The Polestar 2 gets new electric motors in mid-life refresh

Cosmetic changes include a new front, and the single-motor car is now rear-driven. Enlarge / Polestar has given the Polestar 2 a new nose treatment for model-year 2024. (credit: Polestar) The current electric vehicle ren.....»»

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New research computes first step toward predicting lifespan of electric space propulsion systems

Electric space propulsion systems use energized atoms to generate thrust. The high-speed beams of ions bump against the graphite surfaces of the thruster, eroding them a little more with each hit, and are the systems' primary lifetime-limiting factor.....»»

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Scientists are trying to resurrect the dodo centuries after the bird famously went extinct

The list of extinct species that genetic engineering company Colossal wants to bring back to life is growing. The latest addition: the dodo......»»

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Did the Seeds of Life Ride to Earth Inside an Asteroid?

Biological amino acids could have celestial or terrestrial roots. An experiment simulated their formation in deep space—but the mystery isn’t solved yet......»»

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Marshall’s latest Bluetooth speaker has four drivers for 360 sound

Marshall's Middleton speaker packs 20 hours of battery life in a fully waterproof body, surrounded by drivers on all sides......»»

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Best SSD and RAM deals to boost your PC’s performance

Get more PC power without having to buy a new PC One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more life out of your existing laptop or desktop is by upgrading your system’s memory and storage. If your PC is sluggish, adding more RA.....»»

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Audi ActiveSphere concept is part luxury sedan, part pickup truck

Audi's ActiveSphere concept is an electric, fastback-like sedan that turns into a pickup truck. It also offers innovative mixed-reality headsets......»»

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Phihong Technology establishes subsidiary for EV charging solutions

Power supply maker Phihong Technology has spun off its business group specialized in developing power charging solutions used for electric vehicles (EVs) as a wholly owned subsidiary, Zerova Technologies Taiwan, in a bid to speed up business developm.....»»

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Samsung Electronics Achieves Life Cycle Assessment Verification on Product Carbon Footprint for Semiconductors

Samsung Electronics Co. announced on January 30 that it has established a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the product carbon footprint of its semiconductor business and achieved verification from DNV, one of the world's leading independent certificat.....»»

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The best VPN for streaming for 2023

Streaming has become a staple in everyday life, so it's crucial that you make sure you stay safe and protected as you binge-watch your favorite shows......»»

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These are the best CarPlay apps for EV owners

As the adoption of electric vehicles has grown, so has the availability of EV-specific apps for CarPlay. There are a number of excellent CarPlay apps that help take your EV experience to the next level, including planning trips, finding chargers, an.....»»

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Mozilla’s Pocket just got some awesome quality of life updates

Mozilla has announced that its Pocket app is getting a bunch of new quality of life features that users will be able to appreciate. The post Mozilla’s Pocket just got some awesome quality of life updates first appeared on Phandroid. If yo.....»»

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Daily Deals Jan. 30: $600 off 16" MacBook Pro, $100 off Bose speakers, Apple Watch Series 7 (Cellular) for $279 & more

Some of the most valuable deals we found today include 19% off Beats Studio 3 headphones, 76% off an OKP Life K2 robot vacuum, 64% off a Klipsch home theater speaker system, and 50% off 3 iPhone fast chargers.Save up to $600 on Apple.The AppleInsider.....»»

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Ford follows Tesla price cuts by taking up to $5,900 off Mustang Mach-E

The automaker said it plans to increase production of its electric crossover this year by 67 percent to cement its position as the No. 2 EV maker in the U.S......»»

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Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in "magic-angle" graphene

With some careful twisting and stacking, MIT physicists have revealed a new and exotic property in "magic-angle" graphene: superconductivity that can be turned on and off with an electric pulse, much like a light switch......»»

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Discovering unique microbes made easy with new software platform

Microbes are foundational for life on Earth. These tiny organisms play a major role in everything from transforming sunlight into the fundamental molecules of life. They help to produce much of the oxygen in our atmosphere. They even cycle nutrients.....»»

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Onsemi, Volkswagen team up for EV inverters

Onsemi has signed a strategic agreement with German automaker Volkswagen (VW) to provide modules and semiconductors that enable a complete electric vehicle (EV) traction inverter solution for VW's next-generation platform family, according to the US.....»»

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BMW EV volume expected to triple in "23

BMW is anticipating a large increase in electric vehicle volume in 2023 as its product lineup expands......»»

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PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge review: a true pro PS5 controller, for a price

Short battery life and a high price tag turn an otherwise great PS5 controller into a bit of a luxury......»»

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Why Super Bowl auto ad spending is trending down

The economy and supply concerns weigh on automakers—and fewer are using the game to push electric vehicles. Ford CEO Jim Farley “If you ever see Ford Motor Co. doing a Super Bowl ad on our electric vehicles, sell the stock.”.....»»

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Research reveals how redlining grades influenced later life expectancy

Research from Washington University in St. Louis exposes the deadly legacy of redlining, the 1930s-era New Deal practice that graded neighborhoods by financial risk and solidified the notion that an area's property value was proportional to its racia.....»»

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