Study sheds light on ancient microbial dark matter

Bacteria are literally everywhere—in oceans, in soils, in extreme environments like hot springs, and even alongside and inside other organisms including humans. They're nearly invisible, yet they play a big role in almost every facet of life on Ear.....»»

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How well toxic elements leach out of coal ash depends on the ash"s nanoscale composition, shows study

Everyone knows that burning coal causes air pollution that is harmful to the climate and human health. But the ash left over can often be harmful as well......»»

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How much cobalt can be mined in the US? Study examines domestic mining site in Idaho

A new study published in Geology evaluates the potential for cobalt extraction from the Idaho Cobalt Belt (ICB) of east-central Idaho, using a detailed study of the Iron Creek deposit. The ICB hosts the second-largest known domestic resource of the c.....»»

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Preliminary evidence of anticoagulant rodenticide exposure in American kestrels in the Western US

American kestrels are a beloved raptor species experiencing a troubling decline, and our use of rodenticides is not helping. According to a new study published in the Journal of Raptor Research, adult kestrels sampled in and around the Salt Lake City.....»»

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Arctic could be ice-free a decade earlier than thought

The Arctic Ocean's ice cap will disappear in summer as soon as the 2030s and a decade earlier than thought, no matter how aggressively humanity draws down the carbon pollution that drives global warming, scientists said Tuesday......»»

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Study suggests long-lived tree species play greater role in generating genetic diversity

A study of the relationship between the growth rate of tropical trees and the frequency of genetic mutations they accumulate suggests that older, long-lived trees play a greater role in generating and maintaining genetic diversity than short-lived tr.....»»

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Study models geomagnetic field shielding over the last 100,000 years

New models of how the geomagnetic field that shields the Earth's atmosphere from cosmic rays has changed over tens of thousands of years can help us understand how the climate has changed over a similar timescale......»»

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Researchers create tool to improve the forecasting of extreme rain events

Driven by global warming, the emerging climate crisis has in recent years included a rise in the frequency and intensity of extreme rain events, leading to loss of life and of property. A new research study, led by Dr. Assaf Hochman and by doctoral s.....»»

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What"s the (dark) matter with Euclid?

Currently about halfway through the Euclid simulations campaign, the key focus in the Main Control Room is the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and spacecraft commissioning......»»

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The world"s first flowers were pollinated by insects, says new study

Plants existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years before the first flowers bloomed. But when flowering plants did evolve, more than 140 million years ago, they were a huge evolutionary success......»»

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Social media "trust" or "distrust" buttons could reduce spread of misinformation

The addition of "trust" and "distrust" buttons on social media, alongside standard "like" buttons, could help to reduce the spread of misinformation, finds a new experimental study led by University College London (UCL) researchers......»»

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Study that challenged validity of elemental analysis leads to scientific journals changing guidelines

In 1923, Austrian chemist Fritz Pregl was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his contributions to quantitative microanalysis as it became an essential tool to determine the elements present in a sample or compound. In chemistry, this technique.....»»

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New report examines gun violence "hot spots" in Houston area

A new report by Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy sheds light on the reality of gun violence in the Houston area......»»

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Study shows need for more female STEM leadership

Despite efforts to diversify the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, new research from the University of Georgia suggests that women remain underrepresented in STEM fields in federal jobs......»»

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Ford hires Whirlpool executive Liz Door as chief supply chain officer

The automaker, which saw its suppler relations score plummet in a recent study, said it has hired Liz Door, a sourcing executive at Whirlpool......»»

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Study discovers potential key to a cheaper and more accessible Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine

The bacterium Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) can cause severe diseases such as meningitis and blood poisoning in young children. Researchers from the MHH Institute of Clinical Biochemistry have deciphered the pathway of the bacterial capsule and.....»»

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First detection of secondary supermassive black hole in a well-known binary system

Supermassive black holes that weigh several billion times the mass of our sun are present at the centers of active galaxies. Astronomers observe them as bright galactic cores where the galaxy's supermassive black hole devours matter from a violent wh.....»»

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Catalysis under the microscope is more complex than expected, shows new study

Catalysts composed from tiny metal particles play an important role in many areas of technology—from fuel cells to production of synthetic fuels for energy storage. The exact behavior of catalysts depends, however, on many fine details and their in.....»»

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Female scent found to accelerate growth in juvenile male mice

Exposing female house mice (Mus musculus) to the scent of male urine is known to accelerate their sexual development in what scientists call the Vandenbergh effect. A study recently published in Scientific Reports led by the University of Veterinary.....»»

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How the gut microbiome responds to antibiotics: Study identifies evolutionary mechanisms

Antibiotics affect the composition and dynamics of the gut microbiome. Treatment with antibiotics not only leads to a loss of biodiversity of microorganisms, but also often favors the selection of resistant strains of bacteria. It has been unclear ho.....»»

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