Scientists develop novel model and dataset for ocean dissolved oxygen monitoring

Chinese scientists have recently developed a novel method for measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the ocean and a new dataset for monitoring dissolved oxygen concentration (DOC) of global oceans......»»

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Along shifting coastlines, scientists bring the future into focus

In the wet, muddy places where America's rivers and lands meet the sea, scientists from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are unearthing clues to better understand how these vital landscapes are evolving under climate change......»»

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Melting ice no guarantee of smooth sailing in fabled Arctic crossing: Study

Melting sea ice in the fast-warming Arctic Ocean is not making it easier for sailors to navigate a legendary shortcut between Europe and Asia despite popular belief, scientists said Thursday......»»

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In the South, sea level rise accelerates at some of the most extreme rates on Earth

The surge is startling scientists, amplifying impacts such as hurricane storm surges. Enlarge / Steve Salem is a 50-year boat captain who lives on a tributary of the St. Johns River. The rising tides in Jacksonville are testing h.....»»

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Scientists demonstrate chemical reservoir computation using the formose reaction

Researchers from the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University, Netherlands, have demonstrated that a complex self-organizing chemical reaction network can perform various computational tasks, such as nonlinear classification and co.....»»

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375-pound loggerhead sea turtle returns to Atlantic Ocean after 3 months of rehab in Florida

A 375-pound (170-kilogram) sea turtle has been released back into the Atlantic Ocean after three months of rehabilitation in Florida......»»

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Find My helps man recover his Apple Watch more than a year after losing it in the ocean

We’ve covered many stories of people getting their Apple devices back after losing them for days or even months in challenging situations, and something like this happened to Jared Brick. After losing his in the Caribbean over a year ago, Apple’.....»»

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Amazon matches Best Buy"s $799 M2 MacBook Air deal as Prime Day nears

The price wars continue with Amazon matching Best Buy in an early Prime Day MacBook Air showdown. Grab the lowest price on record for the M2 13-inch model.The $799 record low price on the standard 13-inch MacBook Air M2 can be found at both Amazon an.....»»

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Complex impact of large wildfires on ozone layer dynamics unveiled

In a revelation that highlights the fragile balance of our planet's atmosphere, scientists from China, Germany, and the U.S. have uncovered an unexpected link between massive wildfire events and the chemistry of the ozone layer. Published in Science.....»»

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Croc"s deadly last meal in Ancient Egypt unearthed

Scientists have used state of the art 3D imaging technology to piece together the life—and probable death—of a 2.2 meter-long crocodile mummified by the ancient Egyptians......»»

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Researchers create groundbreaking cotton quality model to aid farmers

Does climate change have an impact on the quality of cotton? Mississippi State scientists hope to answer that question with a new way to monitor the environmental impacts on the cash crop throughout the growing season......»»

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Scientists create computer program that "paints" the structure of molecules in the style of famous Dutch artist

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have created a computer program that "paints" the structure of molecules in the style of famous Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, whose beautiful artworks will be instantly recognizable to many......»»

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AI model harnesses physics to autocorrect remote sensing data

Turbulence, temperature changes, water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, and other gases absorb, reflect, and scatter sunlight as it passes through the atmosphere, bounces off the Earth's surface, and is collected by a sensor on a remote sensing.....»»

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Scientists find new way global air churn makes particles

You can think of our atmosphere as a big chemistry set, a global churn of gaseous molecules and particles that constantly bounce off and change each other in complicated ways. While the particles are very small, often less than 1% of the thickness of.....»»

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Marawi city study analyzes challenges and prospects for post-conflict peacebuilding in urban settings

Wars and conflicts leave devastating destruction in their wake. With so many conflicts now taking place in urban environments, scientists are studying how post-conflict peacebuilding happens in these urban settings......»»

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Webb captures a Penguin and an Egg for its two-year anniversary

Today, July 12, marks two years since the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope were unveiled, and scientists have release a new image to celebrate......»»

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Jaguar Land Rover will ax five "zero profit" models this year

Jaguar's lineup will be reduced to just one model ahead of the launches of new-generation EVs......»»

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Neural networks made of light can make machine learning more sustainable

Scientists propose a new way of implementing a neural network with an optical system which could make machine learning more sustainable in the future. The researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light have published their new metho.....»»

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Melting high-mountain glaciers would release greenhouse gases into atmosphere, suggest scientists

The retreat of high mountain glaciers has accelerated since the 1980s, resulting in increased glacier runoff. However, it remains uncertain whether melting mountain glaciers enhance or release greenhouse gases, and whether areas exposed to glacier re.....»»

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Scientists built real-life “stillsuit” to recycle astronaut urine on space walks

Prototype would replace multi-layered adult diapers currently worn on space walks. Enlarge / The Fremen on Arrakis wear full-body "stillsuits" that recycle absorbed sweat and urine into potable water. (credit: Warner Bros.).....»»

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Scientists pay tribute to tennis players with new insect species named after them

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will go down in history as two of the greatest tennis players of our time, but their names have also been immortalized in science, as two new insect species were just named in honor of the athletes......»»

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