eero Pro 6 mesh router bundle! The post DEAL: Save $120 on this eero Pro 6 mesh WiFi router bundle! appeared first on Phandroid. The.....»»

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Daily deals Sept. 18: 30% off Fitbit Sense, Apple Magic Keyboard $70, iPhone 13, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max Models from $520, more

Today's top deals include 37% off an Anker MagGo 2-in-1 wireless charging station, 50% off an iRobot Roomba j7+ robot vacuum, 31% off a Logitech for Creators Litra Glow Plus StreamCam bundle, 50% off Philips Bluetooth wireless headphones, and more.Ge.....»»

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Parker probe observes powerful coronal mass ejection "vacuum up" interplanetary dust

On Sept. 5, 2022, NASA's Parker Solar Probe soared gracefully through one of the most powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) ever recorded—not only an impressive feat of engineering, but a huge boon for the scientific community. Parker's journey th.....»»

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Dead spider claws and "anal-print" toilets: 2023"s Ig Nobels

Reanimating dead spiders to use them as robot claws, licking rocks, backwards talking and a toilet that scans "anal-prints": this year's Ig Nobel prizes again put a spotlight on the quirky side of science......»»

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Dyson alternative: Save $100 on Samsung’s Jet 75 cordless vacuum

The Samsung Jet 75 is cheaper than most Dyson vacuums, and it's currently on sale. Here's why even Dyson fans should consider buying one......»»

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Review of mBot Neo

What is the mBot Neo, anyway? The mBot Neo a coding robot that makes learning interactive, engaging, and loads of fun! With its cutting-edge technology, this educational robot takes learning to a whole new level by showcasing real-world applications.....»»

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Hurry – Samsung’s best soundbar bundle is $400 off right now

The Samsung Q901C Dolby Atmos soundbar is on sale now at Samsung and it has every feature you could dream of for a great home cinema setup......»»

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DEAL: Get the MANVINS G20 robot vacuum at at $500 discount RIGHT NOW!

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum, then this deal for Manvins’ robot vacuum is too good to pass up on. The post DEAL: Get the MANVINS G20 robot vacuum at at $500 discount RIGHT NOW! appeared first on Phandroid. Robot vacuum technolo.....»»

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Finally, a robot vacuum cleaner that has the potential to get into corners

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni has a new square shape that might’ve finally solved a problem with most robot vacuums......»»

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iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ vs. Roomba Combo j7+: which is the best robot vacuum?

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ is remarkably similar to the old Combo j7+, but are its minor changes worth the extra cash? Here's a closer look......»»

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I built my own robot dog, and you can too

I tried Petoi's Bittle X robot dog kit, an inexpensive way to learn new skills and have fun with advanced»»

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Best robot vacuum deals: Roomba, Shark, Anker and more starting at $85

Bring some convenience and affordability to your smart home with these robot vacuum deals......»»

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Daily deals Sept. 12: $120 off iPad Air, $150 off M2 Pro Mac mini, Samsung phones from $120, more

Today's hottest deals include $120 off a Dyson V8 Origin+ cordless vacuum, Speck clear iPhone cases for $5, up to 21% off Amazon Fire Omni Smart TVs, 42% off an Owlet video Smart baby monitor, 50% off an Anker 621 MagGo battery, and more.Save on Amaz.....»»

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Apple TV+ now available in Tata Play Binge bundle, extending reach of Apple originals in India

Apple today announced that it is partnering with Indian streaming channel aggregator Tata Play Binge to offer Apple TV+ as part of the premier bundle, which features 27 video services including content from Disney Hotstar, LionsgatePLAY and others......»»

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Apple TV+ shows will get millions more viewers on India"s Tata Play Binge

Apple TV+ will soon be available as one of the approximately 630 channels showing in India via the Tata Play subscription bundle.The deal with Tata Play continues Apple's moves to spread Apple TV+ to more new audiences. Previously it's made deals wit.....»»

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This bundle saves you $40 on a Google Nest Hub and Nest Cam

Best Buy has fantastic bundle deals on the Google Nest Hub and the Google Nest Cam. Here's why they'll secure your home so well......»»

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Top-end Roomba can now refill itself with water via furniture-sized dock

The do-it-all dock has a faux wood top, making it look like a small table. The Roomba Combo j9+. [credit: iRobot.....»»

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Lifetime access to Windows 11 Pro is on sale for $29.97 (85% off)

Windows 11 Professional is now available at a whopping 85% discount, bringing the price down to $29.97. From an intuitive interface to powerful multitasking tools, Windows users can save a bundle on Win 11 Pro.Get Windows 11 Pro for $29.97Windows 11.....»»

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