Research team develops nanoscale device for brain chemistry analysis

Longstanding challenges in biomedical research such as monitoring brain chemistry and tracking the spread of drugs through the body require much smaller and more precise sensors. A new nanoscale sensor that can monitor areas 1,000 times smaller than.....»»

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Stellar winds of three sun-like stars detected for the first time

An international research team led by a researcher from the University of Vienna has for the first time directly detected stellar winds from three sun-like stars by recording the X-ray emission from their astrospheres, and placed constraints on the m.....»»

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Strategies to cultivate collaboration between NetOps and SecOps

In this Help Net Security interview, Debby Briggs, CISO at Netscout, discusses breaking down silos between NetOps and SecOps. Practical steps include scheduling strategy meetings, understanding communication preferences, and fostering team collaborat.....»»

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Study proposes large-scale biomanufacturing workflow to produce natural killer cells and extracellular vesicles

A team of uOttawa Faculty of Medicine researchers have developed a path to a biomanufacturing process that could potentially transform how Canada generates immunotherapeutic materials—specifically natural killer cells and extracellular vesicles (EV.....»»

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Solving an early medieval money mystery with lead isotope and trace analysis

Anglo-Saxon England experienced trade revival, surge in silver coins in 660–750 CE. Enlarge / A selection of the Fitzwilliam Museum coins that were studied, including coins of Charlemagne and Offa. (credit: The Fitzwilliam Mus.....»»

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A molecular moon lander: Insight into molecular motion on surfaces at the nanoscale

For years, scientists have been intrigued by how molecules move across surfaces. The process is critical to numerous applications, including catalysis and the manufacturing of nanoscale devices......»»

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No two worms are alike: New study confirms that even the simplest marine organisms tend to be individualistic

Sport junkie or couch potato? Always on time or often late? The animal kingdom, too, is home to a range of personalities, each with its own lifestyle. In a study just released in the journal PLOS Biology, a team led by Sören Häfker and Kristin Tess.....»»

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Scientists develop biofortified rice to combat nutrient deficiencies

A team from UNIGE, together with ETH Zurich and NCHU in Taiwan, has developed a rice line that has enhanced vitamin B1 content......»»

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Americans think AI will harm privacy and elections: Report

Americans are quite worried about the role artificial intelligence will play in both politics and society, according to a new report by the Polarization Research Lab......»»

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Team develops method to help investors predict firms" decision-making, optimize portfolios, generate greater returns

Top management teams at most businesses are charged with maximizing shareholder wealth, making any actions that impede this goal their sole responsibility......»»

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Firms embracing diversity may trade short-term pain for long-term gain

Short-term pain for long-term gain: That might be one way to describe the results of new research from the Alberta School of Business on the impact of diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices on business firms......»»

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Ant pheromones may help protect hikers and campers from ticks

If you're outside enjoying the spring sunshine, then chances are, ticks are too. However, new research from Simon Fraser University (SFU) suggests the use of ant pheromones as a topical repellent, or as an environmental barrier, may help protect hike.....»»

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Research finds dairy farmers receptive to methane-reducing seaweed feed

New England's dairy industry continues to evolve in response to significant market challenges that include a decreased demand for milk and higher production and land costs. However, there is also ongoing evidence that organic dairy farming can provid.....»»

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Best pressure washer deals: Up to $70 off Greenworks and Sun Joe

We've got some of the best pressure washer deals that you can find online, whether you're looking to purchase an electric device or one that's powered by gas......»»

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‘Pirated’ TikTok Clips Help to Promote TV Series, Research Finds

A new academic study shows that condensed video clips of TV shows, posted on services such as TikTok, can serve as free advertising. This means that efforts to take down these 'copyright infringing' or 'pirated' clips may be counterproductive. This t.....»»

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Google updated its "Find My Device" Android network: 5 new things it can do

This is what's new on Android's Find My Device feature. The new Find My Device network for Android devices began rolling out on Monday. It's available for all devices using Android 9 or later. We're currently on Android 14, which covers a broad.....»»

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X passkeys are now global. Here"s how you can use Face ID, Touch ID to sign in.

iOS users can set up Face ID or Touch ID login for the X app on their device following these steps. UPDATE: Apr. 9, 2024, 11:37 a.m. EDT X has rolled out passkeys for users worldwide on iOS now. Read on to learn more about the feature and.....»»

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How to restart your iPhone

How to restart your iPhone in a few simple steps. Wondering how to restart your iPhone? It's as simple as powering it off and turning it back on again. Here's how to restart your device for current and older models — and how to force rest.....»»

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How to clear cache on iPhone: Free up space on your iOS device

This is a how-to on how to clear cache on iPhone. Wondering about how to clear cache on iPhone? As we run several apps and navigate browsers like Safari and Chrome, we collect a lot of useless clutter along the way that fills up our phone's cac.....»»

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Soothe the muscles in your shoulder with this $47.99 massager

The Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Support Belt is a wearable device to help soothe the muscles in your shoulder, and it's an extra 20% off through April 16 with code ENJOY20. TL;DR: This Electrothermal Vibration Massage Shoulder Sup.....»»

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Scientists explore deep sea around Easter Island, find strange animals

Scientists on a deep ocean research expedition around Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and other seamounts along the Salas y Gómez Ridge in the Pacific Ocean spotted as many as 60 new deep sea species. The mountains of the ocean teem with otherworldly.....»»

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